10 Cheapest Universities in Europe For International Students (2023)

Which Country In Europe Has The Lowest Tuition Fee For International Students?

You must have heard about the wealth of honour that comes from studying at one of the universities in Europe, haven’t you? This honour is due to the reputation of these European universities which we are going to talk about in this article. This is irrespective of the amount been paid in any of these universities in the great continent “Europe”.

In this article, we’ll be bringing to you the cheapest countries to study in Europe, the names of some super-cool universities you could study at on the cheap, a bit more about them, and their wowing tuition fees.

All you need to do is to make your choice, we’ll link you up to the university.

Most of the universities listed here are English speaking universities which are perfect for students that have English language as their official language.

There are some universities in the list with no tuition fees, they pay just semester fees/student union fees. There is also additional fees for non-EU students. Are you wondering who EU students are? don’t worry, we make such tasks easy for you.

An EU student is a national of a member state of the European Union. Some countries may also categorize applicants as EU students if they have resided within the European Union for a certain period of time before applying for the study program of their choice. Happy now?? Feel free to ask the hub further questions, we’re just made for you.

To get started right away, let’s head on to the cheapest countries to study in Europe.

Cheapest Countries To Study In Europe


Average Tuition Fees: £379

Average Living Costs: £6,811

Average Total: £7,190

Additional amount for EU Students: £699.

Overview on German Universities: Germany is known as one of the most popular countries for international students. With the exception of a few private universities, you can study in Germany for free regardless if you are from Europe or elsewhere.

There is usually a small administrative semester fee, but this covers a a public transport ticket at the fraction of its usual price.


Average Tuition Fees: £34

Average Living Costs: £8,543

Average Total: £8,557

Additional amount for EU Students: £1,270.

Overview on Austria Universities: Austrian Universities don’t provide grants (scholarships) to foreign nationals. Tuition fees are really low for some universities (like Vienna University of Technology, Top Technical University in Austria). Tuition fees ~€350 (for Technical/applied science programs). For arts Universities, it’s free for local Austrians and EEU nationals and ~€350 (for international students).

The primary language in German Universities is German and their currency is Euro.


Average Tuition Fees: £0

Average Living Costs: £7,448

Average Total: £7,448

Additional amount for EU Students: £12,335.

Overview on Swedish Universities: Europeans can study in Sweden for free. Other international students should expect hefty fees when studying in Sweden, combined with relatively high cost of living.


Average Tuition Fees: £1,852

Average Living Costs: £8,676

Average Total: £10,528

Additional amount for EU Students: £2,694.

Overview on Spanish Universities: In Spain the universities that are offered enable you to earn a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, depending upon your personal preferences. There are requirements that you must meet in order to attend universities in Spain when you are an international student, including those related to admissions into the country as well as the particular university.

Spain has the third-most Academy Awards won for Best Foreign Language Film.


Average Tuition Fees: £1,776

Average Living Costs: £9,250

Average Total: £11,026

Additional amount for EU Students: £8,838.

Overview on Netherland Universities: The Netherlands is home to one of the world’s oldest and most highly respected systems of higher education, dating back to the 16th century. The QS World University Rankings® 2019 includes 13 universities in the Netherlands, all ranked within the world’s top 350, and an impressive seven of these are within the global top 150.


Average Tuition Fees: £127

Average Living Costs: £10,411

Average Total: £10,538

Additional amount for EU Students: £0.

Overview on Norwegian Universities: Universities in Norway offer free education to students from Europe, Asia, Africa and anywhere else. However, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. So make sure to compare the living expenses to other countries you are considering.


Average Tuition Fees: £0

Average Living Costs: £0

Average Total: £0

Additional amount for EU Students: £0.

Overview on Italian Universities: Many Italian Universities offer cheap tuition for international students. They also have diverse accommodation options at economical rate. Italy is noted for offering best education in such study areas as fashion, history, liberal arts and arts at low cost. It is indeed the best place to study arts.


Average Tuition Fees: £89

Average Living Costs: £7,525

Average Total: £7,614

Additional amount for EU Students: £13,632.

Overview on Finland Universities: Finland offers no tuition fee doctoral and bachelor’s degree program for both local and international students. Some master degree program has a tuition fee for non-EU/EEA international students.

