10 Best Montessori Schools In Houston (2023)

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Montessori schools in Houston are rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why: Montessori focuses on the children, providing them with hands-on learning and emotional support that can result in lifelong benefits. But, finding the best Montessori school in Houston can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for or how to pick between them. To help, Scholars Delight put together this list of the 10 best Montessori schools in Houston, as selected by parents and other educators alike.

10 Best Montessori Schools In Houston 2023

1. Blossoms Montessori School

The school has the attractive mission to help the children grow up academically in a positive fostering environment contributing to their wholesome development. Children are allowed to be independent, inquiring, and considerate members of society. The school is considered the best Montessori Preschool in Spring, Texas, and is a home away from home.  Teaching is taken in a fun manner, and the teachers follow varied and innovative techniques to make the education merry and cheerful. The children discover themselves through their journey of full potential to develop high self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline, and a love for learning. They also feel responsible for maintaining harmony and synchronization and shielding the global environment. The education teaches the young kids to improve their concentration level.

The school provides high-end materials of Montessori requirements with an extraordinary campus with a garden and play area for children positioned on 6 wooded acres. Every student is given special attention so that the child is developed to its completely filled potential. The curriculum is testing one and remains true to Montessori’s values and mirrors the newest in childhood education research.

The curriculum  includes academic subjects like language, mathematics, science & nature, sensorial, cultural studies, practical life, fine arts & music, physical development. Children are lucky enough to use solid Montessori educational materials to discover mathematics; movable alphabets to explore language arts and cubes, cylinders, prisms, and other Montessori materials to understand categorization, inequity of dimensions, and spatial relationships.

Montessori learning spins around substantial experiences. The earliest years, pre-school years from birth to the age of six, are the significant period in any child’s life, and this phase is being correctly exploited by the Blossoms Montessori School. Blossoms Montessori School provides a wonderful Montessori program and an encouraging setting to facilitate the development of the emotional, social, academic, and creative potential of the child.

Founded In: 1984
Tuition: Varies
Rank: 1
Contact: 832.501.1203
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2. The Ideal School of Manhattan

The students at ‘Ideal’ endeavor continuously for excellence inside and out of the classroom and to identify and drag out the budding prospective for quality among peers. The school intends to celebrate diversity by embracing differences and emphasizing on students the importance of social justice. This makes them powerful enough to be more confident, accepting, and compassionate. Along with academics, art is also enhanced into the student’s talent, which will help collaborate with other areas of learning.  It supports the idea of learning together, which will bring about serious transformation in supporting others in academics, social and emotional upholding.

Founded In: 2006
Tuition: $49,070
Rank: 2
Contact: (212) 769-1699
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Best Montessori Schools In Houston

3. Ivybrook Academy

The Academy is set to make early childhood more interesting and innovative, thereby unlocking a whole new world of principles and prospects. The curriculum follows a hybrid strategy that associates early childhood education, drawing the customized learning approach of Montessori and the practices in Reggio Emilia and Multiple Intelligence research. This ensures quality education to the early childhood generation oriented not only towards academics but also headed in character-building and problem-solving.

Founded In: 2007
Tuition: Varies
Rank: 3
Contact: (281) 909-4411
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Best Montessori Schools In Houston

4. MOLO Bilingual Montessori School

The Bilingual Montessori School aims at making the students develop into critical thinkers, independent learners, with an augmented outlook. All students are considered one and the same and provided with equal opportunities to prepare them well for their future careers and life. These qualities contribute much to the success in academics and responsible societal contribution. The significance of the natural environment is well explained and inculcated the need for upholding peaceful social education for the betterment of humanity. MOLO is committed to maintaining the standards of Maria Montessori and the American Montessori Society (AMS).

The teachers hired are only Montessori certified, along with Teacher Assistants experienced and dedicated to the Montessori philosophy. The students are laid down on everyday examples of the behavior of courtesy, care for others, and developing a mindset to trim down the amount of waste in our daily living and a habit of recycling.

Founded In: 1995
Tuition: Varies
Rank: 4
Contact: (281)-888-9898
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Best Montessori Schools In Houston

5. My Quest Montessori

The school aims at providing a wholesome Montessori program fostering the poignant, logical, bodily, and communal development of the entire child. Every child is unique, and that is well understood by the school leading to the supporting of the academic environment in complete potential. The primary intention of the Montessori school is to afford vigilantly planned, motivating surroundings to help the child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning.

