How Much Does Towing Cost In Sydney? (Answered!)

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car In Sydney?

In Sydney, the rate of car towing varies depending on certain conditions. In this article, we will inform you of these conditions and how they can affect the towing fee in the city. We will also look at some other important information you should have about the process.

Most towing companies in Sydney will charge you between $100 and $500 according to the conditions attached to your vehicle.  

The conditions are numerous and can include the cause of the vehicle, the time of breakdown, the location of the spoilt car, and where the car will be towed. However, for certain reasons, the cost of towing a car is usually low if it involves an accident or harm to the owner. Moreover, you can still negotiate with the tow truck driver using a private service. We will talk more about this as we proceed with the article.

Conditions That Can Affect Tow Fee

There are some conditions or factors you should consider before you employ a towing service, as this will affect the tow fee. Here are some of these conditions:

Time Of The Day

Certainly, most towing companies in Sydney provide 24/7 (24 hours) service to the citizens; this does not stop them from rolling out an extra fee for night services. As we have stated earlier, the average rate of towing a car is between $100 and $500, but night services can attract some extra bucks to shift the average cost between $170 and $550.

Day Of The Week

Like the time, the day of the week can also affect the cost of towing a vehicle. Towing companies in Sydney tend to operate divergent fees for different days, with the lower charge on business days, while the higher fees are fixed for non-business days and weekends.

You should also know that the day includes holidays and festive periods. Therefore, requesting a tow during this period can attract extra fees from the company.

The Kind Of Tow Truck Offered

The tow truck to be used for the job can also affect the cost of the service. For instance, a car involved in an accident might have some important functional parts missing or damaged and cannot move.

You should not expect the same tow truck used for a moving vehicle to be used for a stationary vehicle. At some other time, you may also need some special towing services for your vehicle to get the job done on time. Normally, any of these services should not cost you more than $200a and even more in some cases.

Destination Of The Towed Vehicle

Another factor that can greatly affect the price of towing a vehicle in Sydney is the destination of the towed vehicle or the point the vehicle will be dropped. If the towed vehicle is dropped outside the city, you will be paying more than the normal fees, and this service is considered a premium by most towing companies.

On average, towing a vehicle outside the city can cost about $1000 or more, considering the other conditions/factors contributing to the cost.

The Vehicle’s Size

The magnitude of your vehicle will also affect the price of getting your car towed; the bigger your vehicle, the higher the price for towing it. From what we have seen, towing a big vehicle should have a starting price of around $200 in Sydney.  

Location Of The Spoilt Car

Another important factor that affects the price of towing a vehicle in Sydney is the place the towing truck will pick up your vehicle from. So, this follows the simple idea that if your car is located at a distant place, you will be paying more than a closer location.

The above-listed factors or conditions are put into consideration when determining the price of towing a car. Unfortunately, this can surge the fee to a higher price than our average range.

How To Contact Certified Towing Company Or Driver

It is normal to find illegal towing companies in Sydney and not just here but around the globe. Yet, you can avoid falling victim to one through the following tips:

Go to your browser and search for “towing companies near me,” and ensure your location is turned on your device. Google will suggest nearby towing companies to you, usually certified ones.

Nevertheless, before you contact a towing truck driver, endeavour to reach out to a roadside assistant for better details or recommendations. When the tow driver arrives, you should also request their license or other qualifications before allowing them to take your car. If possible, you can also negotiate a price to cut the fees.

Extra Services Offered By A Towing Company

Apart from towing services, a tow company can also offer some extra services, and these include:  

  • Unlocking Your Vehicle’s Door: This happens when you misplace your car key or forget the key in your car. If such a car is to be towed, the company you contacted can help you unlock the car for a fee between $70 and $100.
  • You can also get your petrol refilled from $50 to $100.
  • Change of car battery: This service can also be offered by a towing company and can cost about $85
  • Change of tires: This can cost up to $100, depending on the type of car


Our range of fees might vary with the company you choose to employ their service; therefore, you should endeavour to get in touch with the company before proceeding with the process. The method of contacting the company will also depend on the urgency of the service. Normally, placing a phone call is the best way; however, you can also send an e-mail if you can wait.

Ensure you also verify the company’s reliability and do more research about them before using their service to be on the safe side. Towing a vehicle is not difficult if you go for the right company. 

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