How Much Does A Sparta Forge Cost? (Answered!)

Is Spartan Forge Free?

If there is anything every whitetail hunter looks forward to getting, it must be a hunting app that can accurately predict the movement of wild deer. Fortunately, a few names, such as OnX, HuntWise, and Spartan Forge, are on the list.

Spartan Forge is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hunting app that predicts the movement of deer by combing variable data like offline maps, weather forecasts, moon data, journals, and so on to give deer hunters probably the most detailed hunting information about deer movement. There are three subscription plans available on the app with divergent pricing systems ranging from as low as $19.99 to $39.99.

How Does Spartan Forge Work?

Spartan Forge is built on a targeting model simplified as “Find, Fix, and Finish,” according to the owner, Bill Thompson. The app uses this targeting method to collate data from multiple collared deer studies across the different regions of the US to predict the movement of deer in these regions.

The app is believed to be more sophisticated than other deer-hunting apps and includes data from more than 2000 years of study. At the moment, the greatest rival of Spartan Forge is the OnX hunting app that is said to give more detailed land maps.

Spartan Forge Subscription and Price

As indicated earlier, Spartan Forge operates on different subscription plans, which you can narrow down to outfitting and non-outfitting plans. An outfitter is a company or an individual licensed to take hunters on guides and provide them with hunting equipment.

However, you will probably fall under the non-outfitting category, and getting a Spartan Forge subscription should cost you about $39.99 annually.

During the presale of its subscription, this plan was available for just $19.99, and we are yet to confirm if the company still offers it to new customers at this price.

Outfitters, on the other hand, can either subscribe monthly or annually. The yearly plan costs $29.99, while the monthly plan costs $19.99. Therefore, the outfitters’ plans may lack some features available to the non-outfitting subscribers.

What Are The Payment Methods Accepted By Spartan Forge?

Spartan Forge allows users to subscribe to its services through some of the most typical payment methods available to mobile apps. The company accepts all payment methods available on the App Store (iTunes), Google Play store, PayPal, or direct transfer through its website.

The availability of a particular payment method depends on your location, primarily through its website. Hence, it is recommended to subscribe through Spartan Forge’s mobile apps, available for iOS and Android users.

Is It Free To Download Spartan Forge’s App?

It is free to download the mobile apps of Sparta Forge, and you can get them on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You can also download the app on Mac Computers from the Mac App Store or get a link to the apps on its website.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Spartan Forge

If you need to cancel your subscription to Spartan Forge, you can easily do this through the method used to subscribe on its website or apps. This feature is one of the reasons we recommend subscribing through the app, as you can cancel your subscription easily.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription on Spartan Forge On iPhone?

For iPhone Users who have subscribed through their Apple account, visit the App store and log in to your account using your Apple ID. Navigate to “Subscriptions” and click on it. Locate “Spartan Forge” on the next page and select “cancel” to stop the renewal of your subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription on Spartan Forge On Android

Android users will also follow a similar method, using their Google account. Open the Google Play store app on your phone and ensure the e-mail you signed in with was the one used to subscribe to Spartan Forge.

Click on the menu button (at the right sidebar) and choose the subscription to view your active subscriptions. Next, select “Spartan Forge” from your list of active subscriptions and click “cancel” to stop the plan renewal.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription on Spartan Forge On PayPal

You can also cancel your subscription if you have subscribed through PayPal. First, log in to your PayPal account and select “payment” from the sub-menu items displayed. Then, navigate to “Manage Automatic Payment” and select “Spartan Forge/ Spartan Forge LLC” from your list of merchants.

A confirmatory message will pop up once you click on “cancel subscription” to validate if you want to proceed to cancel the subscription. Affirm this; the subscription will be canceled, and the company will be removed from the list.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Spartan Forge On Its Website

If you have subscribed directly to the website of Spartan Forge, it might be a bit difficult to cancel your subscription. You will have to contact the company directly to help you with this through the contact method we will provide in one of the subsequent paragraphs.

Is There A Trial Available On Spartan Forge?

Yes, Spartan Forge offers new subscribers a trial period to decide if the app is worth the hype. You will get your money back if you cancel your subscription before the trial period elapses.

However, you must remember to cancel the subscription 24 hours (a day) before the trial period ends, as we have described in the above section. If you don’t, the company retains the right to hold on to your money, and you might also lose your data if you unsubscribe later, according to the company’s Terms and Conditions.

How To Contact Spartan Forge?

You can contact Spartan Forge through the company’s e-mail @ or open a ticket on its website.


Spartan Forge is one of the best hunting apps available in the US, and its subscription plan is relatively cheap at less than $3 a month. In addition, the app works in the US and some parts of Canada.

You can check the company’s website for more details about the app and how it works.

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