Top 11 Best Primary Schools In Punggol 2023

What Are The Top 10 Schools In Singapore?

An excellent education starts early, and getting your child into the right primary school can make all the difference when it comes to their future success.

A primary school in Punggol will prepare your child well for what’s to come, so choosing one that matches your family’s needs and personality is essential. Use this list of primary schools in Punggol to help you find the perfect fit for your child.

Top  11 Best Primary Schools in Punggol In 2023

If you live in or around Punggol, you probably know how crowded the public schools can get. The stress of trying to pick out the best school for your child can be overwhelming when you don’t know what to look for. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 best primary schools in Punggol to make it easier for you!

1. Horizon Primary School

Horizon Primary School (HPS) was established on January 4, 2010 and has been well-regarded by both students and parents since its humble beginnings.

Horizon is now one of Singapore’s top-rated primary schools, owing to features such as outstanding academic attainment, a safe learning environment, and a disciplined student body. In fact, each year, 99 percent of Horizon graduates continue on to secondary school, demonstrating how successful HPS truly is.

Address: 61 Edgedale Plains Singapore 828819

2. Edgefield Primary School

Edgefield Primary School is a reputable primary school in Punggol. It is ranked among top 5 in punggol primary schools for providing top-notch education to its students. The school offers scholarships and financial aid to needy students so that they can afford a quality education.

The school also has various merit awards for its students who have performed better than their peers, exhibited outstanding leadership skills, or brought glory to their respective classes through some unique contribution towards promotion of discipline among other things.

Address: 41 Edgefield Plains, Singapore 828869

3. Mee Toh School

Punggol’s Mee Toh School is a well-known primary school. Its curriculum emphasizes Chinese and English language and literature, as well as mathematics, social studies, and science. Inter-house debate competitions and athletic events are among Mee Toh’s extracurricular activities.

Many enrichment programs are available at the school, including choir singing sessions, chess classes, and calligraphy workshops. It even has a parent-teacher organization (PTA) that organizes activities such as an annual fun fair, book fairs, and parent forums where students can discuss their experiences with parents.

Address: 21 Edgedale Plains, Singapore 828867

4. Punggol Green Primary School

At Punggol Green Primary School, they are committed to nurturing their students’ holistic development so that they can become life-long learners and gain an appreciation for lifelong pursuits. They aim to create a stimulating environment where both teachers and students can work together towards better learning and understanding of each other.

Through experiential learning, all students are encouraged to pursue their interests, think out of box and be optimistic. Students will also be exposed to an enhanced focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education as well as Language, Literacy & Thinking.

Address: 98 Punggol Walk, Singapore 828772

5. Ponggol Cove

There’s a reason that Ponggol Cove is consistently ranked among Punggol’s top primary schools. Not only is it an established school, but it also sports some of Punggol’s most impressive academic results year after year.

If you want your kids to have access to high-quality education that will make them stand out from their peers, then choose Ponggol Cove Primary School.

It may not be easy to get into but rest assured that when your child makes it through, they are guaranteed a solid foundation for secondary school and beyond.

Address: 52 Sumang Walk Singapore 828674.

6. Waterway Primary School

Established since 2016, Waterway Primary School (WPS) is known for its arts integrated approach to learning. All students benefit from time spent at WPS’ dance studio, music room and drama practice space. On top of that, there are libraries for each key stage so your child will never be far away from a good book.

In addition to core subjects like Maths and English, WPS also offers enrichment programmes such as fine arts and computer science lessons too. THE school aims to prepare students ‘For Work, For Life, For Future’.

Address: 70 Punggol Drive, Singapore 82880

7. Greendale Primary School

As Punggol’s continues to boom, more and more primary schools are popping up all over. But if you’re looking for one of Punggol’s best primary schools, consider Greendale Primary School.

The school is situated in a convenient location near many shopping centres and residential areas, meaning your children can get to school safely.

As a full-day school, they offer programs that help students develop language skills and social skills early on, so they don’t have to struggle when they move on to secondary schools.

If you’re wondering how safe it is for your child to attend Greendale Primary School, know that it’s been evaluated as an exemplary model of good practice for personal safety management by SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force). Your child will be protected at all times.

Address: 50 Edgedale Plains, Singapore 828848

8. Rivervale Primary School 

Rivervale is ranked eighth best among all primary schools in Punggol. It is a safe and reputable school whose mission is to
inspire and develop children to be responsible citizens and passionate learners.

The school has over 100 staff members and offers both Chinese and English-medium education to its pupils. In terms of academics, Rivervale gives equal attention to basic skills development as well as creativity, critical thinking, and sportsmanship.

Address: 80 Rivervale Dr, Singapore 545092

9. Punggol View Primary School 

The infrastructure of Punggol View Primary School is excellent. There are also a variety of sporting activities you can take part in as part of your education such as football, athletics and singing. If your child excels at certain areas, they might even be allowed to attend training courses after school.

All these factors point towards an excellent primary school that serves all students well regardless of their strengths or weaknesses. As such, you can consider including Punggol View as one of your top choices when it comes to finding a place for your children to go when they’re first starting out their primary schooling journey.

Address: 9, Punggol Place, Singapore (828845)

10. Valour Primary School

This primary school sits within one of Singapore’s best estates. If you have kids and want them to go to a good primary school, there’s no better place than Valour.

The small size of its student body makes it easy for teachers to give each child individual attention and help him or her achieve his or her full potential; it also means students learn and grow alongside their friends, which has its benefits.

Address: 49 Punggol Central, Singapore 828728

11. Punggol Primary School

Punggol Primary School (PPS) was established in January 1995. The key principles of the school, which include self-discipline, teamwork, affection, and responsibility, serve as the foundation for the school’s good culture.

Through a broad-based curriculum, PPS aspires to grow each Punggolite into a kind citizen, a bold leader, an innovative team player, and a life-long learner.

Address: 61 Hougang Avenue 8 Singapore 538787

The perfect primary school in Punggol for your child comes down to individual needs, which is why there’s no one size fits all solution. When evaluating primary schools in Punggol, one thing you should definitely keep an eye out for is location.

Look at how close or far it is from your home, whether it’s close to mass transit (so you don’t have to schlep kids around) and whether it fits into your budget. Good luck on choosing a good school!

Let us know if we can help by leaving a comment below. We’re always happy to hear from our readers! And please share with us any feedback you have about our rankings.

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