How Much Does Maia Knight Make? (Answered!)

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Maia Knight is a popular American-born influencer who utilizes Instagram and TikTok, although she is more focused on TikTok. The famous personality rose to fame through her videos, mainly about how life has been with her fraternal twins after her boyfriend left her when she was pregnant. 

Maia went on to open her social media accounts, starting with TikTok and then followed by Instagram and YouTube. She started uploading videos of what it is like to raise a twin and began to amass her followers on each platform. Now, she has a net worth of about $1 million with an annual income of about $150 000, while she makes close to $12 500 per month. 

How Much Does Maia Knight Make From TikTok

TikTok is Maia’s primary source of revenue, and this can be seen from her over a thousand (1000+) videos on the platform. She is estimated to make about $8000 on each video she uploads on TikTok and about $50 000 monthly if she has an engagement rate of 2.5% to 5%. 

How Much Does Maia Knight Make From Instagram?

With her 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Maia can conveniently make nothing less than an average of $9000 on each post she uploads on Instagram. This feat is even easier for her since she also shares posts from her TikTok page to her Instagram account. 

How Much Does Maia Knight Make From YouTube?

YouTube will certainly be the second primary source of income for this lady after TikTok since she has the opportunity to upload longer videos and charge higher than on other platforms. In addition, she can also earn through YouTube Monetization Programme. 

Overall, she is estimated to earn about $10 000 on each video she uploads and an average of $90 000 in a year from YouTube.

Sponsorships And Endorsements 

 Since she became famous, several brands have begun to sponsor her and endorse her videos. Some of these brands include Wellements, Summer Salt, Lalabu, Home Chef, Brumate, and Gap Kids on TikTok and others on the remaining platforms she utilizes. 

Maia also has a Venmo account where her fans can follow her and donate to ensure she can continue to produce more exciting content to their delight. 

Biography of Maia Knight 

Maia Knight was born in the town of Rochester, New York, USA, on the 24th of January, 1996; therefore, she is 26-year-old. From the look of things, the young lady had a lovely childhood and a family to rest on since her mother had always been there for her, especially when she got pregnant. 

Reports were that her boyfriend left three weeks after she got pregnant and refused to talk about the babies since he was not ready to settle down. Her twins are said to be fraternal; that is, they were fertilized by different sperm and thus, may carry divergent DNAs. 

During this period, she was still in college and studying to become a science teacher but had to drop out after realizing she was pregnant. As a result, not much is known about her educational background, although some of her followers claim she is a university holder.

She does not discuss much of her life history, and not much is known about her private life except the videos she shares about her relationship with her twin daughters. 

When Did Maia Knight Become Popular? 

The popular TikToker has been online for years and is said to have started creating content through her Dubsmash account but did not get enough attention. However, she hit the limelight in June 2021 after she opened a TikTok account. 

She began by creating videos of lip-syncing some popular songs, dancing to them, and recording herself while performing some house chores. Afterward, she proceeded to introduce her twin daughters to her videos and share some experiences she had with their father with her fans. 

 The video went viral, and she gained massive attention to kick-start her career on social media. Some of her other popular videos include a video of how she easily recognized her tweet and some of the hilarious acts of the twin. 

Currently, she has about 8.7 million followers on TikTok, 2.2 million followers on Instagram, and 492 000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. On TikTok, her videos have amassed total likes of over 957 million, one of the highest on the platform. 

What Is The Name Of Maia Knight’s Daughters? 

Maia’s children are both girls and are named Scout and Violet. The reasons behind the name remain unknown; you may need to go through one of her past videos to find out. If you are lucky, she might have discussed the issue without us noticing it. 

How Tall Is Maia Knight? 

Maia is not so tall but way beyond the average height of a woman around the globe. She is 5ft 6 inches (167 cm) tall and weighs 60 kg (132 lb). She is a white woman with both her eyes and hair brownish. 

Does Maia Knight Have Any Challenges? 

Certainly, Maia faced many difficulties before becoming popular and might have also dealt with some unpublicized ones. Her boyfriend left her during pregnancy when she needed him a lot, and from the look of things, they were romantic. 

She also faced difficulties during pregnancy and reported having to give birth in just 34 weeks to avoid complications during childbirth. Raising the twin and building a career on social media would not have been easy, would it? 

Lest we forget, Maia was also criticized and still suffers from criticism as some people think it is wrong to expose children at such an age to the internet. They believe this can open the children to potential threats, but the lady was determined and far above these critics to give up. 


Now, you should not find it surprising when you hear the name Maia Knight anymore, as we have comprehensively discussed how much she makes and looked into other aspects of her life. 

You can follow Maia on her social media handles under “Maia Knight” to learn more about her videos and daily routines. 

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