10 Best High Schools In Texas [2023 Ranking]

Best High Schools In Texas

Attending a good high school can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. A good high school is an investment in yourself and your future, hence many factors go into making this choice. We’ve done some research and found that some schools in Texas stand out from the crowd as great places to get an education and find your passions.Β 

We’re talking about great teachers and counselors, extracurricular activities galore, and all the stuff that matters when it comes to college admissions or applying for scholarships. We will discuss the best Texas high schools you can send your ward to in this post.

Best Texas High Schools Right Now

There are thousands of high schools across the state of Texas. Therefore choosing the best high school to attend can be an uphill task therefore, we have done the hard work for you by researching and selecting the best high schools in Texas. They include:

  • The School for the Talented and Gifted (TAG)
  • Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School
  • Science and Engineering Magnet School (SEM)
  • Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)
  • Carnegie Vanguard High School
  • Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet
  • DeBakey High School for Health Professions
  • BASIS San Antonio- Shavano Campus
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  • Health Careers High School

1. The School for the Talented and Gifted (TAG)

TAG is a public magnet school in Houston, Texas. It serves grades 6-12 and is a member of the National Consortium for Specialised Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (NCSSSMST). TAG was founded due to legislation passed by the Texas Legislature in 1989. The school is focused on preparing its students for success at some of the nation’s most selective colleges by providing them with an enriched curriculum emphasizing math and science. The main campus is located inside the Alief area of Houston. Still, there are also additional campuses outside Alief, as well as programs at other locations throughout Humble ISD within Harris County. The school is one of the best Texas high schools. 

  • 464 ENROLLMENT 9-12

2. Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School

Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, located in Houston, TX offers a STEM and business curriculum. Students at Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School have an incredible 100% college acceptance rate. Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School also has a high graduation rate of 94%, higher than the state average of 87%. It also has a high rate of college acceptance compared to other high schools in Texas, students graduate from this school at 100% while attending four-year universities or colleges at 96%. This means that if you want your child to get into an elite university or college and even get paid for it after graduation, this is one of the best Texas High Schools for you.Β 

  • 285 ENROLLMENT 9-12

3. Science and Engineering Magnet School (SEM)

Science and Engineering Magnet School (SEM) is a magnet school for grades six through twelve. The school focuses on science and engineering, with a particular focus on health-related science. Students at SEM take rigorous courses that prepare them for success in college. The school also offers students opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, speech and debate, student government, music organizations, and other clubs. Making the school one of the best Texas high schools. 

  • 513 ENROLLMENT 9-12

4. Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)

LASA is a rigorous college preparatory school that offers students a unique educational experience through its interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum draws from the disciplines of history, science, mathematics, language arts, and fine arts to develop the whole student. LASA is a magnet school in the Austin Independent School District (AISD). 

This means they can take any student who lives within the boundaries of AISD, regardless of whether or not they have graduated from their high school yet. LASA has been recognized nationally for its efforts in science education through its membership with the National Consortium of Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics Science and Technology (NCSSSMST). This school is one of the best Texas high schools, given their program curriculum for students. 

  • 1,254 ENROLLMENT 9-12

5. Carnegie Vanguard High School

Carnegie Vanguard High School is one of the largest and most prestigious high schools in Houston, with a student population of just over 2,500. This means that it’s not only easy to make new friends and make yourself known around campus, but you’ll also be able to explore numerous activities outside of school during your lunch breaks. The academics at Carnegie Vanguard are rigorous and challenging. The school has a college-preparatory curriculum with advanced placement classes for students who excel at coursework. 

The teachers at this school include some of the best educators in Texas and across the nation, and they love what they do. They want all their students to succeed, if you need help understanding concepts or keeping up with your homework load (or both), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask a teacher right away for assistance, they’re more than happy to help you out. Athletics are also very important here, no fewer than nine different sports teams compete against other schools around Houston and neighboring cities like Austin and San Antonio for championships each year. If your child doesn’t participate in any sports teams (occasionally) don’t worry, there are plenty more ways for them to integrate into the school’s extracurricular activities.Β 

  • 925 ENROLLMENT 9-12

6. Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet

Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet High School is a public high school in San Antonio, Texas, United States. It is a part of the San Antonio Independent School District. The school was established in 1999 and opened the following year. After its establishment, it replaced the existing John Marshall High School. The school is named after former Texas Supreme Court Justice Barefoot Sanders (1874–1961), who helped establish the first public law library in Texas at his alma mater Austin College. This high school has been around for so long and is one of the best Texas high schools. 