Though the Nordic region of Europe is reputed for high cost of living, however Helsinki is among the most affordable city in the region.


Average Tuition Fees: £776

Average Living Costs: £8,410

Average Total: £9,186

Additional amount for EU Students: £1,286.

Overview on Belgian Universities: Belgium is one of the world’s most international countries, boasting several elite universities that teach in a whole host of languages. Each main city boasts a high-ranking university. Examples include the KU Leuven, the largest in Belgium; Ghent University; and the University of Antwerp.

Brussels’ two main universities have the same name when translated into English – the Free University of Brussels – following a split in 1970 that resulted in separate French-speaking and Dutch-speaking institutions being formed.


Average Tuition Fees: £708

Average Living Costs: £9,552

Average Total: £10,260

Additional amount for EU Students: £0.

Overview on Luxembourg Universities: There is a diverse selection of higher education institutions in Luxembourg, but the cultural and social environment will make you enjoy your student life to the fullest. The University of Luxembourg, globally renowned for being multilingual, international and research driven, welcomes many national and international students. Furthermore, a range of private and international universities offer a wide choice of diplomas and programs for every need.

Since we have looked at the cheapest countries to study in Europe, Let’s now head straight away to the cheapest universities in Europe for international students.

Note: Ensure to visit the school’s website for a more concise information on the tuition fees.

Cheapest Universities In Europe For International Students

If you are an international student, you probably want to study in a university that is not only affordable but also gives you the best quality of education. But, it is not easy to find out which universities are affordable as there are so many institutions that offer quality education at affordable rates.

Here is a list of some of the cheapest universities in Europe where international students can get quality education at affordable rates:

1. Freie Universität Berlin

Tuition Fees: €552

Country Located: Germany

Freie Universität Berlin: The Free University of Berlin is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. It was founded in 1948, and it has a student population of over 3,000 students.

The university has a large number of international students, with around 10% of its student population coming from outside Germany.

The university is located in the city center of Berlin, which makes it easy to access public transportation and other amenities.

There are many different types of students who attend this university – from undergraduate students to graduate students and doctoral students.

2. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Tuition Fees: Free

Country Located: Italy

The Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa is a public university in Italy. It was founded in 1810 by Napoleonic decree and it is now one of the most prestigious universities in Italy. The university is located in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics and sociology. The school also offers postdoctoral research opportunities for students who wish to continue their studies after earning their doctorate degree.

The Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa is one of the most affordable universities in Europe for international students because international students do not pay tuition fees. In addition, living costs and meals are covered by the university.

3. TU Dresden

Tuition Fees: €457

Country Located: Germany

TU Dresden is one of the top universities in Germany and is a member of TU9, an elite network of nine leading technical universities in Germany. It was founded in 1828 as Royal Institute for Technology and Mechanical Engineering and has been affiliated with the Technical University of Dresden since 1992.

TU Dresden has 13 departments offering more than 200 study programs at undergraduate and graduate level. The university has over 30,000 students from 100 countries, who are taught by about 1,200 academic staff members. The university is also known for its research achievements such as the invention of frequency modulation or FM radio by Karl Ferdinand Braun.

The university has several facilities including labs and research equipment. TU Dresden maintains close ties with industry through its numerous corporate partnerships. Students can also apply for scholarships offered by companies such as Airbus, BMW Group Research & Innovation Center, Volkswagen Group Research & Development Center or Rheinmetall Defense Electronics GmbH.

4. Humboldt University of Berlin

Tuition Fees: €315

Country Located: Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin is one of the oldest universities in Germany and is currently ranked as the second best university in Germany after Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The university offers a wide range of courses including engineering, law, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The tuition fees for international students are around 12000 Euros per year.

The university was founded in 1810 by Wilhelm von Humboldt and is named after him. It has a student population of 30,000 students from all over the world. The university has two campuses which are located in the city centre and in Dahlem-Dahlem district on the outskirts of Berlin.

The main campus has five buildings which include the main building called Haus 1 and four other buildings which house departments such as political science, economics and law etc. There are also extensive libraries with many reading rooms available to students at both campuses which contain over 6 million books, journals and electronic resources.

