10 Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students (2023)

Which Is The Cheapest University In Luxembourg?

This well detailed article on the Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students will change your thoughts about high cost of education in Europe.

Studying in Luxembourg, one of Europe smallest countries, can be quite affordable compared to other large European countries like UK, France and Germany.

A lot of students often get discouraged to study in Europe because of the high tuition fees of the universities in European countries. You no longer have to worry about the high cost of education in Europe, because We will be sharing with you the list of 10 Cheap Universities in Luxembourg for International Students to study abroad.

Luxembourg is a small European country and one of the least populous country in Europe, with various universities that offer low tuition fees compared to other large European countries like UK, France, and Germany.

Why Study in Luxembourg?

The employment rate should be one of the things to look out for, when looking for a country to study.

Luxembourg is popularly known as the richest country in the World (by GDP per capita) with a very high rate of employment.

The Luxembourg labor market represents about 445,000 jobs occupied by 120,000 Luxembourg citizens and 120,000 foreign residents. This is an evidence that The Luxembourg Government offers job to foreigners.

One of the ways to get employed in Luxembourg is by studying in its Universities.

Luxembourg also has a wide range of cheap universities for international students compared to the few cheap universities in UK.

Studying in Luxembourg also gives you the opportunity to learn three different languages; luxembourgish (national language), French and German (administrative languages). Being multilingual can make your CV/resume more attractive to employers.

Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Luxembourg has a rich history of education and is home to some of the best universities in Europe. The country’s top universities offer students a variety of subjects, including law, business administration and engineering.

Below is the list of the 10 Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg:

1. University of Luxembourg.

Tuition: costs from 200 EUR to 400 EUR per semester.

University of Luxembourg is the only public university in Luxembourg, established in 2003 with about 1,420 academic staffs and over 6,700 students. 

The University offers over 17 bachelor’s degrees, 46 master’s degrees and has 4 doctoral schools.

The multilingual university offers courses generally taught in two languages; French and English, or French and German. Some courses are taught in three languages; English, French and German and others courses are taught in English only.

English taught courses are;

Humanities, Psychology, Social science, Social science and education, Economics and Finance, Law, Computer science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.

Admission Requirements:

  • Luxembourg secondary school diploma or foreign diploma recognised as equivalent by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education (for bachelor’s studies).
  • Language level: level B2 in English or French, depending on the language course of study is taught.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field of study (for master’s studies).

How to Apply;

You can apply by filling and submitting online application form via university’s website.

Accreditation and Rankings: The University is accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education, therefore meeting European standards.

The University is ranked in high positions by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Times Higher Education World University Rankings, US. News & World Report, and Center of World University Rankings.

2. LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise & Sports.

Tuition Fees:

  • Pre Bachelor Foundation Programs: 600 EUR per month.
  • Bachelor Programs: about 750 EUR per month.
  • Master Programs: about 750 EUR per month.
  • Registration Fee: about 550 EUR (one-time payment).

LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise & Sports is one of the cheapest universities in Luxembourg, established in 2016.

The University offers;

  • Pre Bachelor Foundation Program (for at least 1 semester),
  • Bachelor Programs (6 semesters),
  • Master Programs (4 semesters).

in the following courses; Physiotherapy, Sport and Exercise Science, International Sport Management, Sport Management and Digitalisation.

Admission requirements:

  • University entrance qualification or equivalent qualification.
  • English language skills at B2 level.
  • For master programs, bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a related field of study is required.
  • Non EU citizens need to apply for a visa and/or a residence permit. This allow you to reside in Luxembourg for a period more than three months.

Required documents are a copy of the entire valid passport, birth certificate, a copy of residence permit, proof of sufficient financial resources, an extract from the applicant’s criminal record or an affidavit established in the applicant’s country of residence.

How to Apply:

You can apply online by filling the Online Application form via university website.

Scholarship: LUNEX University offers Sport Athletes scholarship. Sport Athletes can apply for a scholarship in any sport related courses. There are rules applied to this scholarship, visit website for more information.

Accreditation: LUNEX University is accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education, based on European law. Therefore, their bachelor and master programmes meet European standards.

Language of instruction in all courses at LUNEX University is English.

3. Luxembourg School of Business (LSB).

Tuition fee:

  • Part-time MBA: about 33,000 EUR (total tuition for the entire 2-year weekend MBA program).
  • Full-time Master in Management: about 18,000 EUR (total tuition for the two-year program).

Luxembourg School of Business, established in 2014, is an international graduate business school focused on delivering high quality education in a unique learning environment.

