Best Junior High Schools In Edmonton

Best Junior High Schools In Edmonton

Once a child is done with their elementary education, the next step is for them to be promoted to the junior secondary level. As a parent, this next step is crucial for your child because you have to choose the best junior high school where they’ll receive the best education.

So, a Junior High School, also known as intermediate or lower secondary school, is a level in the educational system set up to provide education between primary and secondary school.

Junior high school is usually in the middle of elementary school and high school. Most Junior high schools are made up of sixth, seventh and eighth grades and are usually children between the ages of 12 and 14. 

Top Junior high school In Edmonton

A Junior high school also gives excellent opportunities for sports and recreational activities like football, tennis, music, etc. So the school builds up your child in whatever they’re good at and offers scholarships to the child, giving them an excellent opportunity for their future. 

All these are the importance of putting your child in Junior high school. 

The Edmonton community runs over 26 public junior high schools equipped to give your child everything needed for quality education. Here’s a compilation of the best schools run by the Edmonton community. (Please note that public schools are also excellent, and the schools here are arranged in no exact order) :

1. D. S. Mackenzie Junior high school

D. S. Mackenzie Junior high school is a school that is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for its students to learn with ease and receive the proper education. 

The school, named in honor of Alberta’s first deputy Minister of Education, officially opened on March 7, 1969. Duncan Stewart Mackenzie helped develop Canada, and he exemplified hardworking qualities that Edmonton valued in its citizens, and these qualities are what the school expects from its staff and students, which was why the school was named after him. The school has well-ventilated and spacious classrooms conducive to learning. They also offer lots of classes that will benefit your child. 

Also, the school studies French as a second language to enable the students to be fluent in another language, improving their chances whenever they visit other countries. A specialized program called the ‘Gifted and Talented program admits students with advanced intellectual abilities. So if your child is in this category, he will fit in here. The school has excellent equipment for carrying out both indoor and outdoor studies in the school. 

The school also sponsors co-curricular and extra-curricular activities according to the year’s seasons. The school also provides counseling programs for the children aided to help measure their progress and fix their problems where necessary. The school also runs a cafeteria with excellent staff that effectively ensures that the children are fed healthy food. The staff and teachers of D. S. Mackenzie Junior high school are also very friendly and easy to relate with.

So as a parent who would like to participate in your child’s school activities, the D. S. Mackenzie Junior high school runs a meeting with the staff and parents, held once every month. 

  • Postal code: T6J1A6
  • Address: 4020-106 Street Edmonton ABT6J1A6 
  • Phone number: +1 780-438-9146
  • Email: 
  • Website: 

2. Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High school is one of the 26 junior public schools operated by the Edmonton group. The school had always existed since 1963, but it wasn’t modernized. It was in 1988 that they started developing and updating the school. The Junior high school is equipped with everything necessary to aid a child educationally, physically, and mentally. The school provides regular classes which are held in the classroom. 

Also, the teachers are well-trained, provide quality education in their area of expertise, and train the students based on their strengths and capacities. Hillcrest junior high school also offers the French language as a second language to grade 7, 8, and 9 students so that the students can be fluent in other languages. 

Outdoor classes, such as art, drama, etc., are also held. The school runs a unique class called “The Honor Class.” Students are accepted into this class because they are inquisitive and have shown signs of a more significant effort to study and learn, and this class exists at each grade level.

The school also has clubs and activities that enhance students’ social skills. Some of these clubs include; Anime Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Badminton Club, GSA Club, Art Club, and Drama Club. The students are encouraged to participate in clubs with interests and grow their strengths. 

The school also holds PTA meetings. So you can be involved in your child’s school and life by being available for the meetings where parents are updated on their children’s progress and how to improve where necessary. To ensure that the children are not just educationally available but also emotionally available, the is a guidance counseling system setup for the children of the school. 

  • Location: 16400 80 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta 
  • Email: 
  • Telephone: +1 780-489-2516 
  • Website: www.hillcrest. 

3. Westminster Junior High School

Westminster junior high school is located in the community of Glenora. The school excels at both academic, arts, and athletic activities made available for its students. The school also works hand in hand with the community to promote solidarity and unity between the school and the community. 

The Westminster school has helped many students find their purpose. It has excellent well, learned, and friendly teachers who bring their teachings in understandable ways and is geared towards ensuring that the students discover why they are there and who they are meant to be. The school supports an IB (international baccalaureate) year program geared toward producing young people who aim to create a peaceful intercultural world. The school works hand in hand with the governments and also international organizations to ensure and build this. The school also trains its students to engage in various competitions and has excellent class facilities and equipment. The school environment is also healthy and very safe for learning.

Lastly, Westminster junior high school provides various opportunities for its students to thrive based on their strengths and has excellent counseling programs to aid their well-being. 

  • Location: 13712 104 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta  
  • Email: 
  • Phone number: +1 780-451-3866
  • Website: 

4. St. Rose Catholic Junior High School

St. Rose Catholic Junior high school is a private school owned and managed by the Catholic organization. It’s a structure that is strongly built on Love.

