Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Montreal (2023)

What Is The Number 1 Boarding School In The World?

Best Boarding Schools In Montreal

If you want to send your children to a boarding school in Montreal but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, keep reading this article. This article also includes the top 10 boarding schools in Montreal to help you make an informed decision.

Many people have strong feelings about boarding schools in Montreal. While some believe children should not be away from home, others believe it is a good way to help them become self-dependent.

While everyone has the right to an opinion, it is preferable if your opinion is founded on accurate information.

On that note, has compiled a list of some of Montreal’s top boarding schools. This article also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of allowing your child to attend a boarding school.

10 Best Boarding Schools In Montreal

There are many great boarding schools in Montreal and choosing the best one for your child can be a daunting task. Here are five of the best boarding schools in Montreal:

1. Stanstead College

Tuition: $51,900 CAD (Canada/US) $65,900 CAD (International) $21,900 CAD (Day)

Stanstead College is an independent boarding and day school for girls and boys in Grades 7-12, with a student population of roughly 260.

Surrounded by the rolling hills of Quebec’s Eastern Townships and nearby Vermont, Stanstead’s unique situation opens doors to top universities and colleges in the United States, Canada and around the world.

Caring teachers, small classes, rigorous academics and an advisor system allow students to become self-disciplined young women and men prepared for life after high school.

Stanstead College is located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec province, Canada. The school is situated on a property within Stanstead Village, which is situated just north of the Vermont border.

2. The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Tuition: $29,800 CAD (Canada/US) $40,203 CAD (International) $19,680 CAD (Day)

Since 1861, The Sacred Heart School of Montreal, the city’s only all girls English Catholic high school, has been graduating exceptional leaders. The school is committed to developing young women of intellect, wisdom, compassion and with a sense of justice.

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal is part of a worldwide network of schools that share common goals, mission and values. An all girls grade 12 program, and boarding, are also available.

The curriculum at The Sacred Heart School emphasizes academic excellence as well as meaningful opportunities for in-depth study within each discipline. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively, develop leadership skills and participate in activities that contribute to the development of their personal character. Students are also challenged to work collaboratively with others in order to solve problems and develop solutions that benefit our community at large.

3. Bishop’s College School

Tuition: $53,200 CAD (Canada/US) $70,203 CAD (International) $30,000 CAD (Day)

Established in 1836 in Quebec, Bishop’s College School (BCS) offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and course certificates along with Canadian curriculum.

Bordered by farmland and rolling hills on one side and the city of Sherbrooke on the other, BCS is a small, welcoming community with students from over 40 different countries. A well-rounded education of academics, athletics, arts, leadership and development, and global citizenship prepares BCS students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

The school provides opportunities for students to participate in clubs and activities including skiing, soccer and basketball as well as music lessons ranging from guitar lessons to choir. The school also offers many extracurricular activities such as golf and horse riding as well as an annual winter carnival complete with snow sculptures!

4. Kells Academy

Tuition: $43,200 CAD (Canada/US) $60,003 CAD (International) $23,000 CAD (Day)

By using a differentiated approach to learning, Kells Academy supports students in reaching their full potential. In three separate campuses, Kells offers small classes with a focus on student engagement and high achievement, excellent academic, arts and sports programs, as well as a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs.

Kells enjoys a close to 100% graduation rate, high acceptance in all disciplines in CEGEP and university, is co-ed, and students do not need a Certificate of Eligibility to attend.

Kell Academy is a private school in Montreal that offers an exceptional curriculum. It is a small, nurturing environment with a faculty that truly cares about each student’s individual needs.

Kell Academy has an excellent reputation in the community as a school that goes above and beyond to meet the needs of its students. Kell Academy offer specialized programs for students who need help with reading, writing and math skills. Their goal is to ensure that every student leaves their school ready to enter high school and be successful there!

The staff at Kell Academy work closely with parents to help their child achieve success in their academic endeavors.

5. College Bourget

Tuition: $39,350CAD CAD (Canada/US) $60,003 CAD (International) $23,000 CAD (Day)

Founded in 1850 and situated on a magnificent site at the base of Mont Rigaud, the College is located between Montreal and Ottawa. This exceptional environment offers a safe haven encouraging an active lifestyle.

