Top 10 Best Community Colleges In Canada (2023 Rankings)

What Is The Best Community College In Canada?

The term “community college” means different things in different countries, but in Canada, the term indicates a public higher institution of learning that typically serves its surrounding local community, as its name suggests. 

Community colleges were once called junior colleges or technical colleges, and they are known for offering certificates, diplomas, and associate’s degrees as preparation for entry-level jobs or higher education in universities. 

Students who choose to study at a community college may have a goal to enter the local workforce immediately after graduation, or transfer credits to attend a liberal arts college or a university to complete a bachelor’s degree.

10 Best Community Colleges In Canada

Community colleges are a great option for those looking to get a post-secondary education without the high price tag. In Canada, there are many different community colleges to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The 10 community colleges listed in this article are some of the best in the country and should definitely be considered if you’re thinking about going to community college.

1. Red River College

Domestic tuition 2,600 CAD, International tuition 18,200 CAD

Red River College is Manitoba’s and Winnipeg’s largest community college. Over 30,000 students attend the college, which offers over 200 different majors. It is one of the most popular community colleges in Canada as well as the province of Manitoba, with about 95% of students enrolled.

Red River College provides a comprehensive range of credentials, including apprenticeship training, certificates, diplomas, and chosen degrees.

2. Centennial college

Domestic tuition 3,800 CAD, International tuition 18,330 CAD

The next institution on our list of the best community colleges in Canada is Centennial College, which is located in the capital city of Toronto and was established as the country’s first public college in 1966.

This community college offers more than 90 degrees and certification courses in areas such as business, communication, social and life sciences, science and engineering, art and engineering, and hospitality. As a result, these career-oriented programs place a premium on hands-on experience in laboratory learning, industrial and business distribution, and business education.

3. Seneca College

Domestic tuition 1,800 CAD, International tuition 11,250 CAD

Seneca College provides both full-time and part-time continuing education programs. This community college offers studies in science, business, financial services, and the arts.

This institution also collaborates with industry experts and believes that education should be straightforward and inexpensive, making it one of Canada’s greatest community colleges.

4. College of New Caledonia

Domestic tuition 2,680 CAD, International tuition 14,550 CAD

The College of New Caledonia, which was founded in 1969, is another excellent college on our list of the finest community colleges in Canada.

This college is well-known for providing a high-quality education delivered by knowledgeable staff. As a consequence, students will benefit from small courses, low tuition, great programs, and personal and professional development.

5. Fanshawe College

Domestic tuition 3,633.9 CAD, International tuition 17,250 CAD

Fanshawe College, located in Southwestern Ontario, provides over 110 postsecondary degrees, degrees, certificates, and postgraduate programs. In addition, Fanshawe College has around 1200 international students from over 60 countries. Fanshawe is one of Canada’s most prestigious community colleges, including programs in business, broadcasting, civil engineering, design, electronics, environmental sciences, health care, hospitality, social services, information technology, manufacturing, music production, and transportation.

6. Bow Valley College

Domestic tuition 2,294 CAD, International tuition 16,810 CAD

Bow Valley College in Alberta is another notable name on our list of the top ten community colleges in Canada for foreign students.

The institution is regarded as an innovative, world-class college that is based in communities and teaches individuals how to live a better life.

7. Selkirk University

Domestic tuition 2,294 CAD, International tuition 16,810 CAD

Selkirk College (Selkirk) is a fully recognized public postsecondary school that offers a diverse range of academic and vocational courses. It is the biggest British-Canadian College, with around 60 academic, career, vocational, and technical programs available part-time, full-time, and online.

Some of the programs available includes: business and aviation, digital media and music, wellness, human services, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, and trades training.

8. Southern Alberta Technology Center

Domestic tuition 4,674 CAD, International tuition 20,510 CAD

The Southern Alberta Institute of Scientific Technology (SAIT) is a Canadian international community college that offers more than 100 courses in the arts, technology, and business. The college, which is located in Calgary, Alberta, is one of the province’s oldest institutions of higher learning, with over 11,000 students.

9. Nova Scotia Community College

Domestic tuition 5,540 CAD, International tuition 25,509 CAD

Nova Scotia State College is well-known for its applied arts, health sciences, and polytechnic programs. The college includes more than ten campuses and six study centers. As a result, as compared to other universities, tuition costs are substantially lower and more accessible for international students. For international students, it is one of the cheapest public schools and community colleges in Canada.

10. Humber College

Domestic tuition 3,741 CAD, International tuition 25,331 CAD

Humber College Institute of Technology, situated in Toronto, was founded in 1967 and is a publicly financed college of higher education. It provides over 150 programs, including bachelor’s, postgraduate, and degree programs, as well as certificate programs in business, communication, social and life sciences, science and engineering, art and engineering, and hospitality.

Community colleges play an important role in providing affordable and accessible education for students across Canada. We hope that our list of the top 10 best community colleges in Canada has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect school. With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find a community college that meets your needs and helps you reach your academic goals.

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