How Much Does A CPS Lawyer Cost? (Answered!)

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The need for the services of CPS lawyers has been on the rise for a while now, and almost everyone wants to hire one. Just like adults, children also have fundamental rights, and one way to protect a kid’s rights is by hiring a CPS lawyer when needed.

How much does a CPS lawyer cost? On average, a CPS costs between $1,200 to $5,000. Some lawyers might charge hourly and receive a particular amount as an advance deposit. However, these conditions solely depend on the law firm.

You might be wondering who a CPS lawyer is and what services they render. In this article, I will reveal everything you need to know about CPS lawyers, when to hire their services, and how much they cost. Let’s get right to it.

Who is a CPS Lawyer

Before we explore who a CPS lawyer is, let’s discover what CPS entails. Child Protective Services (CPS) is a government agency in the United States tasked with providing child protection nationwide. The CPS will intervene if there are any child abuse, neglect, or exploitation reports.

Also, Child Protective Services will take temporary or permanent custody of a child if there are reports of child violence. Children who are also displaced have access to the services offered by this government agency. The primary role of this agency is to establish and support child protection systems.

When Child Protective Services take custody of a child, a parent or guardian can get them back by hiring a CPS lawyer. If you are determined to get your kids back home and win cases against the CPS, the only way to do so is by hiring a CPS lawyer.

How much does a CPS lawyer cost?

The services of a CPS lawyer can be very costly and might also be influenced by the reasons the CPS has taken custody of the child. However, no matter the cost, your chances of getting your kids back can only get better when you hire a lawyer on your behalf.

As I mentioned earlier, the services of a CPS lawyer can cost from $1,200 to $5,000. You might sometimes spend up to $20,000 to get your children back. The truth is that there is no fixed amount that these lawyers charge. However, the fees depend on how long the case takes.

During a court session to get your children back, your CPS lawyer might charge you per hour and ask for an advance deposit beforehand. For example, if you make an advance deposit of $3,000 and the lawyer charges $500 per hour, let’s find out how much you will spend in 10 hours.

Some court cases can take hours, especially if the CPS has taken custody of your child for extreme reasons. If the lawyer charges $500 and he ends up spending 10 hours on the case, you will be required to make a payment of $5,000. Thanks to the $3,000 advance deposit, you only need to balance up with $2,000 after the case.

When do you need a CPS lawyer?

I mentioned earlier that you must hire a CPS lawyer to get your child or children back from the Child Protective Agency. The issue with most parents and guardians is that they rush into this without knowing the perfect time to do so.

Now that you want to get your child back, you will never win the case if you are still associated with the acts that took them in the first place. For example, if a child gets taken from their parents because of drug abuse, the parent will never win the case if they are still involved in such activities.

Other acts like child abuse, violence, etc., are forgivable only if you are ready to stop them. There are also some extreme cases of child abuse that the parent will never be able to get their children back. A perfect example of this is child exploitation.

If you can get your child back after a case, any report of child abuse again will lead to the CPS taking permanent custody of your kid. It might be impossible for you to get them back. Also, you can hire a CPS lawyer if you can meet up with their fees.

The services of CPS lawyers are not on the high side just because they want to make money off the parent or guardian; they also want them to feel the pain that comes with getting their children back after exposing them to horrible things. This is one of the ways of making them better parents.

Questions you should ask before hiring a CPS lawyer.

Have you found a CPS lawyer that you want to hire? If yes, there are some questions that you should prepare to ask. These questions will help you know whether they are right for the job. If the lawyer cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, move on to the next.

First, ask about the lawyer’s experience and how many CPS cases they have handled. Experience is very important regarding CPS and claiming custody of your child again. The lawyer’s prior experience is excellent in knowing how well they’ll perform.

Ask if the lawyer has all it takes to represent you in court. A lawyer might gather as many facts as possible to ensure they win the case for you. Lastly, the lawyer must be a defendant in CPS cases. You can not hire a mesothelioma lawyer to help you defend a CPS case in court.

Final Words

Child custody lawyers can cost extremely high, especially when they are sure of winning the case and getting your child back. You should also remember that quality increases with costs, and you should be ready to pay high if determined.

However, after getting your child back, the lawyer will sit you down and lecture you on the consequences of repeating the same mistake. You might end up losing custody of your child permanently. Therefore, you should make it your duty to protect your kids at all costs.

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