How Much Does Grillz Cost in South Africa? (Answered!)

How Much Do Grills Cost In South Africa?

A “grill” or “Grillz” is a form of oral jewelry worn primarily by men. Grillz originated primarily in urban ghettos and is associated with hip-hop culture. The purpose of a grill refers to its ability to prevent the wearer from grinding his teeth, which can lead to snoring, sleep apnea, headaches, and jaw pain.

A few years ago, grills were just a trend that seemed to be fading out of popularity. Everyone was wearing them, but then people started getting tired of them. All Grillz manufactured and fitted are priced differently depending on the materials they are made from and the craftsmanship involved in making them.

Most Grillz are made in small works of art that fit into the mouth like regular dentures. Although Grillz is generally worn for aesthetic purposes, some wear them for added tooth security or protection against sporting injury. You might have bought some Grillz when they were popular, and now that you want it again, you want to know how much Grillz costs in South Africa.

How much does gold Grillz cost in South Africa?

Custom gold Grillz are made of solid 10 karats, 14 karats, or 18-karat gold; you can be sure they will never fade or wash. A gold Grillz for the teeth costs around R135.00 – R250.00.

Gold Grillz prices in Johannesburg

A gold Grillz in Johannesburg costs between R250.00 – R30,000.00 depending on how many karats gold. You can easily purchase a teeth gold Grill from Takealot or make a custom order from GSM Custom Grillz.

Does Takealot sell Grillz?

Yes, Takealot sells Grillz, and you can purchase a grill for your teeth by visiting their e-commerce website here. You can as well buy Grillz from Icebaebae. The average grill price in these e-commerce shops ranges between R200 – R250.

Are grills for your teeth permanent?

Grillz are often meant to be temporary. However, some individuals, especially celebrities, have had their teeth permanently hindered to resemble a grill. They are not recommended because they could threaten your oral health and hygiene.

Wearing a Grillz might increase your chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Bacterial plaque can get trapped between them and the tooth’s surface.

Can you eat with Grillz?

According to MouthHealthty, it is advisable to remove your Grillz before eating; if you have it on, it should be removed. It should be cleaned more often to prevent food debris and bacteria harboring in your teeth grill.

You should also not drink drinks with particles inside to avoid food particles getting stuck in your tooth, which may cause germs that could affect your oral health.

How does Grillz stay on your teeth?

The Grillz will slide directly on top of your God-made teeth and grip your teeth from the front and back sides by applying pressure to the walls of your teeth.

If you are wearing a grill, you shouldn’t be scared of any pain as wearing Grillz doesn’t cause pain, nor should the Grillz hurt your teeth.

Do Grillz protect your teeth?

Grillz does not protect your teeth. If any dentist tells you otherwise, I advise that you visit a professional elsewhere. Despite what some people think, Grillz does not help keep your teeth in place. A grill might misalign your teeth if you wear them for a long time.

Too much of something isn’t good, like they always say. Grillz can also harbor with how you bite, making it difficult to eat meat or any variety of solid food. It could also make closing your mouth properly very difficult.

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