How Much Aim Assist Does Moving Target Give? (Answered!)

Is Moving Target A Good Perk?

Aim assist is excellent. It’s what makes it so easy to land shots in Destiny with a controller, and since the game’s gunplay is everything, aim assist makes the game a joy to play. Talking about landing your shots, players might need a good number of aim assist for better accuracy on a moving target.

But how much can you actually expect from aim assist mods like moving target? Does it give as much benefit as say, hand cannon targeting? So, moving targets grants 10 aim assist, but it also comes with a 3% reduced movement speed from ADS and strafing.

Moving Target gives you these “aim assist,” which is a base bonus to your aim. It’s not a bonus to your damage, accuracy, stability, or range. Aim assist applies even when you’re aiming down sights (ADS).

What Is Aim Assist?

Aim assist is the mechanic that allows players to get off a lucky shot when they’re pointing their reticle at your character on the screen, but not exactly centered on them. Most games use some form of aim assist, and it’s been known to give the advantage to console gamersβ€”and to players who play online shooters with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse.

How Does Destiny Aim Assist Work?

The amount of aim assist your weapon has is based on its archetype and the stability stat, which you can find in the tooltip for any given weapon.

The size of the area affects the probability of hitting your target. The weapon’s tracking will attempt to keep the projectile on target as it moves.

Aim assist aims to help players hit their targets, especially when they are moving. The more accurate a player can be, the more likely they are to win a gunfight. However, some people believe that aim assist gives players an unfair advantage, particularly in competitive multiplayer games where every player is supposed to be on equal footing. . The following is a list of examples that demonstrate how aim assist works in Destiny:

  • When using a hand cannon, you will notice that your bullets will naturally tend to follow moving targets. This is because hand cannons have high amounts of aim assist.
  • If you are ADS (aiming down sights) with an auto rifle and begin strafing (moving sideways), you will notice your movement speed reduced by 3%. This is because auto rifles have low amounts of aim assist.

Aim assistance is applied by default to all weapons in the game, but it’s possible to increase or decrease its strength with certain perks and mods.

In most cases, aim assist will help you point at enemies more quickly than you could do on your own if they were moving away from you.

However, if an enemy moves toward or away from your crosshairs very quickly (i.e., during a strafe), there won’t be much difference between using aim assist versus not using it at all.

What Does Moving Target Do In Destiny?

Moving Target is a Hunter Exotic perk that increases the amount of aim assistance you get when you move. When you are standing still, Moving Target offers no extra aim assistance; however, when you’re on the move, it will make your shots more accurate.

The benefit of Moving Target is most noticeable when using a controller or mouse and keyboard setup. The primary purpose of moving the target is to increase movement speed and target acquisition, especially in ADS (Aiming Down Sight).

How Much Assist Does Helmet Targeting Mod Give?

You’ve probably heard that helmet targeting gives you an extra 10 to your aim assist. That’s true, but there’s a catch: you need to be very accurate with your aim for it to work well.

The helmet will only help you when it can see where the crosshair is pointing at all times. If the crosshair isn’t on target, the helmet won’t move it into place for you.

Also, consider that this kind of assistance isn’t really intended for PVP in general; if your enemy notices that they’re being aimed at by someone wearing a helmet, they’ll know exactly where you are (you’re looking right at them) and might spot some other way around this advantage.

How Do I Get A Hand Cannon Targeting?

You can get a Hand Cannon Targeting Adjuster from the Gunsmith. If you want to get it immediately, you can purchase one for 10 Legendary Shards.

If you want to get the armor or weapon faster, you can turn in materials to vendors or decrypt engrams. Basically, any time you acquire a weapon or piece of armor, there’s also a chance you will acquire additional materials or mods.

Is Targeting Adjuster Good?

This perk is often misunderstood because it doesn’t do what you think it does. When you are aiming down sights (ADS), Targeting Adjuster increases the aim assist of your weapon.

But keep in mind that this only applies when you are ADS. The perk does not affect your ability to hit moving targets while not aiming down sights at all. Also, you get 5 aim assists naturally from the targeting adjuster.

Furthermore, when you initially start aiming down sights on a moving target, the aim assist is still affected by the regular aim assist before Targeting Adjuster kicks in (assuming you have any).

Having said all this, do not give up on Targeting Adjuster simply because it doesn’t increase your overall ability to hit moving targets while ADS. It’s still very useful for getting consistent kills on stationary targets with less practice required over time than most other hand cannons require for stationary kills.


Moving Target is a pretty good perk. It will certainly help you get more kills and even better, it’s very easy to get. However, it is not a replacement for good aim or practice. You still need to be able to hit your shots and moving targets are still difficult to hit.

Targeting Adjuster is a very useful perk. However, it should not be relied on solely when trying to kill moving targets. Good aim and practice are still necessary in order to get consistent kills against the enemy.

I hope this guide helped you learn more about the Destiny aim assist system and how it works.

If there’s anything else we can do for you, please feel free to leave us your questions below in the comments section below.

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