Delaware ZIP Codes – List Of All Zip Codes In The State Of Delaware

How Many Zip Codes Are There In De?

Delaware, a small state on the East Coast of the United States, is known for its rich history and beautiful scenery. One important aspect of the state’s infrastructure is its ZIP codes, which identify specific locations for mailing and other purposes. 

A ZIP code is a system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1963. Delaware has 141 ZIP codes, each corresponding to a specific geographic area. 

These ZIP codes are used for everything from mailing letters and packages to identifying locations for demographic and statistical analysis. 

Whether you’re a resident of Delaware or simply curious about the state’s geography, understanding the ZIP code system can be an important tool for navigating the state.

We have a Delaware (DE) zip code if you’re looking for it. We’ve organized zip codes, cities, and states into lists to help you find the zip or city that best suits your needs.


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Zip Codes in Delaware

Zip CodeCityCountyPopulation 
19720New CastleNew Castle59,410
19702NewarkNew Castle54,980
19711NewarkNew Castle53,194
19709MiddletownNew Castle45,005
19701BearNew Castle42,240
19808WilmingtonNew Castle38,106
19805WilmingtonNew Castle38,061
19966MillsboroSussex 30,601
19713NewarkNew Castle30,403
19958LewesSussex 27,123
19802WilmingtonNew Castle26,126
19973SeafordSussex 25,991
19977SmyrnaKent 25,536
19810WilmingtonNew Castle25,273
19963MilfordSussex 21,489
19803WilmingtonNew Castle21,484
19947GeorgetownSussex 20,033
19804WilmingtonNew Castle17,529
19801WilmingtonNew Castle17,447
19707HockessinNew Castle16,383
19703ClaymontNew Castle15,379
19809WilmingtonNew Castle14,827
19956LaurelSussex 14,557
19971Rehoboth BeachSussex 13,922
19934Camden WyomingKent 13,673
19734TownsendNew Castle13,072
19968MiltonSussex 12,902
19943FeltonKent 12,504
19933BridgevilleSussex 11,457
19962MagnoliaKent 11,448
19952HarringtonKent 10,610
19975SelbyvilleSussex 9,336
19806WilmingtonNew Castle9,313
19970Ocean ViewSussex 8,770
19938ClaytonKent 8,587
19807WilmingtonNew Castle7,369
19939DagsboroSussex 7,302
19950GreenwoodSussex 6,762
19940DelmarSussex 6,560
19945FrankfordSussex 6,432
19960LincolnSussex 6,209
19946FredericaKent 5,539
19953HartlyKent 4,896
19717NewarkNew Castle3,649
19941EllendaleSussex 3,477
19930Bethany BeachSussex 3,077
19951HarbesonSussex 2,046
19706Delaware CityNew Castle1,858
19964MarydelKent 1,472
19716NewarkNew Castle1,426
19954HoustonKent 1,417
19967MillvilleSussex 1,005
19944Fenwick IslandSussex 746
19979ViolaKent 738
19730OdessaNew Castle441
19931BethelSussex 416
19731Port PennNew Castle350
19936CheswoldKent 315
19902Dover AfbKent 263


In conclusion, having a comprehensive list of ZIP codes in Delaware is a valuable resource for the state’s businesses, individuals, and organizations. These codes are crucial for mail delivery, demographic analysis, market research, and other applications. 

By clearly understanding the different ZIP codes in Delaware, residents, and visitors can better navigate and utilize the state’s resources. 

The list of all ZIP codes in Delaware is constantly evolving, and it is important to keep it updated to ensure accuracy and relevance.

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