How Much Does a Range Rover Weighs? (Answered!)

Do Range Rovers Weigh Over 6000 Pounds?

Range Rovers are incredible four-wheel SUVs known for their ruggedness and off-road capacities. Unfortunately, these cars’ elegant designs and ruggedness make them one of the heaviest SUVs in the world, but how much does a Range Rover weigh?

The weight of a Range Rover varies across its models, with the entry-level of the latest Range Rovers weighing below 4000 pounds and the advanced ones weighing below 6000 pounds. However, some old models can weigh way beyond 7000 pounds. Therefore, a Range Rover’s average weight can be between 3615 pounds to 7077 pounds depending on the model and year it was manufactured.

Why Do Range Rovers Have Different Weights?

Range Rovers have different weights because they vary in size, and the components used during manufacturing are of different weights. The parts of the cars that contribute majorly to this include the vehicle’s frame, axis, wheels, engine, seats, and so on.

The latest Range Rovers are manufactured using light materials to accommodate more loads (increase the payload capacity); hence, they weigh less than the old models. However, since there are several models of the Range Rover, you have to be several when comparing their weights to get an exact value.

Range Rovers Weight By Models

As stated earlier, Range Rovers’ weights vary by model, and we will look at the variation of the standard weights of some well-known models for 2023.

  •  Range Rover (Main Model) – Not more than 4995 lbs
  •  Range Rover Sport- Not more than 4870 lbs
  •  Range Rover Velar- Not more than 4130 lbs
  •  Range Rover Discovery (Land Rover) – Not more than 4865 lbs
  • Range Rover Discovery Sport (Land Rover) – Not more than 4035 lbs
  • Range Rover Defender (Land Rover) – Not more than 4550 lbs

The weights are not given an exact standard value because there are liable to human errors during readings. However, we believe that regardless of the impact of the error, the weight of the cars should exceed the stated standard values.

Range Rovers Weight By Year Of Manufacture

Another condition that causes a dispute in the weight of Range Rovers is the year of manufacture. The old models of the Range Rovers are heavy SUVs and can weigh up to 7077 pounds (lbs), while the latest models’ weights cap around 5745 pounds.

Here is a breakdown of the average weight of Range Rovers based on the year they were manufactured:

Year of ManufactureAverage Weight (Pounds)Range (Pounds)
202348403935 to 5745
202148403935 to 5745
202055063935 to 7077
201955063935 to 7077
201854603865 to 7055
201754493865 to 7033
201652803615 to 6945
201552803615 to 6945
201452803615 to 6945
20134715.53615 to 5816
201247533615 to 5891
20115715.55540 to 5891
201056895487 to 5891
200955855468 to 5702
20085569.55468 to 5671
20075569.55468 to 5671
20065569.55468 to 5671


From the table above, you can see that the lightest models of the Range Rovers were manufactured in 2013, while the heavy ones were common in 2011. It would help if you also compared the models to determine the heaviest among them.

How Much Weight Can A Range Rover Have?

Aside from the standard weight of Range Rovers (curb weight), there are maximum weights that the different models of the Range Rovers can lift, known as “gross weight.” The gross weight of a Range Rover is very significant as it tells you more about the total weight that the Range Rover can pull without any issues.

To know how much weight a Range Rover can accommodate, you have to check the Payload Capacity of the car. The Payload Capacity of a Range Rover implies how much load it can contain without a problem, and adding this value to the standard/curb weight will give the value of the gross weight of the car. Similarly, subtracting the standard weight from the gross weight provides the value for the payload capacity.

Gross Weight Of Different Range Rover Models

To give you a complete insight into how the three weight types are distributed in different models of the latest Range Rovers, we will provide you with a table showing the gross weight, standard weight, and payload capacity of the various models of Range Rovers as shown in the table below:

ModelsGross Weight (lbs)Standard Weight (lbs)Payload Capacity (lbs)
Range Rover (Main Model)692049951925
Range Rover Sport672048701850
Range Rover Evoque535539351420
Range Rover Velar562041301490
Range Rover Discovery (Land Rover)687548652010
Range Rover Discovery Sport (Land Rover)562040351585
Range Rover Defender (Land Rover)641545501865


To enjoy maximum functionalities, you should always maintain the weight of your Range Rover, especially during a ride below the gross weight.

Range Rover Weight In Tonnes

To calculate the weight of a Range Rover in tones, you must apply the basic mathematical conversion principle of pounds to tonnes. The conversion formula states that about 2000 pounds make a ton. Therefore, the standard weight of the above-listed Range Rover models will be;

ModelsWeight in PoundsEstimated Weight In Tonnes
Range Rover (Main Model)49952.5 tonnes
Range Rover Sport48702.4 tonnes
Range Rover Evoque39352.0 tonnes
Range Rover Velar41302.1 tonnes
Range Rover Discovery (Land Rover)48652.4 tonnes
Range Rover Discovery Sport (Land Rover)40352.01 tonnes
Range Rover Defender (Land Rover)45502.3 tonnes



We believe you now know the different sizes of the Range Rover models and the best weight to maintain your Range Rover to keep it as good as when it when bought.

Range Rovers might be rugged and can survive even on highlands, but once you exceed the gross weight of the car constantly, then it might develop anytime soon. Therefore, you should consider the model and year of manufacture to know how much load you should tow with the car.

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