How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5? (Answered!)

Can I Ship A Ps5 Through Fedex?

Being one of the first to purchase the latest PlayStation 5 (PS5) is exciting for most young lads; imagine the admiration we get from our friends. However, some gamers live outside the countries or states where the game console is readily available and need to ship it to their locations. This article will discuss how much it will cost to deliver in a PS5.

On average, the cost of shipping a PS5 is about $200 (interstate) and $500 (internationally). However, the cost of shipping a PS5 depends majorly on the weight of the game console and the inclusion of some extra items, such as the gamepads. The price can also vary based on locations and the means of delivering the PS5. 

Considering local and international shipments, we will examine how these factors affect the cost of shipping a PS5.

How Much Does A PS5 Weigh?

We must first look at the weight of a PS5 to consider the cost of shipping it. A PS5 should not weigh more than 15 lbs without the gamepads.

Since most companies charge based on an item’s weight, you can confirm the amount your shipping company will charge on an item of 15 lbs. Some PS5 consoles weigh considerably lower than this.

What Is The Average Cost Of Shipping A PS5 In The US?

As stated earlier, the cost of shipping in a PS5 is affected by numerous factors. Nonetheless, most delivery companies charge between $80 and $100 to deliver an item of 15 lbs within the US.

Conversely, the cost can range between $200 and over $500 if you are shipping across countries.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 With DHL?

DHL is one of the most popular delivery service companies within and outside the US. DHL services will be a great choice, costing you about $250 for interstate delivery, depending on your delivery method.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 With UPS?

UPS is another company you can go for, offering great services such as Next Day delivery. You should spend not less than $300 to use the interstate delivery services of the company, although this also depends on the delivery method.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 With USPS?

USPS offers the cheapest interstate delivery service and probably, the slowest service. A PS5 delivers from one state to another through USPS should not cost more than $100.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 With FedEx?

Like DHL, FedEx also provides amazing delivery services to ensure you get your PS5 quickly. Using the company services would cost about $250, depending on the method of delivery you have chosen.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 Internationally Anywhere?

Considering the companies above, an international shipment of a PS5 should not cost less than $500. Checking with the company for a quote is advisable before proceeding with the shipment.

How Long Does It Take To Ship In A PS5?

The days it will take to ship a PS5 depend on the delivery method and the company delivering the PS5. Typically, interstate delivery takes about 2 to 8 business days, while international delivery can take up to 2 weeks (14 business days).

However, delivery by Air can speed up the process but will cost you some extra bucks, up to $100. You can also use services such as FedEx First Overnight (for interstate) and International Priority if you use the company delivery services to ship in your PS5 for faster delivery.

Should I Package My PS5?

The packaging depends on your choice if you are shipping out a PS5, although it is not recommended to do this, especially when you are not so good with packaging items.

Doing this yourself without taking proper measures and materials will increase the weight of the PS5 and cost you some extra bucks. You also risk a falloff if you do not package it well.

The delivery company might help repackage the item if you are lucky enough. Still, most companies do not offer this if you do not opt for an extra protection service to avoid opening your package.

How Much Does It Cost To Package A PS5?

To avoid damages to your PS5 during transportation, you should take the Ps 5 to the delivery company for packaging. This service might cost you about $80 to $100 as it is considered an extra service, although some companies might offer it for free.

Other Fees That Affect The Cost Of Shipping A Ps 5

The average cost of shipping a PS5 can be affected by some fees charged by local authorities or services provided by the delivery company. These fees include tax rate, which depends on your location, Declared Value Charge, and Protection Services.

However, some delivery companies may cover some of these charges to attract more customers. Therefore, you should research every available delivery company before shipping with one.

Should I Get An Extra Protection Service?

It would help if you did this because the PS5 Console is fragile and can get damaged during transportation. You should ask the delivery company to include its protection services while moving it to be safer.


The cost of shipping a PS5 is not fixed and depends on many factors. If you are buying from a company or manufacturer (Sony), you should check the cost of the game console, including the delivery fee.

With the above prices, you can compare the delivery fee with that of external delivery companies before deciding on the best one.

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