How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make a Minute? (Answered!)

How Much Does Mahomes Make Per Min?

Patrick Mahomes, a professional American football player, is on his way to being the highest-paid sportsman in the world. Mahomes plays National Football League (NFL) quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs. If I am to list the finest players in the NFL, Mahomes must be among the first ten.

Due to his skill and expertise, he is one of the highest-paid players in the league. Mahomes has won the Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP, and many other awards. It might interest you to know the worth of such a fine and valuable player.

How much does Patrick Mahomes make a minute? Patrick Mahomes makes around forty-five million U.S. dollars annually; this means the player earns as much as $90 per minute. Only a few sportsmen make up to this whopping sum per minute.

How much does Patrick Mahomes make?

Patrick Mahomes recently signed a contract for half a billion dollars in the NFL. The contract will make him over five hundred million dollars in ten years. He became the first NFL player to sign a contract as huge as that in 2020.

What is Patrick Mahomes Net Worth?

At the moment, Patrick’s Net Worth is set at thirty million U.S. dollars but will skyrocket soon due to his recent multi-million dollar deal. He will become the highest-paid NFL player in history in a few years.

Patrick Mahomes Contract Breakdown

The Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes signed a multi-million dollar deal with the club in 2020. The contract extends for up to ten years, meaning the player will be on the team till 2031. Mahomes will continue playing at his quarterback position for the team over the next ten years.

The deal is said to be worth up to five hundred million dollars. However, this amount includes incentives and other bonuses that are not guaranteed. The contract is, however, the largest contract in football and sports history. The Chiefs star will become the highest-paid sportsman in a few years.

The multi-million deal includes a base salary of around four hundred and fifty million dollars, a signing bonus worth 10 million dollars, and a guaranteed contract of approximately 140 million dollars. This brings us to an average of 45 million dollars annually.

The 10-year deal was first announced when Patrick Mahomes led his team to the Super Bowl win in February 2020 but was later officially confirmed by the player’s agent on Twitter. His agent also shared some details of the deal on the platform.

How much of Patrick Mahomes’ contract is guaranteed?

As a player in the NFL or any other sports division around the world, some terms of the contract are not guaranteed. For example, the incentives that come with a contract might not be guaranteed. The incentives also differ concerning player and team.

Out of Patrick Mahomes’ 500 million dollar contract, only hundred and forty million dollars is guaranteed, while the rest depend on several factors. Some parts of the agreement have injury clauses and are not guaranteed. Patrick also has the freedom to leave if guarantee mechanisms are not met.

How much will Patrick Mahomes’ next contract be?

After his 10-year historic contract ends in 2031, the club might choose to renew or terminate the contract with the player. In most cases, it is impossible to determine if the club will extend or terminate the contract. Since we can not determine if it will be extended, it is impossible to know how much the next contract will be worth.

However, the renewal of his contract will depend primarily on his performance during the length of the current contract. If he performs well and leads his teams to countless victories, there is an excellent chance of renewing his contract with the club.

Who is the highest-paid NFL player?

With how much Patrick Mahomes makes, he is expected to be the highest-paid NFL player. However, he isn’t, not yet. Patrick’s recently signed contract will make him the highest-paid NFL player around 2026. For now, the highest-paid NFL player is Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers makes over fifty million dollars annually on a three-year contract to expire in 2023. After the end of his contract, Kyler Murray will be the highest-paid NFL player. At the moment, Kyler Murray makes around forty-six million dollars, making him the second-highest-paid player in the NFL.

Kyler is signed to a five-year deal worth over 230 million dollars. The contract will expire around 2027, when the baton will be passed to the next highest-paid player in the NFL, Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson, who plays for the Browns, is the third highest-paid player in the NFL. Watson also makes approximately forty-six million every year. The player signed a 230 million dollar contract with the Browns that keeps him in the club till 2026. He is the third highest-paid player in the NFL.

However, Patrick Mahomes is still the fourth highest-paid player in the National Football League. By 2025/2026, the American sportsman should be the highest-paid in the history of the NFL.


From the parameters above, it is safe to say that Patrick Mahomes makes an average of $90 per minute. This also means that the player makes around $1.6 per second and can make up to $6,000 per hour. The player has made history with such a massive contract.

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