How Much Does McDonald’s Pay In Arizona (Answered!)

What Is Starting Pay At Mcdonalds In Az?

McDonald’s is one of the most recognized fast-food brands across the world. The company boasts over 10,000 employees in over 100 countries, making it one of the most expensive fast-food chains. One of the many reasons people love McDonald’s is that they never stop hiring.

If you reside in Arizona and need to know how much McDonald’s pays in the city, this article will help. McDonald’s has over two hundred outlets in Arizona, and they are all known for paying their workers well.

How much does McDonald’s pay in Arizona? On average, McDonald’s pays the cashier around $13 per hour. The salary varies with the job position. A manager at McDonald’s can also receive as much as $80,000 annually. 

To know the average amount McDonald’s pays for different job positions in Arizona, I have prepared a table to help you with that. The table contains the various work positions at McDonald’s and their average salaries in Arizona. You should see this if you plan to apply for a job soon.

How much salary does McDonald’s pay in Arizona

Job PositionAverage Yearly Salary 
Crew Member$38,000
Shift Manager$42,600
Crew Trainer$36,000
Customer Service Rep$45,000
Team Member$39,200
Sales Associate$36,000
Fry Cook$35,000
Line Cook$45,000
Sales Rep$67,000
Grill Cook$40,000
Department Manager$67,000
Marketing Associate$56,000
Drive Thru Cashier$37,000
Second Assistant Manager$63,500
Front End Cashier$35,000
Fast Food Worker$35,500
Prep Cook$40,000
Certified Swing Manager$52,000
Office Administrator$68,500
Food Prep$38,000
Training Supervisor$66,000
IT Manager$159,000
Grill Cook$37,000
Security Analyst$86,000
Finance Analyst$87,000
Crew Member$35,000
Sanitation Worker$34,000
Operations Supervisor$37,500
Process Associate$61,000
Senior Software Engineer$168,000
Director Of Operations$128,000
Burger Flipper$38,300
Accounting Clerk$48,500
Food Service Manager$64,200
Laundry Attendant$34,800
Facilities Manager$85,000
Division Controller$161,000
Payroll Manager$79,000

Factors that will affect your salary at McDonald’s 

In some cases, your starting salary at a McDonald’s branch in Arizona might differ from the abovementioned ones. Kindly note that the abovementioned salaries are the average salaries of experienced workers, not starters. Starting salaries are usually lower.

For example, if a cashier at McDonald’s receives an average of $13 per hour, you might receive only $10 for a salary in the same position. One thing about McDonald’s is that the upgrade is usually fast. You might receive the average salary within one or two months of starting the job.

Interns are also paid lower at McDonald’s and almost every company that hires interns. It is believed that interns are still in training and garnering experience, hence the lower salary. So, as an intern, do not expect to be paid as much as the abovementioned salaries.

How much does McDonald’s Pay in Phoenix, Arizona?

Phoenix is one of the areas in Arizona with plenty of McDonald’s outlets. There are over twenty McDonald’s in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to this, many people apply to these outlets and wish to know how much they pay. The good news is that McDonald’s in Phoenix, Arizona, pays more than average.

As a part-time cashier in any McDonald’s in Phoenix, Arizona, you can make as much as $30,000 annually. A full-time cashier can make up to $50,000. As a Chief Executive Officer at McDonald’s in the exact location, you can make up $205,000 annually.

Looking at it on an hourly scale, a cashiering McDonald’s job in Phoenix, Arizona, pays up to $14 per hour, competing with other top positions in the company. However, a Chief Executive Officer can make as much as $100 per hour.

What is the Highest Salary at McDonald’s?

The highest paying job at McDonald’s is a Chief Executive Officer with an annual salary of approximately $205,000. Judging from this salary, we can quickly tell how competitive this position is. Of course, it is highly competitive, and of the hundreds that send in applications, only one is employed.

The Chief Executive Officer oversees the operations of the assigned McDonald’s branch. Unlike many other job positions at McDonald’s, Chief Executive Officers do not go on shifts. They employ managers and department heads to oversee each department of the branch.

Usually, people employed as Chief Executive Officers at McDonald’s have experience beforehand. This shows you should have enough experience in the position or any other one close to it. Experience will give you leverage over other applicants.

What is the Lowest Salary at McDonald’s?

As there are highest-paying jobs, there are also lowest-paying jobs. One of the reasons people love to work at McDonald’s is that the lowest salaries here are still bigger than many other fast-food chains in the country. Let’s see the minimum amount McDonald’s pays its workers.

The lowest-paying job at McDonald’s is a Part-Time Cashier. A part-time cashier at McDonald’s can earn up to $30,000 annually, the lowest in the company. However, it is very easy to get into such job positions. Due to its low pay, there is usually less competition.

After employment, the promotion also comes very easily and quickly. Within two to three months, there might be vacancies in higher job positions, and you will be required to fill them. So, if you want to start working at McDonald’s without stress, this is the best way.

Wrapping Up

Most McDonald’s across the United States are operated by Franchises. At least eighty percent of the fast-food chain are managed by Franchises, who pay commissions to McDonald’s. However, these affiliates still make it a priority to settle workers when need be.

One thing you will never hear about McDonald’s is that the workers’ salaries are paid late or withheld. For this reason, the number of applications keeps rolling in multiples. If you want to get hired at McDonald’s on time, Arizona is the best place to do so.

As I mentioned, there are several McDonald’s in Arizona, and they keep having open positions that need filling. If you are comfortable with the average salaries listed in this article, you can proceed and apply.

Also, remember that the salaries above only apply to McDonald’s workers in Arizona. If you work in any McDonald’s outside Arizona, you should not worry about the salaries listed in this article.

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