How Much Does a Twin Turbo Cost? (Answered!)

Does Twin-Turbo Add Hp?

Do you want a twin turbo for your car and do not know what you will spend? Then, you are on the right page, as this article will tell you how much twin-turbo costs. 

A twin-turbo is a radical way of enhancing the speed and horsepower of a car. It’s also critical to ensure the increment of the default mileage of your vehicle. Acquiring a twin-turbo can cost up to $10,000 approximately. However, this cost is the highest you can complete this job.

Want to know more about this topic? Let’s head into details about the twin turbo

Price Range Of A Twin Turbo 

Anyone planning to install the twin turbo in a car must also consider the possible cost of doing this. If you fall into this category, then you are not alone. We have also been thinking of this and have discovered the possible cost. 

Before we tell you how much it will cost, you need to know that the price of acquiring a twin-turbo depends on the type of car. Since the models of vehicles vary, the price of acquiring a twin-turbo also varies. Hence, we will give a range of the cost of a twin-turbo. 

Based on this, the price of a twin turbo begins at $1500 and can go up to $10,000. If you use the latest car, your price range will fall on the extreme high end. For instance, the twin-turbo model compatible with a BMW differs and will cost more than a Ford Mustang or saloon car

You will also incur more charges for the installation since you will need to pay the mechanical engineer for his job. In addition, some people might also prefer their twin turbo to be further modified to enjoy maximum speed, attracting more charges. 

Therefore, several car owners would instead for an already used twin turbo to cut the cost of getting one. We will also advise you to do this if you can get a quality used twin-turbo for your car. 

How Long Does It Take To Install A Twin Turbo

After getting a twin-turbo, the whole excitation sets in when you test-run the device, and it works perfectly. To hasten the scenario, you should know how long it will take to complete the installation process of the twin-turbo.

Similar to the price, the time taken to complete the twin-turbo installation greatly varies and differs according to the model of the car. 

The time can depend on the number of people working on installing the twin turbo on your car. The more people you have working on the installation, the faster it will be. Ideally, three people will get the job done faster than if you have only one person to handle every aspect

Another factor that can affect the time it takes to complete the installation is the depth of experience of the mechanic. The more comprehensive the knowledge of the mechanic, the better and faster it will be the installation process will be. In addition, a good experience will ensure that the mechanic or mechanics know what they are doing, making the work easier.

You will get it done faster if there are no breaks between your twin turbo installation processes. It would help if you understood that taking breaks is essential for mechanics. They are not robots but humans like you. Therefore, allow shorter breaks during the installation process. This way, you can install the twin-turbo into your car quickly.

It is advisable not to rush the whole process of trying to install the twin turbo in your car. This is because doing the work takes a lot of precision and skill. If you want the twin-turbo installed in the best way possible, you should give the mechanic all they need. 

More time means the mechanic can work as carefully as they want to give you the best results. If you rush the process, you might experience some issues later. Give them more time to work to make sure the installation goes smoothly.

Should You Install A Twin-Turbo?

If you are bothered about the price of the twin-turbo and doubting if you need one, then you should know that installing a twin-turbo in a car is worth every penny. Don’t worry; we will tell you why. 

The primary purpose of a twin-turbo in a car is to add more power to your car’s engine. The question now is, don’t you want that extra horsepower? It adds up to 50% of horsepower to your vehicle, greatly benefiting many people. 

Having a twin-turbo installed in your car also helps you save more fuel and reduces the emissions from your vehicle. With more fuel saved, you can also save a lot of money from having to refill your tank now and then.

You are in luck if you are not a fan of high-engine noises. Installing a twin-turbo in your car drastically reduces the vehicle’s engine noise. The engine noise from a twin-turbo engine is always lower than regular engines you see daily.

So, you can see that installing a twin-turbo would not damage your car. Instead, it helps improve your vehicle’s capacity as you do not need to buy a sports car before enjoying the same speed. 


A twin turbo’s average price ranges between $1,500 and $10,000. Moreover, the price depends on the car model you plan to install the twin-turbo.

Adding a twin turbo is highly recommended regardless of the price because it is worth the money for the reasons we have highlighted above. You should contact a close mechanic shop to get one installed soon. 

You should also consider if you need extra services during the twin-turbo installation and look at possible ways to reduce the charge.

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