Alaska ZIP Code List – List Of Postal Code In The State Of Alaska

What Are All The Zip Codes In Alaska?

Alaska is located in the far northern region of the United States and is the largest state in the country by land area. It is known for its rugged wilderness, diverse wildlife, and stunning natural beauty. With a growing population, Alaska has a variety of postal codes that are used to deliver mail and packages throughout the state. This article will provide a comprehensive list of postal codes for the state of Alaska, helping you stay organized and up-to-date with the latest zip code information. Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or a frequent traveler to the Last Frontier, this Alaska ZIP Code List is an essential resource for anyone needing postal code information.

Here’s a list of all ZIP codes in Alaska. This list contains all ZIP codes for cities, towns, and census-designated places in Alaska.Β 


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Full List Of Postal Codes In Alaska

Zip CodeCityCounty
99501AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99502AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99503AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99504AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99505Fort RichardsonAnchorage Borough
99505AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99506Elmendorf AfbAnchorage Borough
99506AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99507AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99508AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99509AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99510AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99511AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99512AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99513AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99514AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99515AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99516AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99517AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99518AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99519AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99520AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99521AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99522AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99523AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99524AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99540IndianAnchorage Borough
99540AnchorageAnchorage Borough
99546AdakAleutians West Census Area
99547AtkaAleutians West Census Area
99548ChignikLake And Peninsula Borough
99548Chignik LakeLake And Peninsula Borough
99549King SalmonLake And Peninsula Borough
99549Port HeidenLake And Peninsula Borough
99550Port LionsKodiak Island Borough
99551AkiachakBethel Census Area
99552AkiakBethel Census Area
99553AkutanAleutians East Borough
99554AlakanukWade Hampton Census Area
99555AleknagikDillingham Census Area
99556NikolaevsKenai Peninsula Borough
99556Anchor PointKenai Peninsula Borough
99557AniakBethel Census Area
99557Stony RiverBethel Census Area
99557ChuathbalukBethel Census Area
99558AnvikYukon-Koyukuk Census Area
99559AtmautluakBethel Census Area
99559KongiganakBethel Census Area
99559NewtokBethel Census Area
99559BethelBethel Census Area
99559NapaskiakBethel Census Area
99561ChefornakBethel Census Area
99563ChevakWade Hampton Census Area
99564ChignikLake And Peninsula Borough
99565Chignik Lagoon Lake And Peninsula Borough
99566ChitinaValdez-Cordova Census Area
99567ChugiakAnchorage Borough
99568Clam GulchKenai Peninsula Borough
99569Clarks PointDillingham Census Area
99571Nelson LagoonAleutians East Borough
99571AdakAleutians East Borough
99571Cold BayAleutians East Borough
99572Cooper LandingKenai Peninsula Borough
99573Copper CenterValdez-Cordova Census Area
99574CordovaValdez-Cordova Census Area
99574Chenega BayValdez-Cordova Census Area
99575Crooked CreekBethel Census Area
99576KoliganekDillingham Census Area
99588GlennallenValdez-Cordova Census Area
99576DillinghamDillingham Census Area
99577Eagle RiverAnchorage Borough
99578EekBethel Census Area
99579EgegikLake And Peninsula Borough
99580EkwokDillingham Census Area
99581EmmonakWade Hampton Census Area
99583False PassAleutians East Borough
99584FlatYukon-Koyukuk Census Area
99576Twin HillsDillingham Census Area
99585MarshallWade Hampton Census Area
99586SlanaValdez-Cordova Census Area
99586GakonaValdez-Cordova Census Area
99587GirdwoodAnchorage Borough
99589Goodnews BayBethel Census Area
99590GraylingYukon-Koyukuk Census Area
99591 St.George IslandAleutians West Census Area
99591St. Paul IslandAleutians West Census Area
99599AnchorageAnchorage Borough


In conclusion, I hope the content was helpful to you while searching for essential Alaska Zip codes. They are used by the United States Postal Service to help sort and deliver mail more efficiently. Understanding the Alaska ZIP code list is important for residents and businesses in the state, as it promptly ensures that their mail is delivered to the right address.

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