10 Best Universities in Sweden For International Students

Are Swedish Universities Good For International Students?

Do you want to study in Sweden? When you study in Sweden, you’re encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically. For you, here we have listed top-ranked universities in our directory of “best Universities in Sweden” that will surely help you to pursue your education in Sweden.

Fortunately, there are thousands of universities in Sweden that can offer the best of the undergraduate, graduate as well as postgraduate courses in order to enhance the knowledge of the students, coming from all over the world.

If you have started to search some of the best Sweden universities for your education then our list will help you surely. View our complete list and find all information about the best universities in Sweden. Good Luck!

10 Best Universities in Sweden For International Students

Sweden is a country that has a good number of universities, and they are also very prestigious. The country has been rated as the best country in the world for education by the World Economic Forum. There are several universities in Sweden that offer courses to international students who would like to study in this country. Here is a look at some of the most popular universities in Sweden for international students.

1. Karolinska Institute

Karolinska Institute is a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 1810 on the basis of the medical school at the Royal Caroline Institute. Today, the Karolinska Institute is a highly respected university and ranks consistently among the top universities in Europe and the world. The Karolinska Institute has about 40,000 students and 2,100 faculty members. It cooperates with many universities and research institutions across the globe through cross-institutional collaboration agreements.

The Karolinska Institute is well known for its research into basic medical science and biomedical issues. It has been ranked among the top five medical schools in the world by QS World University Rankings six times since 2004. In 2010, it was named one of Europe’s best universities by Times Higher Education (THE).

The Karolinska Institute offers courses leading to degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels in natural sciences as well as social sciences. In addition to these conventional degree programmes, there are also programmes that allow students to study while working part-time or while being employed full time by companies or other organisations within industry or commerce.

Tuition & Fees:
 45,000 SEK

2. Uppsala University

Uppsala University is one of the top universities in Sweden. It was established in 1477 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The university has a total student population of about 40,000 students, with an international student population of about 3000 students from 120 different countries.

The university offers degrees in almost all major fields of study including humanities, social sciences, engineering and technology, medicine and health sciences, law as well as natural sciences.

The university also has many international agreements with other universities around the world for joint research projects and study abroad programmes for their students. Some of these include agreement with Harvard University, Yale University and Duke University among others.

Uppsala University also offers several scholarships for international students including Erasmus Mundus Scholarships which are awarded to outstanding students from partner countries who wish to pursue studies at Uppsala University’s partner universities abroad.

The best thing about studying at Uppsala University is that you will get a chance to experience both the traditional Swedish culture as well as enjoy the modern lifestyle found in most European cities today.

Tuition & Fees: 
Varies between SEK 50,000 and SEK 72,500 per semester

3. Lund University

Lund University is one of the best universities in Sweden for international students. In fact, it is the second largest university in Scandinavia with over 50,000 students and 7,000 employees. The university was established in 1666 as a theological seminary but it now offers courses across a variety of disciplines including science, technology and social sciences.

The university has been ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17. It also ranks well on QS World University Rankings 2019 with a place in top 200+ rankings for Arts & Humanities, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy and Social Sciences & Management subjects.

Lund University provides excellent facilities for international students including student accommodation, computer labs and language courses. The university also offers various scholarships for international students including scholarships for doctoral candidates and those pursuing studies in humanities subjects.

Tuition & Fees: 435,900 SEK

4. Stockholm University

Stockholm University is one of the best universities in Sweden. It has a very good reputation and is one of the largest universities in Sweden with around 45,000 students.

The university offers degrees in many fields, including business administration, engineering, law and medicine.

It also has several international programs including an English-language Master’s degree in International Business Administration (MBA), taught together with a leading business school in the United States.

Stockholm University accepts international students and offers them a range of scholarships and financial support packages.

Tuition & Fees: 90 000 SEK / year

5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of the best universities in Sweden for international students due to its high standards, excellent facilities and being situated in the capital city Stockholm.

The university was founded in 1827 as the world’s first polytechnic institute and has since been home to Nobel Prize winners and other notable alumni, such as Raoul Wallenberg.

