How Much Does Buck From Mountain Monsters Weight? (Answered!)

How Much Is Buck On Mountain Monsters Net Worth?

Buck, a big star in the mountain monster reality show, has become more popular than ever. The American actor is known to weigh a lot, with his body size bigger than an average.

According to the Mountain Monsters, Buck is 6’4″ tall and about 300 lbs. However, the actor has recently reduced a lot of weight. Buck also admitted to losing over 150 pounds.

The star’s real name is Jacob Lowe. The name ‘Buck comes from his role in the Mountain Monster series. The Mountain Monsters is a hit television series that has millions of viewers. The American show stars Buck from the start, playing a vital role in the storyline, which involves him helping to find lost people trapped in caves under waterfalls or deep lakes.

Who Is Jacob Lowe (Buck From Mountain Monsters)

Jacob Lowe (Buck) is an actor, hunter, fisherman, and reality documentary star who has appeared in “Mountain Monsters,” “American Pickers,” and many other shows. The star was born in 1988 and is currently 33 years old.

Jacob Lowe’s Acting Career

Jacob is an actor by profession, but he does not have much of a filmography. Aside from Mountain Monsters and their hunting adventures, the only other credit on his IMDb page is for A Murder in the Park (2014).

In 2014, Jacob appeared in A Murder in the Park (2014), a documentary that examined the 1999 exoneration of death row inmate Anthony Porter.

He’s best known for his role as Buck on Mountain Monsters, a reality TV show about Bigfoot and other cryptids. He also starred in another Discovery Channel show called River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, where he plays a character named Joey, who helps Jeremy catch fish.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jacob Lowe has also been featured in commercials for both Mountain Dew and Activision (the company behind Call of Duty)

Jacob Lowe’s Net Worth

Jacob Lowe’s net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be around $1 million. Jacob Lowe is a successful actor who has been in the industry for several years and has won numerous awards. He has featured in various shows and movies, including Mountain Monsters, The Devil’s Court, and much more.

How Does Jacob Lowe Make His Money?

The million-dollar question is this: How does Jacob Lowe make his money? Jacob Lowe’s net worth is around $1 000,000. To earn that kind of dough, Jacob has several sources of income. He made almost $100,000 from Mountain Monsters in 2018 and may have gained even more from merchandise sales and other projects.

Is Jacob Lowe Married?

Jacob Lowe and his wife, Christine Stein, have been married since 2018. The pair tied the not on the 12th of May 2018. Although the star has a secretive nature about his personal life, they are no confirmation that the couple has kids at the moment.

About Mountain Monsters Series

The Mountain Monsters series is a reality TV show about hunting in the backwood, Bigfoot, and other cryptids. It started in 2014 when Lowe got the idea to begin filming people doing research into Sasquatch encountersβ€”and documenting their findings on camera.

The show’s first season focused exclusively on knocking sounds from tree hollows or rocks being thrown at homes. Still, as it continued, its focus shifted towards hunting for evidence (including hair samples). In this show, Jacob closely looks at mysterious creatures people claim to see in the wilderness.

Most of these cases turn out not to be monsters but either hoaxes or misidentifications: birds with funny-looking feathers (“sea serpents”), insects flying around known locations for tourists (set pieces), people getting stung by venomous jellyfish, and so on.

According to the series’ official website, “These creatures have been filmed by hunters, hikers and people who work in remote locations all over America’s backcountry.”

Who are The Other Team Members In Monster Series?

Among the hunting crew in the reality show are;

  • Willy McQiullian

Willy is an excellent backwood personality who shows his expertise in building traps. He uses anything he can find in the junkyards to construct traps capable of catching Appalachia’s cryptids.

  • William “Wild Bill” Neff, (The Expert tracker)

Wild Bill also plays a massive role in assisting McQiullain with the traps. In addition to that, William Neff is an expert tracker and big game hunter. So, the pair makes a good match on their side.

  • Joseph “Huckleberry” Lott

Joseph brought decades of backwood experience and was also a towering marine. In the reality show, he was the head of security, and his giant stature makes it a matching role.

  • Jeff Headlee

Jeffs is the co-founder and the man in charge of the technology in the reality show. He handles the operation with his great experience of the mountains and their history.


Jacob is a great guy who has a massive passion for the outdoors. He is also very open about his life and loves to share what he has learned with others.

Although Jacob ‘Buck’ Lowe lives a secretive life and is almost non-existent on social media, we have gathered enough information about this reality documentary star.

So, there you go! All you need to know about Jacob ‘Buck’ Lowe and the Mountain Monsters reality TV show.

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