How Much Does TRX MAPS Cost? (Answered!)

What Is Trx Maps?

During workouts, sometimes, you may feel that you are not doing enough to exercise every part of your body. Then, you begin to wonder if you are doing the right activities, which can be true in some instances. When you notice this, you should also know that TRX MAPS needs to come into your workout sessions.

A TRX MAPS is an in-app feature on the TRX mobile app that gives the full scan of your body by detecting patterns of squats and shows you areas of weakness in your body. This feature will help TRX subscribers to focus more on these areas during exercises and improve their workout sessions.

However, the feature is only available to subscribers of TRX, and hence, the cost of the TRX MAPS depends on your subscription plan. And this subscription price usually starts from $7.49. 

So, let’s dive into more details about the cost of this mobile application.

Cost Of The TRX MAPS

As stated earlier, TRX MAPS is one of the features included in the TRX mobile app developed by the TRX Training Club. This feature enables club members to detect areas of weakness in their bodies during workouts by squatting thrice in front of their phones. Since this is an exclusive feature, the price depends on the subscription fee of the TRX Training Club.

TRX Training Club operates a three-plan subscription structure through which members can decide to subscribe either monthly or annually. The monthly plans are two (membership and on-demand), while the annual plan is just one.

The TRX Membership monthly plan is fixed at $7.49, while the TRX On-Demand plan comes for $8.99 per month. If you wish to rather go for the annual plan, then you should be prepared to pay $58.99, which gives you access to a huge discount.

Once you successfully subscribe to the platform and join the club, you can then get access to the TRX MAPS feature on its app and improve your workouts by concentrating more on the weak parts of your body.

Why Should You Buy TRX MAPS?

If you are not if joining the TRX Training Club to access the TRX MAPS is a good idea, you should read this section with extra attention. There are a lot of advantages that come with joining the TRX Training Club, not to mention getting access to the TRX MAPS.

By joining the club, you can maximize the benefits of suspension training, yoga, and other exercise sessions in workout classes shown on its app. You will also be able to purchase training equipment that would have cost you a lot of money on the app, one of which is the TRX MAPS.

Since the TRX MAPS tracks your movements during workouts, you can utilize it to improve your form and workout routines and target your body weaknesses. You will also find this feature essential to creating a personal workout routine and correcting defects in your posture, mobility, and even body symmetry.

You can also use the information provided by the evaluation to track your progress and determine how much work you need to put in to reach your goal. The results from the scan will be displayed on your phone’s screen and sent as an e-mail to you.

How Long Does It Take To Get A TRX MAPS Scan?

Using the TRX MAPS is not as stressful as you might have imagined it and takes a very short time to complete a body scan. A TRX MAPS scan takes less than a minute (approximately 30 seconds) to complete and provides tips for improving yourself.  

Where Can I Get The TRX MAPS?

You can obtain the TRX MAPS by downloading the TRX mobile apps on either the Google Playstore or Apple Store.

Can I Use The TRX MAPS Without Subscribing?

If TRX MAPS seems too pricey for you, then you can use the method below to access the service of the body scanner without subscribing to the TRX app. Although this is also not a free method, you can probably cut costs this way.

The simple method involves finding a gym with the TRX training features, including the TRX MAPS, and allowing visitors to use them. It should be easy to find one since the TRX MAPS has become quite popular in recent years among trainers.

The only downside is that you might have to pay the gym membership fee if it is exclusive to their members or pay for a session that would allow you to use it. However, the advantage of accessing the TRX MAPS is that a trainer will properly guide you on the app, which maximizes your usage.

Should I Hire A Gym Instructor To Access The TRX Maps?

You will need the services of a gym instructor if you plan on fully utilizing the body scanner to improve your workouts. TRX maps might be a nice invention that helps one develop a good workout routine but lacks efficiency since it can only suggest methods of improving your area of weaknesses and not monitor the sessions

TRX MAPS gives you personalized routines on what you need to improve but does not tell you how to do them. A gym instructor will be with you every step to ensure you are doing the right thing.

Gym instructors can interpret the results from the TRX MAPS and recommend even better workout activities to improve your form, as well as suggest diets you should take. Purchasing a TRX map does not mean you should do away with your gym instructor, as the scanner is only to make your instructor’s job a bit easier.

You should hire a gym instructor even after getting a TRX map; a good combination of both would be enough to make your routine top tier. The instructor and the TRX map can work hand-in-hand to help you overcome the weak spots in your body.


Accessing the TRX MAPS does not need you to make a direct purchase but become a member of the TRX Training Club. The membership fee is quite affordable, and we recommend you go for the annual plan to save more.

Knowing the area to focus on during workouts makes the exercise worth it, which is what TXT MAPS offers.

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