How Much Is 2nd Class Stamp In the UK?

2nd class stamp price in UK

The importance of a postage stamp cannot be overemphasized as they prove the sender has already paid for the postage service. Without such proof, you cannot send messages or letters to people, as the letters will not be processed or sent. 

Since 1840, the mail system has been divided into distinct classes based on the amount of money or postage paid by the sender. There are mainly first-class stamps and second-class stamps. While first-class stamps are the fastest way to deliver a message, second-class stamps are more common due to their affordable prices. 

How Much Is 2nd Class Stamp In the UK?

When choosing a postage stamp, many people often wonder about the cost of a 2nd class stamp and its possible characteristics. We will discuss the price of a 2nd class stamp and everything you should know below.

The price of a 2nd class stamp in the UK largely depends on the mail delivery service or post office you use, the letter’s size, and the letter’s or parcel’s weight.  Here is a breakdown of the cost of the 2nd class postal stamp according to the size and weight.

Letter24cm long16.5cm wide0.5cm thick100g68p
Large letter
35.3cm long25cm wide2.5cm thick
Small parcel
45cm long35cm wide16cm thick
Medium parcel
61cm long46cm wide46cm thick

What Does the Second Class Stamp Cover?

The second-class stamp covers a host of things. Here is a list of some of the things below.

1. Cheaper Method to Send Letters and Parcels

This is the first thing the second-class stamp or postage covers. You can send letters and parcels for as low as £3.35. This is cheaper than the first-class stamp and relatively more affordable.  

However, you will have to pay more if you are sending parcels that are bulky or heavier in weight. 

2. Two to Three Working Days Delivery

If you use a second-class stamp, your letters and mail will be sent between 2 to 3 working days. These working days include Saturdays as most post offices are open on weekends. You must know that getting a letter or parcel delivered earlier than two working days is impossible.

3. Has a £20 Compensation if your Letter or Parcel Gets Missing.

Similarly to the first class stamp, the second class stamp provides £20 compensation if your letter or parcel is lost during delivery. You can claim compensation if your recipient doesn’t receive your letter or parcel.

4. 20kg Maximum Weight

The second class stamp applies to letters and parcels that weigh less than 20kg. If you want to send a parcel that weighs more, you must hire a courier service specializing in such deliveries.

What Is the Difference Between a First-Class and a Second-Class Stamp?

There are several differences between a first-class stamp and a second-class stamp. Here are some of the differences below.

1. Price

This is the major difference between first-class and second-class stamps. First-class stamps are usually slightly higher or more expensive than second-class stamps. The price differentials vary according to the weight and size of letters and parcels. 

2. Delivery Date

is another thing that differentiates a first-class stamp from a second-class stamp. All first-class stamp letters, including Saturdays, are usually processed and delivered the next day. The same cannot be said for second-class stamps, as it takes at least two working days before receive letters.

How to Send a Parcel or Letter with a 2nd Class Stamp in the UK

It is relatively easy to send a parcel or letter with a second-class stamp in the UK. Here is a guide on how to go about it.

1. Check if the Item Is Valid for Posting.

This is the first thing you must do to send a parcel or a letter via the post office using a second-class stamp. Several items you might overlook are prohibited from being sent in a post. Items like perfume and nail varnish are not allowed. 

You should also know that sending things like lottery tickets is highly prohibited. Check the post office rules to know the items that are allowed.

2. Pick and Pack your Box or Envelope.

This is the next thing you must do to send a parcel or letter via the post office using a second-class stamp. You must take your time to pick a box that will comfortably accommodate the item you want to send. Once you have selected the box, put the parcel inside and safely wrap the box.

If you intend to send a letter, it will be smart to choose an envelope that is large enough to accommodate the letter you write. Once you have written your letter, put it inside the envelope and ensure it is firmly sealed.

3. Address your Package or Mail

Once you are done packaging your letter or parcel, the next thing to do is properly address the letter or parcel to the right recipient. How you address a parcel is the exact way you address an envelope.

To address an envelope, you must order the information from the smallest to the largest. Lastly, input the postal code. You start with the reception house name/number, then the street name, locality, town, and country. Ensure this information is in the left-hand corner of the envelope. 

You will use the same method when delivering a parcel. However, you must take the time to include your return address on the parcel.

4. Weigh your Package and Choose a Postal Option.

Once your parcel has been addressed correctly, the next thing you should do is weigh your package. Your package’s weight is critical in determining how much you will pay for the sent parcel. The heavier the parcel or envelope, the higher the cost of sending it.

After weighing your package, you can choose the postal option. The option includes the first-class stamp and the second-class stamp. You must know that your chosen option will determine how fast your recipient receives the package.

5. Post the Package

This is the last thing to do when sending your package via the post office. Once you have done the steps above, you can send the package via the post office. Once you do this, your package should be delivered to the recipient within 1 to 5 days, depending on your postal stamp.

Can I Get Confirmation of Delivery on Posted Items?

You can get confirmation of delivery of items you post at the post office. This service is available for medium and small parcels. It is also available for first-class and second-class parcels you send through the post office.

To get delivery confirmation, you must go to the website, input your parcel number, and check if it has been delivered. You must know that most postal services only offer confirmation of delivery. They do not offer to track the items you post.

What Can’t I Send via the Post Office?

Although there are many things you can send via the post office, you must also know that there are many other things you are prohibited from sending via the post office. Here is a list of some of the things below.

1. Batteries and Beverages

You cannot post or send batteries or alcoholic beverages through the post office. It is prohibited to send them locally or internationally. To send such items, you must use a special courier service instead.

2. Explosives and Flammable Liquid

Because of its volatile nature, you cannot send this through a post office. Highly flammable liquids such as perfumes cannot be posted via the post office.


The cost of 2nd class stamps in the UK largely depends on the size and weight of the parcel you intend to deliver. The heavier the parcel, the more expensive the 2nd class stamp. 

This article discusses everything from the price of second-class stamps to what the stamp covers and the difference between first-class and second-class stamps. Read through to get the information you need.

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