The University offers;

  • Part-time MBA for experienced professionals (also called Weekend MBA program),
  • Full-time Master in Management for undergraduates,
  • as well as specialized courses for individuals and tailor-made training for companies.

Admission Requirements:

  • A minimum of two years of work experience (applies to post graduate program only).
  • For Postgraduate Program , A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognised College or University.
  • Fluency in English.

Documents required for application; Updated CV (for MBA program only), letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, copy of your bachelor’s and/or master’s degree (for postgraduate program), proof of English proficiency, Academic transcripts.

How to Apply:

You can apply by filling the online application via university’s website.

LSB Scholarships: Luxembourg School of Business has various scholarships available to support academic outstanding candidates to pursue their MBA degree.

Luxembourgish governmental institution CEDIES also grant scholarships and loans at low interest rates under certain conditions.

Accreditation: Luxembourg School of Business is accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

4. Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) of Luxembourg.

Tuition fee: from 13,000 EUR (including accommodation fee, meal plan, student activities fee, and transportation).

Other Required fees:
GeoBlue (accident & sickness) Insurance required by Miami: about 285 EUR.
Textbooks & Supplies (average cost): 500 EUR.

In 1968, Miami University opened a new center, MUDEC in Luxembourg.

How to Apply:

The Government of Luxembourg will require MUDEC students from America country to apply for a long stay visa, to reside legally in Luxembourg. Once your passport is submitted, Luxembourg will issue an official letter inviting you to apply.

Once you have that letter, you will send in your Visa application, valid passport, recent passport pictures, and an application fee (approx. 50 EUR) via certified mail to a Luxembourg Governmental Office in the US Miami.

MUDEC offers scholarships to prospective students. The Scholarships may be;

  • Luxembourg Alumni Scholarship,
  • Luxembourg Exchange Scholarship.

More than 100 students study at MUDEC each semester.

5. European Business University of Luxembourg.

Tuition Fees:

  • Undergraduate Programs: from 29,000 EUR.
  • Master Programs (Graduate): from 43,000 EUR.
  • MBA Specialisation Programs (Graduate): from 55,000 EUR
  • Doctorate Programs: from 49,000 EUR.
  • Weekend MBA Programs: from 30,000 EUR.
  • EBU Connect Business Certificate Programs: from 740 EUR.

European Business University of Luxembourg, founded in 2018, is a not-for-profit online and on campus business school with scholarship students in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The University offers;

  • Undergraduate Programs,
  • Master Programs (Graduate),
  • MBA Programs,
  • Doctorate Programs,
  • and Business Certificate Programs.

How to Apply:

Visit the university’s website to fill and submit online application form.

Scholarships at EBU.
EBU offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships designed to help students with financial difficulties, pay for their studies.

EBU offers scholarship according to type of programs.

European Business University Luxembourg programs are accredited by the ASCB.

6. Sacred Heart University (SHU).

Tuition and Other Fees:

  • Part-time MBA: about 29,000 EUR (payable in four equal installments of 7,250 EUR).
  • Full-time MBA with internship: about 39,000 EUR (payable in two installments).
  • Graduate Professional Certificates: about 9,700 EUR (payable in two installments with the first installment of 4,850 EUR).
  • Open Enrollment Courses: about 950 EUR (payable prior to the start of the open enrollment course).
  • Application Submission Fee: about 100 EUR (the application fee should be paid upon submission of your application for graduate study).
  • Admission Fee: about 125 EUR (not applicable to students admitted to the MBA with internship program).

Sacred Heart University is a private business school, established in Luxembourg in 1991.


Sacred Heart University students have the advantage of studying with top professionals in their field in real-life work environment in Europe. Students are required to complete a 6 to 9 months internship during studies.

The University offers;


  • Full-time MBA with internship.
  • Part-time MBA with internship.

II. Executive education.

  • Business Certificates.
  • Open Enrollment Courses.

Some of the courses offered under MBA program;

  • Introduction to Business Statistics,
  • Introduction to Business Economics,
  • Fundamental of Management,
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting.

How to Apply:

Prospective candidates with required documents like; proof of English language proficiency, work experience, CV, GMAT score, bachelor’s degree (for post graduate programs), can apply by downloading application form via website.

Accreditation and Rankings.
The University MBA programs are AACSB accredited.

SHU has been named fourth most innovative school in the North by the U.S News & World Report.

It has also earned the Grand Dual Decree which provides recognition of SHU diplomas with the Luxembourg Ministry of High Education and Research.