5. University of Würzburg

Tuition Fees: €315

Country Located: Germany.

The University of Würzburg is a public research university located in Würzburg, Germany. Founded in 1402, it is one of the oldest universities in the world and was long ranked as one of the most prestigious German universities. It has been a member of the elite German Universities Excellence Initiative since 2006.

With 10 faculties, 33 departments and more than 40 interdisciplinary research centers, institutes and clinics, the University of Würzburg offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in German and English. The university has about 30,000 students (of which about 2,500 are foreign) from all over the world who come to study at its facilities in Würzburg, Bamberg and Bayreuth.

There are also close contacts between the university and its alumni around the world via its international alumni association, which consists of over 60 regional associations all over the globe with more than 15,000 members worldwide.

6. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Tuition Fees: €835

Country Located: Belgium

The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (or Catholic University of Leuven) is a Dutch-speaking university in Flanders, Belgium. It is one of the oldest and largest university in Belgium and the Low Countries.

Katholieke University Leuven is one of Europe’s top universities, and it is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best universities. The university has been named World’s Best University for three years running by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

In addition to its excellent academic reputation, KU Leuven provides students with an exceptional student experience. The university offers courses in over 50 different languages, making it an ideal choice for international students looking to study abroad in Europe. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports clubs, language clubs and theatre groups.

7. RWTH Aachen University

Tuition Fees: €455

Country Located: Germany

RWTH Aachen University is a research university located in the city of Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. With more than 42,000 students enrolled in 144 study programs, it is among the ten largest universities in Germany. RWTH Aachen University maintains close links to industry and accounts for the largest proportion of external funding for research in Germany. It belongs to the Top 100 universities worldwide according to the 2017 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

RWTH Aachen University has been continuously accredited by the German Accreditation Council since 1953 and was awarded the full ERA-accredited status in 2012. The university was founded in 1818 as RWTH Aachen (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule) by William I, Elector of Cologne. It is one of Europe’s leading engineering universities with highly ranked programs in many technical fields such as aerospace engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

8. University of Mannheim

Tuition Fees: €277

Country Located: Germany

University of Mannheim in Germany is one of the cheapest universities in Europe. It has been ranked by The Times Higher Education as one of the world’s top 200 universities and it has a strong reputation in business, economics, law and psychology.

University of Mannheim was founded in 1967 as a public research university with a focus on social sciences and humanities. It was named after its home city, Mannheim, which is situated on the Rhine River in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. There are 20 faculties at University of Mannheim with more than 6,000 students from all over the world, including more than 500 international students from all over the world who come from over 100 different countries including China, India, Indonesia etc..

There are more than 50 student associations at University of Mannheim that provide opportunities for students to meet others with similar interests including sports clubs like badminton club or football club etc.. Students also have access to several libraries with over 700 study rooms where they can study on their own or with friends as well as enjoy free WiFi throughout campus grounds.

9. University of Göttingen

Tuition Fees: €650

Country Located: Germany

University of Göttingen is one of the oldest university in Germany. It was founded by George I in 1734. The university has a student population of about 30,000, including 8,000 international students.

The university offers more than 100 degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It has two campuses: one in downtown Gottingen which houses the majority of academic facilities, and another on the outskirts of town known as the Biotech Campus.

The language of instruction at this university is English. However, German is also taught as an additional language to help students improve their proficiency in it.

There are many student accommodation options available on campus for international students including single rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms as well as double rooms with private bathrooms and kitchens.

10. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Tuition Fees: €850

Country Located: Italy

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is a private research university in Pisa, Italy. It was founded in 1954 by Giuseppe Sant’Anna, who was an Italian scientist and philanthropist. It has been recognized as one of the best universities in Europe and the world by several international rankings.

The university has two campuses: one located in Pisa and the other located in nearby Pontedera. Both campuses are located about 30 minutes away from the center of Pisa.

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in science, technology and engineering fields which are taught in English. The university also offers some courses which are taught in Italian language such as management degrees and law degrees.

We hope this article has helped you find the cheapest universities in Europe for international students. While tuition fees can be expensive, there are many ways to save money while studying abroad. With a little research and planning, you can find a university that fits your budget and provides a quality education.

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