Complete List Of All New Zealand Postal Codes [New Zealand Zipcode List]

What Are Zip Codes In New Zealand?

Welcome to the complete list of all New Zealand postal codes, also known as the New Zealand Zipcode List. Postal codes ensure that mail and parcels are delivered accurately and efficiently to their intended recipients.

New Zealand’s postal code system is made up of four-digit codes that are assigned to specific areas and localities across the country. These codes are used by New Zealand Post to sort and route mail to its destination.

Whether you are a resident of New Zealand looking to send mail, a business owner shipping products, or someone simply curious about the country’s postal code system, this comprehensive list of all New Zealand postal codes will surely be a valuable resource. So, whether you’re looking for the code for Auckland or the smaller towns and rural areas, you’ll find it here.


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New Zealand Zipcode List

CountryTown/CityZip code
New ZealandAhaura7843
New ZealandAhimia3581
New ZealandAhipara449
New ZealandAhititi4091
New ZealandAhuiti4578
New ZealandAhuriri4144
New ZealandAhuroa984
New ZealandAickens7875
New ZealandAkaroa7520
New ZealandAkaroa7581
New ZealandAkaroa7542
New ZealandAkina4122
New ZealandAlbany752
New ZealandAlbany755
New ZealandAlbert Town9344
New ZealandAlgies Bay982
New ZealandAlicetown5040
New ZealandAllandale8971
New ZealandAllenton7742
New ZealandAllenton7700
New ZealandAmberley7410
New ZealandAmberley7441
New ZealandAmberley7481
New ZealandAohanga4991
New ZealandAokautere4471
New ZealandApiti4774
New ZealandAramiro3285
New ZealandAramoana9082
New ZealandAramoho4500
New ZealandAranui8643
New ZealandAranui8061
New ZealandArapae3981
New ZealandArapohue370
New ZealandArapohue374
New ZealandArapuni3415
New ZealandArarata4674
New ZealandArarimu2675
New ZealandArarimu2579
New ZealandArch Hill1021
New ZealandArgyll East4273
New ZealandArrowtown9302
New ZealandArrowtown9351
New ZealandArundel7992
New ZealandAshhurst4470
New ZealandAshhurst4810
New ZealandAshhurst4847
New ZealandAshley Clinton4286
New ZealandAtaahua7591
New ZealandAthenree3177
New ZealandAthol9749
New ZealandAtiamuri3078
New ZealandAuckland1148
New ZealandAuckland1150
New ZealandAukopae3991
New ZealandAvalon5010
New ZealandAvondale7276
New ZealandAvondale1348
New ZealandAvonside8148
New ZealandAwakaponga3194
New ZealandAwakino4376
New ZealandAwanui451
New ZealandAwapuni4445
New ZealandAwapuni4412
New ZealandAwarua Plains9877
New ZealandAylesbury7671
New ZealandBalclutha9240
New ZealandBalclutha9230
New ZealandBalfour9746
New ZealandBalfour9779
New ZealandBallance4983
New ZealandBalmoral1342
New ZealandBalmoral1351
New ZealandBarrytown7873
New ZealandBaton7073
New ZealandBaylys Beach377
New ZealandBeachlands2147
New ZealandBeachlands2018
New ZealandBeaumont9591
New ZealandBeckenham8242
New ZealandBecks9377
New ZealandBelfast8546
New ZealandBell Block4351
New ZealandBell Hill7872
New ZealandBells7400
New ZealandBells7440
New ZealandBelmont622
New ZealandBenneydale3944
New ZealandBenneydale3987
New ZealandBerhampore6242
New ZealandBerwen9412
New ZealandBerwick9073
New ZealandBethlehem3147
New ZealandBideford5871
New ZealandBig Omaha985
New ZealandBirkdale749
New ZealandBirkenhead746
New ZealandBlackburn4171
New ZealandBlackburn4278
New ZealandBlackburn4279
New ZealandBlackpool1842
New ZealandBlenheim7241
New ZealandBlockhouse Bay644
New ZealandBlockhouse Bay600
New ZealandBluff9814
New ZealandBombay2343
New ZealandBotany Downs2143
New ZealandBraeburn7175
New ZealandBridge Hill9320
New ZealandBridge Hill9340
New ZealandBrighams Creek662
New ZealandBrighton9035
New ZealandBrightwater7091
New ZealandBrightwater7051
New ZealandBrightwater7022
New ZealandBroad Bay9014
New ZealandBroadwood462
New ZealandBroadwood491
New ZealandBromley8642
New ZealandBromley8062
New ZealandBrooklands4340
New ZealandBrowns Bay630
New ZealandBrowns Bay753
New ZealandBrunswick4571
New ZealandBruntwood3493
New ZealandBulls4894
New ZealandBulls4818
New ZealandBulls4863
New ZealandBunnythorpe4481
New ZealandBunnythorpe4867
New ZealandBurnham7600
New ZealandBurnside8053
New ZealandBurnside8545
New ZealandCannons Creek5243
New ZealandCarnarvon4473
New ZealandCarters Beach7866
New ZealandCarters Beach7825
New ZealandCarterton5791
New ZealandCarterton5743
New ZealandCarterton5713
New ZealandCashmere Hills8022