SHU Luxembourg is the European branch of Sacred Heart University, which educates business students in Fairfield, Connecticut.

7. Business Science Institute.

Tuition Fees:

  • Physical Executive DBA programs: from 25,000 EUR.
  • Online Executive DBA programs: from 25,000 EUR.
  • Application fee: about 150 EUR.

Payment Schedules:

First installment of about 15,000 EUR one month before the start of the program.
Second installment of about 10,000 EUR 12 months after the start of the program.

Business Science Institute, founded in 2013, is one of the cheapest universities located in Wiltz castle in Luxembourg.

The University offers both physical and online Executive DBA programs taught in English or French.

Documents required during application; detailed CV, recent photograph, copy of highest diploma, copy of valid passport and many more.

How to Apply:

To start the application procedure, send your CV to the university’s email. CV should include these information; current profession (position, company, country), Number of managerial experience, Highest qualifications.

Visit website  for the email address and other informations about application. 

Currently, Business Science Institute do not operate a scholarship scheme.

Accreditation and Ranking:

Business Science Institute is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Luxembourg, Association of AMBA’s and the university is ranked 2nd for Innovative Pedagogy by Dubai Ranking of DBA in 2020. 

8. United Business Institute.

Tuition and Other Fees:

  • Bachelor (Hons.) Business Studies (BA) & Bachelor of International Business Management (BIBMA): from 32,000 EUR (5,400 EUR per semester).
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): from 28,500 EUR.
  • Administrative fee: about 250 EUR.

The tuition fees are fully refundable in case of Visa rejection or withdrawal before the start of the program. The administrative fee is non-refundable.

United Business Institute is a private business school. The Luxembourg campus is located in Wiltz castle, established in 2013.

The University offers;

  • Bachelor Programs,
  • MBA Programs.


The University offers various scholarships and tuition support for both prospective and currently enrolled students.

How to Apply;

To apply for any of UBI programs, you need to fill the application form via UBI website.

UBI programs are validated by Middlesex University London, rated as one of the top business schools in London.

9. European Institute of Public Administration.

Tuition fee: fees varies according to programs, visit EIPA website to check for information about tuition.

The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) is a public institution under the responsibility of the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance. It is a centre for training and research in all areas related to local and regional public administration, management, policy making and political science.

The EIPA offers more than 70 postgraduate courses, seminars and conferences each year. It also organizes international conferences on topics such as administrative reform, privatization and decentralization.

The University offers courses like;

  • Public procurement,
  • Policy design, impact assessment and evaluation,
  • Structural and cohesion funds/ ESIF,
  • EU decision making,
  • Data protection/Al.

How to Apply;

visit EIPA website to apply.

EIPA is supported by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

10. BBI Luxembourg International Business Institute.

Tuition Fees.

I. For the Bachelor Programs (duration – 3 years).

European citizen: about 11,950 EUR per year.
Non European citizen: about 12, 950 EUR per year.

II. For the Master Preparatory Programs (duration – 1 year).

European Citizen: about 11,950 EUR per year.
Non European Citizen: about 12,950 EUR per year.

III. For the Master Programs (duration – 1 year).

European Citizen: about 12,950 EUR per year.
Non European Citizen: about 13,950 EUR per year.

BBI Luxembourg International Business Institute is a non-profit private college, established to provide quality education to students at an extremely affordable rate.

BBI offers;
Bachelor of Art (BA),
and Master of Sciences (MSc) programs.

Courses are taught entirely in English, some seminars and workshops maybe given in other languages and workshops maybe given in other languages depending on the guest speaker (always translated into English).

How to Apply:
Submit your application to the BBI Institute in Luxembourg.

BBI’s teaching programs are validated by Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh).

Which language is used in teaching in these cheapest universities in Luxembourg for International Students?

Luxembourg is a multilingual country and teaching is generally in three languages; luxembourgish, french and german.

However, all the listed cheapest universities in Luxembourg for International Students offers English taught courses.

Cost of living while studying in any of the cheapest universities in Luxembourg for International Students

The people of Luxembourg enjoy a high standard of living, which means that the cost of living is quite high. But the cost of living is affordable compared to other large European countries like UK, France and Germany.


Study in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe, while enjoying a high living standard and a unique study environment with various cultures.

Luxembourg has a combined culture of France and Germany, it’s neighbour countries. It is also a multilingual country, with languages; Luxembourgish, French and German. Studying in Luxembourg gains you the opportunity to learn these languages.

Do you love to study in Luxembourg?

Which of these cheapest universities in Luxembourg for international students are you planning to study in?

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