How Much is a Book of Stamps?

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You must have noticed the postage charge if you regularly send letters or parcels through the post office. That is the postage stamp. The stamp is usually located in the upper right corner of the envelope. This lets the post office know that you have duly paid for the delivery of the parcel. You cannot send your parcel through the post office without a postage stamp. This is why having a stamp book is very handy.

A stamp book is a booklet containing more than one postage stamp. It usually has up to 20 postage stamps covered in cardboard to prevent damage. If you have a stamp book, you can easily use any stamps to send your parcel or letter while keeping the rest for future purposes. 

The price of a book of stamps largely depends on the type of stamp you want to buy. There are different stamp books, ranging from forever book stamps to postcard group and global book stamps. Although these stamps vary in price, a forever stamp usually costs $12 for 20 stamps. A book of 18 stamps costs 10.80 dollars while a book of 16 stamps is $9.60.

How Many Stamps Come in One Book?

The number of stamps you will find in a book largely depends on the type of stamp book you buy. There are different types of stamp books, and each has different purposes and varies in the number of stamps they have. Here is a guide to the number of stamps in a stamp book.

1. The Forever Stamp

The forever stamp book has 20 stamps. The stamps can be used anytime since the fluctuation of prices doesn’t affect their validity. Forever stamps are first-class stamps, and their parcels are usually processed much more quickly than other stamps. 

Although first-class stamps usually increase, you do not have to pay extra fees when delivering a letter or parcel using the stamps in the forever stamp. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about validity since you can use the stamps in your forever stamp to send letters and parcels of any type. As stated earlier, the forever stamp book costs $12.

2. The Collectible Stamp

Over the years, the United States Postal Service released a hard-bound book popularly known as the collectible stamp book. The book usually has some collectible stamps around. The number of stamps in such a book will vary yearly.

In 2018, the United States released over 80 stamps in the collectible stamp book. In 2019, it was much lower, as only 72 stamps were released in the 64-page stamp yearbook. For this year, there are no guarantees on the number of stamps you will find in the yearbook. However, you can be assured that you will find the latest stamps and special designs in the yearbook once it is out. 

These collectible stamps have no fixed price as the price depends on the design and other factors.

3. A Roll of Forever Stamp

Apart from getting a forever stamp booklet, you can also buy a roll of forever stamps. Although they are much more expensive than forever stamp booklets, you should know that the number of stamps in each roll is also significantly greater.

A roll of forever stamps costs around $63. This amount covers the entire roll, which is usually up to 100. Once you buy this roll, you can enjoy sending messages, letters, and parcels without buying new forever stamps every time.

Where Can I Buy a Stamp Book?

If you intend to use the post office regularly, you will need stamps forever as they are much more beneficial. You might be wondering where you might find these forever stamps. Well, don’t worry. There are a lot of places where you can buy a forever stamp within the state. Here is a list of possible options.

 1. Amazon

Amazon is the first name that should come to your mind if you are looking for a reliable place to buy stamps at an affordable cost. With Amazon, you don’t have to worry about leaving your house for stamps. You can order them online on their website.

Different stamp books are available at Amazon, from forever stamps to collectibles. All these stamps are extremely affordable since the website allows you to choose the best price from different sellers. Sometimes, you can get a stamp below the post office rate.

2. Walmart

This is another place where you can buy stamp books if you are looking for places where you can get a reasonable rate. You can buy different types of stamps at Walmart. The price of the stamp depends on the design you choose and the stamp class.

All you need to do to buy stamps at Walmart is go to their official website. Like Amazon, you can easily purchase stamps from the comfort of your room if you have an internet connection. Once you have selected the stamp, purchase it and deliver it to your house.

3. USPS Official Website

Like the previous 2 methods, you can buy stamp books from the USPS official website. The prices of stamps on their official website correlate with the price at the post office. You only need to visit the website to purchase your stamp book.

Apart from buying normal first-class or collectible stamp books, you can also take your time to order and buy custom-designed stamps on the website. This is one service it offers that distinguishes it from other online stamp sellers.  Once you order your custom-made stamps, make payments, and a specially designed stamp will be delivered to you within days.

4. Post Office

The post office is one of the most obvious places to buy stamps. Since they offer postal services, they also sell stamps so you can send letters and packages. 

When buying your stamp book at the post office, you do not have to worry about paying extra charges as stamps are sold at cost. You can buy different types of stamps at this place, although they don’t offer the custom-made stamps their website offers.

5. Groceries Stores and Pharmacy

The grocery store is another place you can always buy a stamp book. Although not all grocery stores and pharmacies sell such items, many in the United States and the UK sell post office stamps.

If you buy a stamp book from a grocery store, you should be aware that the price might be a few cents or pence higher than the cost price at the post office. This is because grocery store owners look for a way to make a little extra money.

Is the Stamp Book Price the same at all Post Offices in the State?

Stamp book prices are the same in post offices in the United States. Although the prices might differ among retailers across different states, post offices must have a uniform stamp price. 

If you notice an increase in the cost of stamps when sending a letter or parcel to someone, it means the prices of stamps have increased. The price of a stamp book in New York is the same as the price of a stamp book in California.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for International Shipping?

It is well known that international shipping is usually more expensive than local shipping. There are over 180 countries around the globe where you can send letters or packages using the post office.

You only need one global forever stamp for one ounce of weight if you wish to send your letter or parcel to any country around the United Kingdom or the United States. The heavier the parcel, the more money you will spend on stamp fees.


Stamp books are affordable, as you can get a booklet of 20 forever stamps for as low as $12. There is also another type of stamp called a collectible. The price for this stamp isn’t fixed as it depends on the quantity and design available. 

There are different places you can get a stamp book. We have discussed all of these places and more in this article.

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