New ZealandCave7957
New ZealandCaversham9045
New ZealandCharleston7865
New ZealandCharwell Forks7373
New ZealandChatswood626
New ZealandChatto Creek9393
New ZealandCheviot7341
New ZealandCheviot7310
New ZealandChristchurch8140
New ZealandChristchurch8141
New ZealandChristchurch8142
New ZealandChristchurch8144
New ZealandChristchurch8011
New ZealandChristchurch8013
New ZealandClaremont7974
New ZealandClareville5887
New ZealandClarks9074
New ZealandClaudelands3248
New ZealandClaudelands3252
New ZealandClaudelands3210
New ZealandClaudelands3256
New ZealandClaudelands3257
New ZealandClevedon2582
New ZealandClevedon2248
New ZealandCliff Road4787
New ZealandClinton9548
New ZealandClinton9583
New ZealandClinton9534
New ZealandClinton9584
New ZealandClive4148
New ZealandClyde9391
New ZealandClyde9330
New ZealandClyde9341
New ZealandClydevale9242
New ZealandCoalgate7646
New ZealandCoatesville793
New ZealandCobden7840
New ZealandCollingwood7054
New ZealandColville3584
New ZealandColville3547
New ZealandColyton4775
New ZealandConical Hills9771
New ZealandCoroglen3591
New ZealandCoroglen3592
New ZealandCoromandel3543
New ZealandCoutts Island7670
New ZealandCraigieburn7580
New ZealandCromwell9310
New ZealandCromwell9342
New ZealandCross Creek5773
New ZealandCrushington7895
New ZealandCulverden7345
New ZealandCust7444
New ZealandDairy Flat794
New ZealandDallington8640
New ZealandDannevirke4930
New ZealandDannevirke4942
New ZealandDarfield7510
New ZealandDarfield7541
New ZealandDargaville340
New ZealandDargaville310
New ZealandDawson Falls4391
New ZealandDevenport744
New ZealandDevonport624
New ZealandDiamond Harbour8941
New ZealandDiamond Harbour8942
New ZealandDipton9752
New ZealandDipton9791
New ZealandDomett7383
New ZealandDorie7781
New ZealandDoyleston7548
New ZealandDrury2577
New ZealandDrury2247
New ZealandDunedin9054
New ZealandDunedin9058
New ZealandDunedin9059
New ZealandDunsandel7682
New ZealandDunsandel7657
New ZealandDuntroon9445
New ZealandDuvauchelle7545
New ZealandEast End9842
New ZealandEast Gore9710
New ZealandEast Gore9740
New ZealandEast Takaka7183
New ZealandEast Tamaki2141
New ZealandEast Tamaki2142
New ZealandEast Tamaki2013
New ZealandEast Tamaki2016
New ZealandEastbourne5047
New ZealandEastern Beach2012
New ZealandEastern Beach2144
New ZealandEastern Bush9682
New ZealandEdendale9848
New ZealandEdendale9825
New ZealandEdgecumbe3160
New ZealandEdgecumbe3193
New ZealandEketahuna4900
New ZealandEketahuna4994
New ZealandEketahuna4940
New ZealandEllerslie1542
New ZealandEllerslie1544
New ZealandEllerslie1546
New ZealandEllerslie1051
New ZealandElsdon5022
New ZealandElsthorpe4295
New ZealandEltham4322
New ZealandEltham4398
New ZealandEltham4353
New ZealandEpsom1023
New ZealandEpsom1024
New ZealandEpsom1349
New ZealandErehwon4792
New ZealandEsk Valley7971
New ZealandEsk Valley7988
New ZealandEthelton7382
New ZealandEureka3284
New ZealandFairfax9683
New ZealandFairlie7925
New ZealandFairlie7949
New ZealandFavona2151
New ZealandFeatherston5740
New ZealandFeatherston5710
New ZealandFEILDING4740
New ZealandFEILDING4702
New ZealandFendalton8041
New ZealandFendalton8540
New ZealandFergusons7885
New ZealandFitzroy4341
New ZealandFitzroy4312
New ZealandFlaxmere4175
New ZealandFlaxmere4154
New ZealandFlaxton7691
New ZealandFlemington7774
New ZealandForrest Hill620
New ZealandForrest Hill757
New ZealandForrest Hill743
New ZealandFortrose9875
New ZealandFoxton4814
New ZealandFoxton4848
New ZealandFoxton Beach4815
New ZealandFoxton Beach4849
New ZealandFrankleigh Park4343
New ZealandFrankton9300
New ZealandFrankton9349
New ZealandFrankton Junction3204
New ZealandFrankton Junction3243
New ZealandFranz Josef/Waiau7856
New ZealandFrasertown4163
New ZealandFreemans Bay1144
New ZealandFruitlands9392
New ZealandGarston9778
New ZealandGarston9750
New ZealandGeraldine7930
New ZealandGeraldine7956
New ZealandGibbston9384
New ZealandGimmerburn9395
New ZealandGladstone5884
New ZealandGlen Eden641
New ZealandGlenbrook2681
New ZealandGlendene645


In conclusion, having access to a complete list of New Zealand postal codes or zip codes is important for anyone who needs to send mail or parcels to various destinations within the country. The New Zealand postal codes, or postcode or zip codes, are six-digit number that identifies a specific location or area within New Zealand.

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