How Much Does Charizard GX Cost? (Answered!)

What Is The Cost Of Charizard Gx?

Card games are awesome, but playing the Pokemon trading card game is better. In this game, you can play against your friends to see who will emerge victorious. Having the best Pokemon in your arsenal is another interesting part of this game.

If you want to keep winning, the best Pokemon card is the most important thing. The Charizard GX card ranges from $15 to $200.

We will talk more about this card in the next section and why you should get it during a game of Pokemon.

What Is Charizard GX?

If you are a Pokemon card player who prefers fire-type cards, then Charizard GX should be among your favorites. The Charizard GX is a top card on stage 2 and can give you control over the playing field with its insane attacks.

It is mostly popular for its fiery attack called the Crimson Storm. This attack is strong enough to cause damage of about 300 points to your opponents.

Since this card is a stage 2 card, it is a chameleon. As you already know, chameleons are always rated higher than Charmander (the basic stages); hence, having a Charizard GX card can terrify your opponent because of its raw power.

How Much Is Charizard GX?

The price of Charizard GX greatly varies due to the different types of Charizard GX cards found in certain grades. The most common grades include grades 7, 8, and 9, although other grades of the GX cards are BGS 9.5 and PSA 10.

These grades differ in price as they differ slightly in terms of skills and abilities. With that said, let’s look at the price of Charizard GX within the grades mentioned above.

The prices are as follows: 

  • Charizard GX Grade 7 – $15
  • Charizard GX Grade 8 – $18
  • Charizard GX Grade 9 – $19
  • Charizard GX BGS 9.5 – $27
  • Charizard GX PSA 10 – $100 to $239

With the above list, it is now easy to find out the average price of a Charizard GX card considering the grades. It can be as low as $15, go all the way to about $239, and might cost you more if you intend to order the card online. That is because you might be hit with a shipping fee if you buy it online.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Charizard GX?

As a Pokemon card player, you will be skeptical about buying or getting new cards to add to your arsenal. However, you constantly judge them based on their abilities and moves; indeed, the best of the best will seem the right one to pick.

We will give you a breakdown of what the card can do so you can see for yourself if it is worthy enough to be among your list of Pokemon cards. As we mentioned earlier, Charizard GX is a Pokemon card under the fire group with an HP span of 250.

With this card, you can carry out a GX move with two other regular moves to give a total of three moves that you can make. Unfortunately, the card does not come with any special abilities. Hence, the only special thing you enjoy about the card is the GX move.

With the GX moves of the Charizard card, you can easily eliminate any top card available on your opponent’s list of cards. If you notice that your opponent is slowly losing most of the cards in his deck, you can launch the Charizard GX card to deliver maximum damage and eliminate the few they have left. Therefore, you can see that the card is better used as a knockout, and having this secret weapon can be advantageous.

Why Is Charizard GX Expensive?

When it comes to the Pokemon trading card game, the more powerful a card is, the more valuable it becomes, and Charizard GX is among the most valuable cards in the game.

The card is pretty rare, which increases its total cost and value. Rare cards in Pokemon TC are often referred to as treasures. Some people collect these cards because of their value. The older card gets costlier.

Alternatives To Charizard GX

If you have already bought the Charizard GX and are looking for another alternative that is just as good, then you are lucky because other cards can be just as useful as a Charizard GX.

A perfect alternative for the Charizard GX is the Charizard Skyridge card. For those who do not know about this card, it is rated on grade PSA 10 only. It is a top card that is just as good as your Charizard GX or even better.

The only downside about this card is that it is also expensive; however, if you are not too concerned about the price, you can go for it. This card is one of the most priced cards on the Charizard label.


The price of Charizard GX cards greatly depends on the grade of the card; the higher its grade, the higher the cost of the card. On average, it can be as low as $15 and as high as about $239.

There are still some other special Charizard GX cards on the PSA 10 grade, which cost much more than the average ones and can be a perfect combo with the Charizard GX. So if you are not concerned about the price, you can go from them too.

To add more strength to your deck of Pokemon while playing cards, you go for good cards that are considered a perfect alternative to the Charizard GX cards. So, any card with the Charizard label should be good enough to help you achieve this.

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