How Much Does It Cost To Wrap Rims? (Answered!)

Is It Worth Getting Rims Wrapped?

Rim wrapping is one of the modern methods of retaining the great looks of your car while prolonging your wheels. However, if you plan to go for it, you must know how much it costs to wrap rims. That is because the wrapping process involves using substances and chemicals to coat the surface of car wheels instead of painting them. In most cases, a wrapped rim lasts longer than a painted one.

The wrapping rims cost $200 and should not be more than $300 in most companies offering the service. However, this range is subject to change as the cost can be influenced by factors such as labor needed, time, the type of wrapping material, and the provision of extra services.

However, you can cut the cost of getting your rims wrapped through discounts and coupon codes offered by companies that provide the service to people, especially first-time users and long-term customers of these companies.

Why should I wrap my wheel?

You have 101 reasons to wrap your rims (wheels) in as much as you do not want to continue wasting money on repainting or changing them within a short period. However, to further convince you that you need to consider this, here are some of the benefits of wrapping your car’s wheels:

  • Prolong your rim’s lifespan: Wrapping your rims is one good way of prolonging the lifespan of your car’s rims since it will protect it from dirt, dust, and so on, which will require regular cleaning. However, when you clean or wash your rims regularly, you decrease the durability of the paint and that of the rims.
  • Beautify your rims: When you wrap a customized material on your rims, it beautifies them and enhances your car’s appearance.
  • It increases the resale value: Selling a car with rusted rims will greatly depreciate the value of such a car, and painting the rim might not be such a good option since it might be too obvious; hence, the best thing is to wrap the rims to preserve the value of your vehicle.
  • It is economical: The amount you spend on painting your rims is quite higher than the cost of wrapping them. Therefore, covering your rims provides the best alternative to painting them. This will lead us to the next question we will answer.

Should You Repaint Or Wrap My Rims?

It would be best to repaint your rims when they look old for several reasons, but you must know that these same reasons apply to wrapping them. Therefore, to decide which is best for you, we have two consider two utmost factors; cost and durability.

Surprisingly, wrapping rims perform better than repainting in these two aspects since they are cheaper and can last up to seven (7) years if done correctly.

Another advantage you enjoy is that you can choose from varieties of customizations when you wrap your rims, unlike repainting, which will require a high level of expertise to achieve specific customizations.

Several fallacies spread about rim wrappings, such as rumors about the wrappings damaging cars’ paint and the like. You must know that none of these is true, as the materials or chemicals required for wrapping are usually glossy and are not visible in most cases.

How Long Does It Take To Wrap a Rim?

Typically, it should not take more than a day (24 hours) to wrap a rim. However, due to some unplanned events and the labor required, it can take up to 2 days to finish the job.

The timeframe can also be shorter, especially if the process involves machines.

Can I Wrap My Rims At Home?

Why not? You could do it yourself if you got what it takes to install it. Several already-made wrapping materials are available around you that you can get to do the job. Be sure to go through the instructions in the manual, as installing them might differ with brands and designs.

How Do I Wrap My Rims At Home?

If you check online, you will discover different methods and tutorials on how to wrap your rims. Of course, all these are true, but some basic steps are generally accepted as a must-do when wrapping your rims.

  • Clean the rims: You must thoroughly clean your rims before applying the wrapping material, let’s say vinyl, although we also have some powder coating materials. You may need to use alcohol (isopropyl) to remove the grease on the rims for proper cleaning.
  • Measure and install the wrap: After cleaning, you need to measure the dimension of the wrapping material required to wrap your rims and cut it out accordingly. Once you have cut it out, you can install it on your rim. Depending on the wrap material, you may need to apply heat to perfect it.
  • Trim the edges: You may have some parts poking out after fully installing the wrap; you need to trim these parts with a razor or any other suitable material to perfect your work.

So, that is how you can quickly wrap a rim, but you must be sure you can do this before proceeding. Otherwise, you should hire a professional to do the work for you.

How To Maintain The Wrap

After wrapping your rims, the last step is to maintain them adequately to preserve the appearance of your rims. There are three ways of keeping your rims after wrapping: avoid washing with a pressure machine, avoid constant exposure to direct sunlight, and learn how to preserve the kind of wrap material you use (this should be included in the manual).


We believe you know how much it will cost to wrap a rim and its benefits. We also mentioned the time it will take and how you can do it yourself.

Nevertheless, it would help if you made inquiries from the rim wrapping company or technician before employing their services so that you will be well-prepared to cover the cost. 

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