Best Dental Schools In Canada

Best Dental Schools In Canada

If you want to attend one of the best dental schools in Canada, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

To begin, Canada is home to some of the world’s finest educational institutions, including schools and universities that provide diverse courses of study, reasonable tuition rates, student-friendly campuses, and employment prospects for recent graduates.

Does Canada Have Good Dental Schools?

Learning that Canada is home to many prestigious dental schools shouldn’t be a shock. Training future dentists and service to the community are both important goals for these programs, which take their responsibilities very seriously. 

This ranking of the top ten best dental schools in Canada is a resource for anyone considering pursuing dental education there. However, when researching dental schools, it is essential to be aware that completing a degree program in either dentistry or orthodontics typically takes four to five years.

Some of the best dental schools in Canada require prospective overseas students to provide a Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) score, ideally with a point range of 19 to 20.Β Because degrees in dentistry are in great demand because they provide access to a wide variety of work prospects and pay well, the institution or college in which you choose to pursue your education will have a significant bearing on the trajectory of your professional life.

As a result, we have compiled a list of some of the most reputable dentistry schools in Canada and included extensive details on the degrees each has to offer.

1. McGill University – Faculty of Dentistry

Since its founding in 1904, the McGill Faculty of Dentistry has worked to advance dental education. One of the best dental schools in Canada, McGill University is the most multicultural college or university in Canada; as a result, many students from other countries choose to attend there.

Our Undergraduate Dental Program (DMD) curriculum is cutting-edge and in a state of perpetual evolution; it reflects the minds of our exceptional instructors and their vision for preparing future oral healthcare leaders. 

As a center for research, it has assisted academics in developing their expertise in various dentistry and oral health clinical issues. Research, teaching, and clinical dentistry are the three primary objectives of the Faculty of Dentistry.

People interested in studying at the Faculty of Dentistry can choose from various degree programs. In addition, someone churned out first-year students who have recently begun their studies in the Dental Undergraduate Program.

I anticipate that you will need to complete four years of study to earn this degree. Regarding postgraduate education, the General Dental Education program allows students to make a Master of Dental Science (Thesis), a Master of Dental Science (Non-Thesis), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Oral Health Sciences.

  • Rank in Canada : 3
  • Teaching languages: English, French
  • Location: Quebec
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD 23.000.

2. University of British Columbia 

The University of British Columbia is ranked first among the top best dental schools in Canada. This achievement is a direct result of the institution’s position of 24th place in the QS World rankings of the finest dental schools

The University of British Columbia, more commonly abbreviated as UBC, is a comprehensive public research university with several campuses and facilities located throughout the province of British Columbia.

The Faculty of dentistry is the name given to the school of dental medicine housed inside the university. The institution was founded in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. 

It has consistently received accolades and recognition not only as one of the most prestigious dental schools in Canada but also as one of the most prestigious dental schools anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, the dentistry department at the University of British Columbia makes accessible a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. This provides its students with the possibility to earn a variety of scholarships that are made available by the university.

Students at the University of British Columbia who are pursuing a degree in dentistry are exposed to the following:

Certificate from a dental school that is recognized all across the world

Education of the highest caliber in both dental science and dental medicine

Having hands-on experience with oral biology

  • Rank in Canada: 1
  • Teaching languages: English
  • Location: British Columbia
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD39.000.

3. University of Toronto – Faculty of Dentistry

One of the best dental schools in Canada, the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry is often considered the world’s best. The atmosphere is conducive to learning and the qualified instructors, who consistently coax the absolute best performance from their pupils, are remarkably similar to one another. 

First-year students have many opportunities to put what they have learned to work and develop their clinical abilities through various activities. If you are looking for one of the best dental schools in Canada to enroll in, then the UoT Faculty of Dentistry is the school to consider. 

Students in their first year are also allowed to get clinical experience by providing treatment for patients seen by the Faculty. It is essential not to overlook the theoretical component since it plays a critical role in the profession of dentistry.

The Faculty of Dentistry provides students with various educational opportunities, all of which may be classified into two categories: those conducted in a traditional classroom environment and those carried out in an authentic clinical environment.

Students at graduate schools who are interested in pursuing careers as professionals in either endodontics or oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery receive clinical instruction from practicing professionals in those disciplines.

You must be aware that the amount of time necessary to earn a Master of Science degree might range anywhere from two to four years, depending on the field of your studies.

  • Rank in Canada: 2
  • Teaching languages: English
  • Location: Ontario
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD53.000

4. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta ranks second among Canada’s best dental schools in Canada. One of the most renowned and well-recognized institutions in Canada and the whole globe is the University of Alberta, founded in 1908. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is home to the University of Alberta Dental School. It boasts many eminent academics and researchers who provide their pupils with top-notch instruction.

The dentistry school provides a variety of programs, including the following:

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Oral dental care
  • Postgraduate dentistry courses

Also, postgraduate dentists, orthodontists, dental laboratory technicians, and dental hygienists, as well as anyone who desires to continue learning about dentistry, have many outstanding continuing education programs from which to pick. 

Students can put their knowledge to work at the University of Alberta Dental Clinic, the University of Alberta Hospital, the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, and other satellite dental clinics across Northern Alberta.

Dentists (NOC 3113) usually earn between $31,668.00/year and $344,374.00/year in Alberta. People working as “dentists” are part of this group.