The school provides a conducive learning environment and trains and teaches the students moral and religious rules that will guide and control their lives. So as a parent or individual strong in your religious beliefs, this is somewhere, you want your child to be. 

The school also has well-knowing teachers who are good at identifying the talents in their students and helping them build on those talents and channel them to the good of the community and God’s work. The classrooms are also very spaced and made conducive for learning. The school staff is also easy to approach and always ready to render assistance when necessary. There are also sports activities held in the school as often as possible. 

  • Location: 8815-145 Street Edmonton, AB T5ROT7 
  • Phone number: +1 780-483-2695
  • Email: 
  • Website: 

5. Riverbend Junior High School

Established in 1974, Riverbend Junior high school has continued to be a safe environment to train and nurture young children and bring them to their full potential. The school has a vast environment conducive to learning and is equipped to train young children. 

The school also has an active, athletic program and other recreational activities held once in a while to engage the students. The older students are also receptive and easily adjust to new people joining the school. This is a great environment and school to train your child as the school management is keen on giving the best there can be to the students of their school.

  • Location: 14820 53 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta TGH 4C6
  • Phone number: +1 780-434-7914
  • Email address: 
  • Website:

6. Old Scona Academic School

Old Scona Academic is one of Edmonton’s oldest schools, founded in 1976. It offers students a lot. It is among the most distinguished, with a perfect score on the Fraser Institute study in 2020. The school places a lot of emphasis on academics and provides students with various courses to choose from. Whether interested in the arts or academics, every student may discover their passion here.

  • Location: 10523 84 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2H5
  • Phone number: +1780-433-0627
  • Email address:
  • Website:

7. Strathcona High school

Strathcona High was founded in 1955. They provide a wide range of beneficial academic curricula to help your kids prepare for college or the workforce after high school. Additionally, they provide high-placement courses and bilingual programs in German and Spanish.

The fact that most of their graduates are residents of the region shows that local families have relied on them to deliver high-quality education for many generations.

  • Location: 10450 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0Z6
  • Phone number: +1 780-439-3957
  • Email address:
  • Website:

8. Ross Sheppard

Ross Sheppard High School is a strong community of learners that welcomes challenges and celebrates accomplishments in the arts, sports, academics, and community service. According to Ross Sheppard, all pupils can flourish and achieve achievement in a kind, polite, and secure setting.

In addition to various academic programs, including a French Immersion program, fine arts program, off-campus schooling, and others, their academic curriculum includes the International Baccalaureate program. Additionally, they provide opportunities and scholarships to eligible students.

Being one of the most outstanding high schools in Edmonton results from their solid performance and commitment to better education.

  • Location: 13546 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2P2
  • Phone number: +1 780-448-5000
  • Email address:
  • Website:

9. Harry Ainlay School

For students who choose to continue bilingual education, they offer the French Immersion program in addition to following the IB curriculum.

They have numerous basketball, volleyball, curling, and other sports teams. Additionally, they started contribution campaigns to help their athletes.

For Harry Ainlay students, teachers emphasize practical instruction. They are a fantastic option for many Edmontonians because of their long history of assisting their students in succeeding.

  • Location: 4350 111 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 1E8
  • Phone number: +1 780-413-2700
  • Email address:
  • Website:

10. St. Joseph Catholic High School

Special consideration is given to each student’s unique learning styles in their Guided Customized Learning (GCL) program. Their methods are founded on fundamental ideas like active involvement and leadership. Students who want to keep attending traditional classrooms also provide the Traditional Classroom Learning program (TCL).

Then, with the support and guidance of the Edmonton Catholic Divisions, parents can quickly register and enroll their kids online, making sure that not only is the procedure safe but also very simple to follow.

  • Location: 10830-109 Street, Edmonton, AB T5H3C1
  • Phone number: +1 780-426-2010
  • Email address:
  • Website:

Junior high schools have a level of importance in a child’s life that it is advisable for parents or guardians not to let their children skip or overlook it. Yes, there are differences in the operations of the different junior high schools around the world, but they all have one goal; to make the transition into high school very easy and swift by giving their students the best.

The subjects covered in Junior high school include English, Mathematics, History, Science, physical education, and arts. Sports and games are also available in the Junior high school for recreational purposes. These Sports and others are arranged according to the four seasons.

As a parent, guardian, or anyone else reading this, here are some of the importance of Junior High school in the life of your child:

You must first note that Junior high school isn’t just there to provide education for children but also to help them grow and mature in every other area of their lives. Junior high school is also a safe environment where children can easily interact with their peers.

Junior High school is more than just an educational system; it’s also an environment where a child is being prepared for the real world, taught how to independently carry tasks and keep up with the pace set for the school and the world at large. It also helps to upgrade their social skills & lives and improve their interactive skills among their peers.

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