How Much Does Olaplex Cost For Professionals? (Answered!)

What Is The Average Cost Of An Olaplex Treatment?

Hair treatments refer to overseeing issues that may affect one’s hair, such as regular hair fall, dryness, dandruff, bumps, etc. Several companies have introduced different hair treatments to help people overcome this condition, one of which is Olaplex.

Olaplex is a type of hair treatment lotion that can treat and cure diseases that can affect the growth of a person’s hair. The cost of Olaplex varies from kit to kit, with the brand having different products for different users. However, the prices range from less than $100 to about $500. First, we will look at some of the popular products for professionals.

Some Olaplex Professional Products And Their Prices

The first product we will consider is the Travelling Stylist, which costs $56.99. This product can limit synthetic tone and surface treatments without compromising the value of the client’s hair. The following product is the Salon Intro Kit, which costs $439.45. This product is best used when mixing compound treatments to soften, fade, and blonde our hair bonds to ensure our hair grows correctly.

The final product is the 2-Bond Perfector which is priced at $61.00. This product is essential to make your clients’ hair milder, shinier, straighter, and frizzier for quite a long time. The best part is that the result is immediate, and the differences will be observed upon application.

How Does Olaplex Work?

The lotion works by reviving the destroyed scalp disulfide bonds on the human head, which are usually broken during the synthetic cycle of hair growth. If you have blonde or have had your hair colored for some time, Olaplex also gives you the option to regain the strength and original hue of your hair. S

The brand also has products intended to add dampness to your hair and help remove hair oils and battle dandruff and lice and make the hair longer within a short period. For professionals, Olaplex’s products help you reestablish your client’s hair regardless of the harm that might have been done to it, be it from reaction to relaxers, dyes, or heat.

Can You Utilize Olaplex On A New Hair?

While Olaplex restores blanched or blonde hair, it can likewise assist with keeping up with your hair’s well-being assuming it’s virgin hair. However, studies have shown that virgin hair can be damaged when exposed to thermal heat. Nevertheless, Olaplex products are best used for non-virgin hair.

Aveda Botanical Vs. Olaplex Treatment: Which Is Better?

Both hair care products are of top quality and serve their users well. While Olaplex treatment is best for the revitalization and restoration of hair, Aveda Botanical treatment is a sumptuous, sustaining, and defensive lotion.

You can even mix the two treatments during fundamental stages of hair care and for use when you do not visit the salon. Whether you blonde your hair or style it before going out, the bonds in your hair need treatments to remain in shape, which is what these products offer.

Does Opaplex have Dupes?

Olaplex is a top-rated hair care brand that is a hero for harmed, dry, and crimped hair. It attempts to fix damaged hair leaving it delicate, smooth, glossy, and sound. Olaplex’s current home hair care line is quite expensive, yet it is worth each penny for those who love it.

The company has several dupes on the market and can be purchased in most supermarkets and drugstores. In addition, with Olaplex’s prosperity, numerous other hair care brands have emerged with divergent hair care treatments to help cure damaged hair. Some of these brands also include Olaplex dupes to complement their products.

However, remember that Olaplex has licenses on their innovation, cycles, and plans, so it might not be wise to get the dupes in addition to another brand’s products.

Is There Any Hair Treatment Kit Better Than Olaplex?

Many people wonder if there is any other hair treatment package that is better than Olaplex but has not found the answer yet. Don’t worry; we have a little story to tell you.

After almost a decade of scientific examination, a hair treatment was introduced recently to offer an alternative to bond developers like Olaplex, which briefly reinforces, fixes, and reestablishes hair, usually slowly. The new product is named K18Peptide.

The K18 Peptide makes use of keratin genomics to make hair fixes conceivable. This sort of genomics utilizes K18 which contains 18 amino acids to fix and reconnect keratin (a kind of protein that makes up your nails, hair, and skin. The K18 treatment (single use) outcome is that it developed flexibility and hair sparkle within minutes.

On the other hand, Olaplex treatment is a standard bond developer that deals with a sub-atomic level to reestablish broken bonds. Unlike K18, utilizing Olaplex is a three-step process that will further develop hair strength and shield your hair from the inside. That makes the item ideal for home use but unsuitable for a faster work setting.

Does Olaplex Cause Infertility?

The hair care brand Olaplex eliminated a fixing known as lilial from its famous No. 3 Hair Perfector item following an EU prohibition on the substance. European regulators made it known that after they conducted their research, it was clear that the chemical lilial, customarily utilized as a scent, could cause infertility issues in women.


Olaplex treatment products are fantastic for hair, especially if you are looking for home therapy. The prices vary according to the type of products, as we have noted earlier but should not be more than $500 for the most expensive products.

You can also check websites and physical stores with the product to get a better idea of how much it might cost. Be sure to verify your sources to avoid falling for scammers.

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