  • 459 ENROLLMENT 9-12

7. DeBakey High School for Health Professions

DeBakey High School for Health Professions is a magnet high school in Houston, Texas, Houston Independent School District (HISD). It is named after Michael E. DeBakey, a Houston surgeon who performed the first successful coronary artery bypass surgery. Through its open enrollment program, the school primarily serves students residing within HISD’s Northside Region and students from outside of HISD. The school has an ethnically diverse student body. The school uses project-based learning to teach academic concepts, which involves students applying what they learn to real-world situations. This puts this high school as one of the best Texas high schools.Β 

  • 939 ENROLLMENT 9-12

8. BASIS San Antonio- Shavano Campus

BASIS San Antonio- Shavano Campus is a public school in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The school has 1,200 students and is one of the more popular high schools in the area. BASIS San Antonio- Shavano Campus is a high school for grades 9-12. The student body comes from different backgrounds, including military or low-income families. In 2018, Newsweek named it the #4 best public high school in America.

BASIS San Antonio- Shavano Campus opened its doors to students on August 23rd, 2004, with only 150 first- and second-year students attending classes at two temporary sites while construction of the permanent building was underway at its current location on Nacogdoches Road near Loop 410 and Perrin Beitel Rd (Loop 1604). The school graduated its first class on May 14th, 2005, when over 100 seniors received diplomas at a Fiesta Texas theme park stadium arena ceremony. Given its robust offering to students for their learning and growth, this school is one of the best Texas high schools.Β 

  • 368 ENROLLMENT 9-12

9. Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Young Women’s Leadership Academy is located in Austin, Texas, and serves grades 9 through 12. The school was founded in 2010 and opened its doors to students the following year. Young Women’s Leadership Academy is an all-girls charter school that sits on 26 acres of land and offers a unique educational experience for young women who want to pursue higher education. With an enrollment of more than 1,000 students, Young Women’s Leadership Academy has become one of the top high schools in Texas due to its excellent academics and a strong focus on leadership development.

The curriculum at Young Women’s Leadership Academy includes college preparatory subjects such as English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies (which are taught collaboratively), world languages including Spanish or French (a choice between two), acceptable arts courses like visual art classes such as studio art 1 & 2, music theory/composition, dance/choreography, photography, digital media production, theatre arts, acting 1&2​ and technical theatre management 1 & 2 ​as well as physical education courses including weight training​and yoga​ in addition to physical education electives such as cheerleading or dance classes.

  • 236 ENROLLMENT 9-12

10. Health Careers High School

Health Careers High School is a public charter high school that opened in Austin, Texas, in 2007. This school was created to meet the needs of students interested in pursuing careers related to health care. Health Careers provides students with an opportunity for higher education without needing college. The curriculum at this high school is designed to prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry, and other fields of medicine, including optometry, nursing, and pharmacy.

Students from around the state of Texas apply online through the website: www.healthcareersonline.com. An application must be completed by each student along with transcripts from their previous schools (including homeschooled students). The school’s curriculum style has earned it one of the best Texas high schools.

  • 905 ENROLLMENT 9-12

Things to Consider Before Choosing A High School

Choosing the right high school is a big decision, but it’s not one you want to rush. It is essential to consider all the factors that will affect your decision. Some of the significant factors to consider in deciding what high school to attend in Texas include: 

  • Location: You must find out if the high school is in a good neighborhood. Are there other students who live in your area? This will be helpful regarding the time for college applications and interviews.
  • Curriculum: What kind of academic program does the high school offer? Do they have honors classes, AP courses, or specialized programs? These things might be necessary if you have an academic interest or career path so that you can begin early to move in the direction of your career path from your first year in high school.Β 
  • Size: How many students attend this school? Smaller schools tend to have more individualized attention and opportunities for student leadership, while larger schools may provide more resources but can also suffer overcrowding issues and lack of privacy compared to smaller institutions. If these concerns you or your child, it may be best for them to attend an alternative educational setting such as a charter school or online learning environment (although both options have their own unique pros and cons).
  • Cost: This is probably the most important consideration for deciding the high school to send your child to. You have to work out the cost of sending your child to any of the high schools in the state of Texas. If you fail to find out the cost of tuition and other expenses that high school will incur, then be ready to be shocked by the bills you may incur.Β 

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent options when it comes to Texas high schools. The state has a rich tradition of excellence in education, and these schools represent that tradition well. You will be able to find something for any student with these options, so don’t worry about where they go or what kind of school they attend in Texas. 

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