The university’s degree programmes are offered across six faculties: architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial economics, information technology and mechanical engineering. It also offers undergraduate programmes in English at certain locations around Sweden.

The university’s main campus is located in central Stockholm and has around 28,000 students enrolled across all levels of study. It also has smaller campuses located in towns throughout Sweden such as Gothenburg, Lund and Umeå.

Tuition & Fees: £14,355- £24,255

6. University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg is one of Scandinavia’s oldest universities and has been ranked among the world’s leading young universities. The University of Gothenburg is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was founded in 1891. The university has over 42,000 students (as of 2013) and offers courses in science, technology and medicine.

The university is divided into nine schools: School of Technology and Health Sciences; School of Science; School of Social Sciences; School of Economics, Law and Library Science; School of Fine Arts, Communication and Culture; School of Humanities and Education; School of Food Science; Scania University Hospital, which trains doctors for clinical practice at all levels. The university also offers courses taught by visiting professors from all over the world.

Tuition & Fees: 136900 SEK

7. Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology is one of the best universities for international students in Sweden. The university has a strong reputation for engineering and technology and offers more than 200 master’s programmes, as well as postgraduate courses, PhDs and research internships.

Chalmers was founded in 1829 by King Gustav IV Adolf to create a centre of learning in the country’s industrial heartland: Gothenburg. Today, it has grown into one of Europe’s largest technical universities with some 28,000 students (of whom 11% are international) across six faculties: Architecture; Civil Engineering and Geoscience; Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Control; Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science; Industrial Economics and Management; Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science.

As well as being one of the most popular destinations for international students looking to study abroad in Sweden, Chalmers is known for its friendly environment and social life. It also hosts a number of student organisations such as Chalmers Model United Nations Club (CMUNC), which allows you to develop your leadership skills while meeting like-minded people from all over the world.

Tuition & Fees: SEK 95 000 per semester 

8. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is a public university established in 1953. It is one of the largest universities in Sweden, with more than 40,000 students and 3,600 staff members. The university has two campuses: Örebro and Alnarp.

The university has five faculties: Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Social Studies and Faculty of Humanities. The university offers study programmes at all levels from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is an international institution that provides cross-disciplinary education through research-based teaching. Students from around the world come here to pursue their studies at SLU because it offers high quality education at affordable costs with an excellent student support system.

The university offers degrees at all levels including undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. The courses offered include agriculture sciences, environmental science, forestry science, natural resources management, food science and technology and landscape ecology among others.

Tuition & Fees: SEK 900 (approximately EUR 100) 

9. Umeå University

Umeå University is one of the best universities in Sweden for international students. It offers top-quality education, good research and innovation, and a wide range of study programmes.

The university has a long tradition in social sciences, human geography and languages. It has more than 40 departments and about 30 research centres. The university offers over 80 bachelor’s degree programmes and over 120 master’s degree programmes.

There are about 14 500 students at Umeå University from more than 130 countries around the world.

The university has many exchange agreements with universities all over the world. The International Office arranges the exchange visits for both incoming and outgoing students so that they can study at partner institutions abroad as part of their degree programme in Sweden.

Tuition & Fees: SEK 90,000 to SEK 140,000 per year

10. Linköping University

Linköping University is one of Sweden’s top universities and is regularly ranked among the world’s top 100.

The university was founded in 1975 as a result of a merger between Linköping University College and the Medical School of Östergötland. It has since expanded to include more than 50 departments within six faculties: Engineering, Science and Health (including medicine), Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Theology.

The university has more than 40,000 students and 2,300 employees across its 13 campuses in Linköping and Norrköping. It also has a number of international partnerships with other prestigious universities around the world that allow students to spend part of their studies abroad if they wish to do so.

Linköping University offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees as well as postgraduate degrees at both Masters level and PhD level in areas such as engineering, natural sciences, social sciences and medicine.

Tuition & Fees: Between SEK 80,000 and SEK 136,000

There you have it — the top 10 best universities in Sweden for international students! We hope this list has given you some good ideas about where to study if you’re looking to come to Sweden for your education. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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