  • Rank in Canada: 5
  • Teaching languages: English, French
  • Location: Alberta 
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD30.000

5. University of Montreal

A substantial amount of pre-university coursework and a robust scientific foundation are usually prerequisites for admission to dental schools. Students at the University of Montreal may expect to get a well-rounded education in dentistry thanks to the university’s dental program.

In addition, students often gain a lot from the small class sizes and the lab experience, which consists of hands-on laboratory sessions for all grades, individualized engagement with their instructors, and several excellent co-op work opportunities.

The institution, also one of the best dental schools in Canada, consistently ranked highly among the best dental schools in Canada, makes it possible for students to become familiar with the field of dentistry by providing specialized seminars to students in their first year of study. In addition, the institution is consistently ranked among the best dental schools in Canada.

To get a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree in the province of Quebec, students must complete a dental program that lasts four or five years. Graduates can continue their dental education in one of the eleven sub-specialties recognized by the Ordre des dentistes du QuΓ©bec (Quebec Dental Association).

In addition to bridging the academic gap between high school and university-level studies, the seminar aims to provide students with enough opportunity to get to know their instructors in person and engage in open conversation.

  • Rank in Canada: 11
  • Teaching languages: English, French
  • Location: Quebec
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD24.000

6. The School of Dental Medicine: Laval University

The dentistry program at French-speaking Laval University is considered among the finest in all of Canada. Bright students who have a strong desire to study and are committed to realizing their full potential are encouraged to apply to the Faculty of Dentistry.

They are greeted warmly by the instructors and the rest of the staff, and they are assisted in ensuring that they maintain a positive attitude and achieve their goals. Therefore, the students at the Dental School at Laval University are prepared to fulfill the requirements that the general public has for their oral health.

Patients get high-quality treatment from dental students and professors, who collaborate with trained dental personnel and the most advanced technology currently accessible.

There are two separate student clinics to choose from. Both graduate students and undergraduates will need a separate one. Students in the Faculty of Dentistry have access to every resource they need in order to acquire the skills necessary to perform their professions effectively. 

Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to plan treatments, make diagnoses, deal with a variety of scenarios, make prognoses, and collaborate with partners and patients in the field, including everything from the administration of pharmaceuticals to the prevention of dental illnesses.

  • Rank in Canada: 12
  • Teaching languages: English, French
  • Location: Quebec
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD 20.000

7. Dalhousie University

Since it was first established in 1908, the Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University has been committed to providing its students with an education of the highest caliber. It is also ranked among the best dental schools in Canada.

Students can study and practice in the institution’s cutting-edge labs and clinics, which are staffed by academic members who are known nationally and globally.Β 

The Faculty comprises a sizeable number of highly qualified oral healthcare specialists who act as guides for students as they go through the various stages of the educational process.Β 

The Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada has granted this educational establishment the highest level of accreditation for its dental care program (CDAC).

Students in the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at Dalhousie will acquire skills in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a complete variety of dental disorders. These techniques include how to test for oral malignancies and how to do oral surgery. The curriculum lasts for four years.

Dalhousie University students can participate in undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs in dentistry and dental hygiene.Β These programs provide students with a solid basis to begin successful careers in the demanding and rewarding area of dentistry.

In most cases, the Bachelor of Dental Hygiene Program may be completed in as little as one year or as much as two years, depending on whether or not the student attends school full-time or part-time.

A Diploma in Dental Hygiene, a Doctor of Dental Surgery Qualifying Program, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery are the further educational opportunities available via the Faculty of Dentistry.

  • Rank in Canada: 15
  • Teaching languages: English
  • Location: Nova Scotia
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD22000

8. Western University Schulich – School of Medicine & Dentistry

Both dental and medical education are provided side-by-side at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry in Toronto. Even though it began operating 83 years after the medical school, the dentistry school maintains the same number of teaching staff.

One of the best dental schools in Canada may be found at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University. There are opportunities for dentistry education there for students from both Canada and other countries.

The school’s primary focus has constantly been educating and preparing students for careers as dentists serving the local community. More than six different degree-granting programs are available for students to enroll in.

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s department of dentistry offers several different programs, including the Dental Clinical Scientist Program, the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program, the Internationally Trained Dentists Program, and a few others, all of which can be found on the school’s website. In particular, the DDS program is offered. Other programs include the Internationally Trained Dentists Program.

  • Rank in Canada: 10
  • Teaching languages: English
  • Location: Ontario
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD28000

9. University of Saskatchewan Dental School 

The University of Saskatchewan Dental School is ranked the tenth best in Canada among the best dental schools in the country. This educational establishment provides a dentistry program that is rapidly evolving, growing, and expanding.Β 

The program’s objective is to educate students on how to work in an industry that is significantly more diverse than before, while also allowing students to advance in their chosen field.

Students who decide to enroll at this dentistry school located in the prairies of Canada will get the knowledge and skills necessary to execute a broad variety of duties and procedures, including the following:

  • Restoration, Correction
  • Detection And Management Of Oral Conditions
  • Esthetic Improvement
  • Prevention/Public Education
  • Reconstruction and surgery

Students who successfully complete this program will be awarded the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. They will also be qualified to apply for a license to practice dentistry in Canada, the United States, or Australia.

  • Rank in Canada: 19
  • Teaching languages: English
  • Location: Saskatchewan
  • Tuition fees: Up to CAD18.000

Canada has been home to some of the best dental schools with a good reputation. If you are planning on studying dentistry in Canada, I have done the hard work compiling the list of the best dental schools in Canada.Β 

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