Top 3 Best Computer Science Schools In Texas (New Ranking)

Who Has The Best Computer Science Program In Texas?

Best Computer Science Schools In Texas

Computer science has grown to become one of the most important programs or courses in the university the world over. It’s now believed that a college that does not have a strong computer science department does not have a future or at least won’t be a major player in the future and this understanding is driving interest in the field of computer science and often students want to know the school which is the best computer science department so they can get the best value for their money and also be given a head-start  by the best faculty.

The list of the best computer science schools in Texas is too tricky to compile, but we are going to do just that in this article.

Top computer science schools in Texas

Computer science is the study of computer systems and computers, it is different from computer engineering and electrical engineering  which mostly  concern itself with the computer hardware.

Computer scientists are more or less limited to the software part and discuss more about the theories, design, development of computer applications. Major areas of concern presently in computer science includes : artificial intelligence , network systems , human-computer interaction, graphics, language, augmented reality  and numerical analysis etc. all the 3 best computer science schools in Texas emphasize this.

What is needed to study  computer science 

Computer science is not all about programming, it is not a make or mar part of the course. There are some training or knowledge that can make the study of the course easier such as a good knowledge of mathematics especially differential and integral calculus.

Some schools accept  students from all backgrounds but most Texas schools believe that the following courses must be mastered before graduating from a computer science program;

  1. Differential & integral calculus 
  2. Discrete mathematics.
  3. Sets, Relations, Functions and Algebra.
  4. Linear algebra, Matrix theory.
  5. Mathematical probability .
  6. Structured  programming techniques 
  7. Data structures and abstract data types.
  8. Computer organization.

Best computer science program in Texas

The list of the top schools in computer science program Texas was compiled reliable university data, open source government sources, student  surveys, school reviews and editorial  opinions.

The essence is not to show or establish  that the schools below in the list have bad computer science programs to to provide a form of guide to help you make your choice of a school based on the criteria that are important to you. This ranking is the 2020 list.

Rice university

This is clearly on the top of the list as a great place to obtain a computer science degree. Rice welcome students with little or no programming knowledge into their computer science program. They see the discipline as that of β€˜using computers and computer as tools to solve problems and to build tools others can use.’ Read more about Rice university here

The University of Texas at Austin

The school offers 4 general computer science programs. The school is one of the best place in Texas to obtain a computer Science degree and many students are there for that purpose. See university of texas admissions information.

Texas A&M University college Station

This is a large public university that is doing great with their computer science program. Here there is a good balance  between theory and practice . Read more Information about  the computer  science  department

Top computer science programs in Texas

The schools listed above are among the finest in the computer science program. Being a constantly changing field, the computer  science program is hard to rank as emphasis and technology can change pretty fast and schools will then scramble to add the new technology to their courses. It is a department the demands constant  adaptation and new learning just to survive but the schools listed here are good at their game.


The best computer science schools in Texas are top ranking schools that have the best computer science programs as ranked using data from many reliable sources.

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