The families in the Cypress, Tomball, and surrounding areas are sustained through early education, extended care, and summer programs. Confidence is implanted with an individualized strategy making sure of natural succession for the development and future success. A complete Montessori program is administered that encourages the complete development of the child.

Founded In: 2001
Tuition: $12,950
Rank: 5
Contact: (832) 699-5437
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6. School of the Woods

Snuggled up in a comfy neighborhood with countless local Texas plants is the main campus of the School of the Woods. The construction assimilates with the natural texture of the surroundings of the campus. The American Montessori Society is a focal point for everything related to Montessori. It covers the information center for its members, the media, and the public, a voice in the public policy arena, and a mobilizing force for the global Montessori community through support services, research, and professional development events.

Children of every age group are included here, under different sections like Early Childhood/Kindergarten (2 ½ to 6 years), where they learn easily and effectively. The curriculum is designed according to the child’s skills and interest levels. The second category is Lower Elementary (6 to 9 years; Grades 1-3), where the children broaden their perspectives through an intensifying curriculum.

There are copious materials fostering the finest development of reading, spelling, and writing skills. Math operations accentuate deeper understanding and accuracy in computations. The third stage is Upper Elementary (9 to 12 years; Grades 4-6). Here the upper elementary level changes from hands-on learning to abstract understanding of concepts. Fresh thinking brings about a developing sense of membership in the society, to work as one in groups, and in the spreading out in field study.

Founded In: 1962
Tuition: $17,124- $19,224
Rank: 6
Contact: 713-686-8811
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7. Northwood Montessori School

The method of Montessori learning has been serving up children throughout the universe for certainly a better motive. The methods of teaching are constantly sponsored by current research in neurology and human development. Every child is permitted to move at their own swiftness. Similar kinds of skills are not proper for all children in the same way. Every child is benefitted in their own separate ways when school and home come together in harmony; that is where the children flourish.

Founded In: 1972
Tuition: Varies with program
Rank: 7
Contact: (281) 444-9433
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8. Montessori Learning Cottage

The school is well designed to give the children a friendly setting helping them to grow to their ultimate perspective. Overall, the construction itself is unique with a peculiar ‘U’ shaped design to promote free air with hefty glass windows showing off the inside and outside equally. The two playgrounds are designed specifically based on the age from 18 months to 4 years and the other for 4 years and above.

Early childhood education is provided in a well set worthy Montessori environment making the children develop as a whole. The method of development involves starting from the basics level and slowly progressing through pre-school, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and beyond. The extended version of the Montessori program makes the child comfortable as it gives the ease of their home through having a snack, reading, studying, drawing, painting, and playing with friends. Every activity, whether academic or others, is strictly carried out under the watchful management of the staff.

Founded In: 1980
Tuition: NA
Rank: 8
Contact: 713.977.6496
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Best Montessori Schools In Houston

9. Armand Bayou Montessori School

The Armand Bayou Montessori School is positioned in a reverential environment that helps promote optimistically and in pink progress of children and families, all happening through love. The Armand Bayou Montessori School community is assured to provide the child with a gratifying Montessori experience. Since the school is part of the AMS (American Montessori Society), the curriculum and traditions established by Dr. Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago are followed strictly. The method is not a mere method of education, but it supports the holistic development of the child intellectually, physically, socially, morally, and spiritually. The major aim at school is to ’follow the child.’ This enhances the child’s growth at its rate and tempo.

Founded In: 1980
Tuition: $42-$55
Rank: 9
Contact: (281) 480 – 1648
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10. Heights Garden Montessori School

The children at HGMS are treated with love and care, making them want to be in school. Freedom is given importance for every child, and an individualized curriculum is ensured by certified and dedicated teachers to help the children grow, develop and learn. The classrooms are arranged in such a way that different age groups are put together to start developing skills of leadership and to enable working in challenging situations. When the kids are indulged more in nature, it enhances physical, emotional, and cognitive growth, indirectly prospecting community values of peace and respect.

The size of the class is comparatively smaller, which ensures individualized attention to every child. Every child possesses varied curiosities and interests, which are accurately understood by the teacher and fostered accordingly in an organic manner. When nurtured independently, every kid grows into an emotionally, socially, and creatively matured individual. The child takes every opportunity to walk around the world around them and ultimately develop new skills and create sealed bonding.

Founded In: 2016
Tuition: Varies with program
Rank: 10
Contact:  832-409-6697
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