How Much Does Skydiving Cost in 2023?

How Much Cost Skydiving?

Skydiving is an adrenaline-pumping activity, but the cost of a skydive can be intimidating. So if you are looking to take your first leap out of an airplane, it’s important to know how much money you’ll have to spend and what you’re getting for your money. In this article, we’ll answer all these questions so you can plan accordingly.

A tandem jump ranges from $100 – $300, depending on where you are and which dropzone you visit.

The price for a tandem jump is lower in some places than others. For example, it could cost about $125 in California or Nevada but only about $95 in Florida or Alabama.

Skydiving can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s important to choose the dropzone that’s right for you. In addition, skydiving costs depend on location and drop zone, so consider these factors when determining how much it will cost.

First things first: What kind of jump do you want? There are three main types:

  • Tandem – You’ll be strapped into a harness with an instructor who controls the parachute. This jump is often called tandem because it looks like you’re riding piggyback on someone else’s back! It’s also called accelerated freefall or AFF because your speed increases during this type of jump.
  • Static line – You’ll use a parachute to open after being held in place by a line from above (hence ‘static’). This method is sometimes called “instant opening” since it requires no skill from the jumperβ€”it will simply pop open when air currents pull.
  • Accelerated Freefall – This jump is for experienced jumpers; those without proper training should stick with tandem or static line skydives.

How Much Does It Cost To Skydive For A First Time?

The cost of skydiving is similar to the cost of any other activity that you might do on vacation. However, it’s likely worth it if you will be in the area for a few days and want to try something new.Β 

Skydiving with a parachute instructor approved by the USPA is not cheap. The average cost for a first-time skydive is about $200-$250 per person. It covers ale equipment needed and your instructor’s fee. You can find cheaper rates if you find someone who already has licenses and wants to teach newbies m how to skydive.

What Is Included In The Cost Of Skydiving?

The cost of skydiving can vary depending on where you do it and what kind of experience you want. If you’re looking for a tandem jump, this is the most affordable option and includes an experienced instructor who will teach you how to use all the equipment before jumping out of the plane. A solo jump is similar to a tandem, except that no instructor accompanies you and gives instructions from inside the plane as it takes off.

Static line jumps are usually more expensive because they require additional equipment such as a harness and helmet; however, freefall jumps are also quite costly since there are many factors involved in making them safe for both parties involved (Skydive Chicago has an entire page devoted solely to their freefall requirements).

Here is an important list of things that comprises the cost of skydiving;

  • A trained and experienced skydiving instructor.
  • Equipment, like a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, etc.
  • A brief training session to ensure you’re comfortable with the equipment, how to use it, and what to do in an emergency.

Are Group Discounts Allowed For Fist Time Skydivers?

Group discounts for skydiving are available. If you’re in a group of two or more first-time skydivers or your entire party has never jumped, you’ll receive a $10 discount per person.

If the entire group has up to eight skydivers, everyone will get an additional $20 off their jumps. In addition, families and groups of friends can save money by booking together. These discounts depend on where you’re jumping and whether it’s a holiday weekend. Contact your local drop zone for more information about group discounts.

What Are The Other Cost Associated With Skydiving?

There are a few other costs to consider when skydiving. For example, if you’re using a tandem instructor, they’ll need to be paid for their time. Tandem instructors usually charge anywhere from $250-$600, depending on their experience and reputation.

Another important factor is what kind of equipment you want to use during the jump. If your instructor provides all the necessary gear (a harness or parachute), then any additional costs won’t be associated with this part of your skydiving adventure.

Making videos and taking pictures of your skydiving adventure is another great way to remember the experience. Depending on how much equipment you want to bring. However, many ways exist to make videos and take pictures without breaking the bank.

What Are The Safety Measures Of Skydiving?

When you’re skydiving, it is important to remember that the sport is based on safety. The Parachute Industry Association (PIA) has developed the following safety measures:

  • Jumpers should be physically and mentally prepared for skydiving.
  • In addition, the pilot who flies you should have proper training and experience in flying parachuting planes or helicopters.
  • Your equipment must be in good condition to land safely on your feet if there are any problems with the parachute opening or closing during its flight path down to Earth.

How Long Does A Skydive Take?

A skydive takes longer, depending on your distance from the drop zone. For example, the journey could take five to 20 minutes if you’re in an airplane. Once you reach the drop zone, it takes about 30 seconds for your plane to land and another 10 minutes for everyone in your group to get geared up and ready for their jumps.


Regardless of how this outdoor activity might seem, skydiving is a safe and fun option to enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and family and can be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. With proper instruction, a good training program, and a good instructor, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.Β 

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