At Collège Bourget, every student grows through different spheres: arts, sports, community service and science. Faithful to the St. Viateur clergy’s tradition, Collège Bourget implements his core values: respect, solidarity, surpassing one’s self and thoroughness throughout our curriculum.

College Bourget offers students a wide variety of extracurricular activities including sports teams, music and drama programs, debate club, student council and community service opportunities. Students also have the opportunity to participate in field trips throughout Quebec and Canada as well as abroad.

6. Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Tuition: $44,800 CAD (Canada/US) $50,503 CAD (International) $19,890 CAD (Day)

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal is a private, Catholic, co-educational school located in the heart of downtown Montreal. The school is only for girls and offers both English and French immersion programs from kindergarten to grade 12.

Sacred Heart was founded by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame in 1892 and is one of Canada’s oldest independent schools.

The school motto is “Nothing Without Love,” which reflects its commitment to providing an exceptional education grounded in the values of justice and service.

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Boarding Schools for its outstanding academic performance, international student diversity and community involvement.

7. North Star Academy

Tuition: $33,000 CAD (Canada/US) $74,800 CAD (International) $25,000 CAD (Day)

North Star Academy is a private boarding school located in Stanstead, Quebec. The students at North Star Academy are able to get a well-rounded education. The school offers a variety of courses and programs that students can take advantage of. There are also many extracurricular activities available at the school.

The school offers a range of sports, including rugby, football and hockey, as well as art, drama and music programs. The North Star Academy Dramatic Society (NSADS) puts on an annual production that includes both musicals and plays.

8. College International Mont-Tremblant

Tuition: $49,500 CAD (Canada/US) $67,800 CAD (International) $25,909 CAD (Day)

College International Mont-Tremblant is located in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, about two hours’ drive north of Montreal. The private, non-profit school was founded in 1987. It offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration and communication studies as well as associate degrees in computer science and applied sciences.

The college has more than 300 students from around the world and an international faculty with a variety of backgrounds including business, education, engineering and psychology. It has recently been recognized by the Association des Collèges et Universités de la Francophonie (ACUF) for its efforts to promote French language and culture among its students.

In addition to its academic offerings, College International Mont-Tremblant also works to help students develop practical skills like teamwork and leadership through activities such as camping trips with local families or community service projects at local hospitals or schools.

9. Marie-Claire Academy

Tuition: $43,200 CAD (Canada/US) $60,003 CAD (International) $23,000 CAD (Day)

Marie-Claire Academy, a private school in Montreal, has been ranked as one of the best colleges in Canada by Maclean’s magazine. The school is located on Windsor Avenue in Notre Dame de Grace and was founded in 1997 by Marie-Claire Ahenkora. It offers courses from kindergarten through Grade 12, with a focus on French immersion and bilingualism.

The school has more than 1,000 students and employs more than 50 faculty members. Its student body includes pupils from countries such as France, Lebanon and China.

Marie-Claire Academy is known for its strong athletic program, which includes rugby and soccer teams that compete at the highest level against schools across Quebec and Canada.

10.Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Tuition: $40,000 CAD (Canada/US) $73,403 CAD (International) $29,300 CAD (Day)

Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie is an independent, not-for-profit private school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1869 as an all girls college preparatory school. Today it is a coeducational day and boarding school with an enrollment of 1,250 students.

The curriculum at Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie is modeled after the French lycée system, which means that students must take five years of study before graduating.

Courses in English are offered at both the elementary and secondary levels. The lower secondary school (grades 7 to 9) includes core subjects such as history and geography, as well as electives in art, music and physical education. At the upper secondary level (grades 10 to 11), students take courses in science or social sciences. In grades 12 and 13, they choose among a wide range of electives including art history, cinema studies, philosophy and international relations.

The curriculum at Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie provides students with an excellent grounding in mathematics and natural sciences, along with a solid foundation in traditional humanities subjects such as literature and languages. Students may also choose from a range of specialized university preparatory programs that prepare them for postsecondary studies both in Quebec and elsewhere around the world.

There are many great boarding schools in the city. They are located all over the island, giving you multiple options if you decide to enroll your child in a boarding school. We hope that this list helps you in your decision making process, and we wish you well on your journey to finding the best school for your child.

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