How Much Does a Deck Of Cards Weigh? (Answered!)

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Playing cards are one of the lightest things to carry in the world. Its lightweight is quite intriguing, so you might want to determine how much it weighs. A card collection is known as “a deck of cards,” Like anything on earth, it has a weight.

How much does a deck of cards weigh? A standard pocket-size deck of cards weighs about 100 grams. There are different manufacturers of these cards; therefore, they have different sizes. 

However, the abovementioned weight is the average weight of the Bicycle playing cards, the most common manufacturer worldwide. Later in this article, I will show you other brands of playing cards worldwide and their countries.

The Standard 52-card deck

If you are very conversant with playing cards, you should know the standard 52-card deck. It is the most popular pack of playing cards and is widely used worldwide. In English-speaking countries, you will find it as the only traditional pack of playing cards used.

However, in other countries, the standard 52-card deck is just one of many traditional packs for playing cards. These other packs are also standard and have different suit systems. These countries include Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

However, I will only discuss the standard 52-card deck and its properties in this article. For example, I will talk about the weight, composition, and everything you need to know about this deck of cards.

What is in a full deck of cards?

There are different cards in a standard 52-card deck. Let’s have a look at its composition. A standard deck of cards is made up of four French suits, with each having 13 ranks. The French suits are; Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. Each of these suits has 13 cards in terms of ranks and numbers.

The ranks in each suit are; King, Queen, and Jack. These ranks are just three, also known as court or face cards. The court cards also have reversible images of the rank they represent. However, you might choose to call them double-headed images.

In addition, each suit of the deck comprises ten numerical cards, sometimes called pip cards. The cards are numbered from one to ten, with a unique name. For example, a card with one pip number is called an Ace. Asides from the numbers, you will also find the symbols of the suits on each pip card.

How many cards are in a Standard deck?

In a standard deck, there are 52 cards. These cards are either numbered or faced. So after opening a pack of cards, you must find 52 cards in the deck. Something is wrong if it is less or more than this value. You can use the composition I explained earlier to sort the cards out.

A standard 52-card deck has 12 face cards, and 36 numbered cards. The face cards include the Kings, Queens, and Jacks, and are 3 in each suit. On the other hand, the numbered cards are 2’s through 10’s, making them 9 cards in each suit.

How much does a deck of cards weigh in pounds?

A standard 52-card deck weighs around 100 grams. This figure can be converted into several units of weight. For some people who understand weight better when it is expressed in pounds, I will help you with that. First, let’s see how to convert this figure to pounds.

Since 1 gram equals 2.2 pounds, 100 grams will be 220 pounds. Therefore, a standard 52-card deck weighs 220 pounds. You can also see that the weight is quite light and easily carried from one place to another. However, different factors affect this weight.

Factors affecting the weight of a deck of cards

Like any other thing, a deck of cards does not have a fixed weight value. Several factors affect this weight; therefore, the value is subject to change occasionally. The weight of a deck of cards I mentioned earlier in this article only applies to a particular brand that manufactures the card.

The significant factor that influences the weight of cards is their size. Cards come in different services, hence the reason for their varying weights. The sizes of cards are not just random but are determined by the brands producing them.

Since different brands are producing these cards, they are also different sizes. Likewise, the difference in sizes is the cause of the difference in weight. In the following subheading, I’ll walk you through some of these popular brands and the country where they operate.

Who are the manufacturers of Standard 52-card decks?

As I mentioned, several playing cards are worldwide; however, the 52-card deck is the most common. Therefore, I will only show you the brands that manufacture this particular type of playing card. You should also be aware that the cards are marketed with different names.

For example, some cards are marketed as Poker, Bridge, Whist, Classic Poker, Rummy, Poker Pro, and many more. These brands include;

  • De La Rue (United Kingdom)
  • Ravensburger (Germany)
  • Handa (Denmark)
  • ASS Altenburger (Germany)
  • Kem (United States)
  • Piatnik (Austria)
  • Waddingtons (United Kingdom)
  • Oberg (Sweden)
  • Bicycle (United States)
  • Cartamundi (Belgium)


From the list above, you have learned that since there are different manufacturers of the standard 52-card deck, there must be different weights for each. The weight of 100 grams I gave earlier only applies to the Bicycle playing cards.

Bicycle playing cards are the most common manufacturers, so I used them in this context. I believe that answers all your questions about the standard 52-card deck.

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