How Much Does It Cost To Book Jojo Siwa? (Answered!)

How Much Does Jojo Siwa Charge For A Booking?

If you are a big fan of Joelle Joanie Siwa, popularly known as Jojo Siwa, and would love to invite her to any event, then you are reading the right article. You might want to host a party and have a superstar like Joelle around, but then you wonder, “what is the cost of getting Jojo Siwa to an event?”

Booking Joelle for an event costs between $300 000 and $600 000 depending on your hosting event.Β  Joelle is famous for her performances and style and is always on tour within and outside the United States for many events. Due to this, it will be pretty difficult to book her but not impossible if you can afford to pay her.Β 

Can I Book Jojo Siwa?

Jojo is a popular personality and well-known to many people and organizations that would always want her to perform during their events. She performs around the globe and at every nook and cranny of the US.

Considering this, one will wonder if booking such a big name as Jojo is possible. Luckily, you can do it since she is completely open for bookings.Β Furthermore, her schedules are planned well to ensure she shows up for every event she has booked and has a good record of keeping up with time.

She usually claims that making appearances is one thing she adores, making her who she is. Therefore, there is a good chance for whichever brand/company is willing to book Siwa.

How Much Does It Cost To Book Joelle?

Since you know that booking Joelle is not a mission impossible, let’s move on to see how much it will cost to book her for the event you have in mind.

Joelle makes personal appearances, private corporate appearances, speeches, and other performances. She charges at least $300 000 for bookings which can get as high as $600 000. However, this cost is mainly influenced by the location of the events and is, at a minimum, within the United States.

Generally, the minimum cost to book Joelle is $300,000 and can be paid in Bitcoins if you prefer the payment method.

Why Can’t I Book Joelle?

If you have tried to book Joelle and you keep getting rejected, it simply means that you are violating one of the booking process’s terms and conditions, which would warrant a prompt dismissal of your booking request.

You must check your booking request and ensure you meet all requirements before sending another request. We will look at some of these requirements to ensure you can correct the mistake in your booking request. Here are the essentials you should review:

Check your payment

Your booking request may have been disapproved because you did not pay the requested amount. Most times, you might need to pay the booking fee before she shows up at your events.

Confirm the amount you are asked to pay and see if you have sent the exact amount or the partial payment required to book her.

Late booking

To book Joelle, you must have requested your events on time. This is because someone else might have already booked her for the same day.

You should send in your booking request six months before your event to see if she can attend it. This gives her and her team enough time to prepare for your events and increases the chances of your booking request being accepted.

Just send her an official e-mail about how the event will go, the location, and when she will be expected to appear. Doing this is even more important if your event will take place outside the United States to ensure she gets enough time to plan her trip.

Security Concerns

As mentioned above, Joelle is famous; hence, her safety and security should be prioritized. Therefore, you must prove that you have provided maximum protection in your event before you can book her successfully.

You would not want anyone, especially Joelle, to record a bad time at your event. Therefore, her review team will thoroughly check the strength of your security to confirm that she will be safe to perform and leave the event without disruption.  

You need to put security at the forefront of your event, not just for Joelle but for everyone that will be present at the event.

How Much Does Joelle Charge For A Cameo?

If you would like Joelle to appear in a cameo to wish someone a happy birthday or send a message to someone, you can also get this at quite an affordable cost.  

Joelle charges between $500 and $1,000 for a cameo. You should ensure you book the cameo early enough, as it might take up to a week or a month to get a response from her.


We believe this article has answered your question on “the amount it will cost you to book Joelle.” As we mentioned in this article, it will cost you at least $300 000 or up to $600 000. However, it depends on the kind of event and your location.

An international event will cost more than a local one to book Joelle. This implies that if the event is outside the United States, it will also cost you more to book her.

You should check the requirements needed to book Joelle so that your booking request will be approved. The more criteria you meet, the higher the chances of your booking request being accepted by her and her team.

We hope you get a chance to bring your favorite Joelle to your special event.

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