King’s University Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fee [2023/2024]

Kings University Acceptance Rate

Are you one of those people yearning to know King’s University acceptance rate? Then this article is for you. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is home to King’s University, a private Christian university in Canada that awards bachelor’s degrees in a variety of disciplines, including the arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, music, business, and teaching. 

More than 900 students from throughout Canada and across the world, representing more than 16 different nationalities, are now enrolled at King’s. So what is King’s University’s acceptance rate? Keep on reading to find out. 

What is King’s University known for?

King’s is renowned as a center of teaching excellence and is one of Canada’s first-class undergraduate universities. Students are supported in their academic endeavors by a full range of student development and personal counseling services in an environment that values inclusiveness and diversity.

About King’s University

Before delving into the King’s University acceptance rate, let me take you on a journey through the school’s history. The King’s College Act was passed by the Alberta Legislature and signed into law on November 16, 1979. 

This act provided the College with a charter to operate as The King’s College; King’s University was first established in Alberta by the Christian College Association. They gave their dream of Christian higher education a textual expression in the form of a constitution and declaration of principles in December 1970

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities includes King’s University in its ranks of member institutions. The Postsecondary Learning Act is the piece of law that makes this all possible. 

An official membership agreement was signed with the University of Alberta on November 2, 1983. This agreement ensured that the vast majority of courses taken at King’s would automatically transfer to the University. As well it made various resources from the University, such as the library and curriculum labs, available to college students. 

In 1987, The King’s College was granted the authority to confer its first authorized degree, a Bachelor of Arts that may be completed in three years and has concentrations in various academic fields. Since then, it has been granted permission to offer a wide variety of additional degree programs, all of which are included in this calendar.

The College completed the relocation onto its first-ever permanent campus during the summer of 1993. The bill to rename the College to The King’s University College was passed through the Alberta legislature in November of that year and received approval.  

The name was changed to “The King’s University” in November 2015 after the Alberta legislature approved a private member’s bill to make the change.

What is King’s University Acceptance Rate?

King’s University Acceptance rate is %94.3, making it one of the Canadian universities that are easy to gain admission to. As well the school welcomes students from all parts of the world.

Despite its high acceptance rate, King’s University offers quality education to students with seasoned lecturers and a serene learning environment. Having known what King’s University acceptance rate is, what is the Tuition for King’s University? The next paragraph answers that question. 

What are King’s University Tuition Fees? 

The undergraduate tuition fees for King’s University are Domestic tuition of 12,710 CAD, International tuition of 15,710 CAD. 

What Programs are Offered by King’s University?

Students have access to approximately 650 different courses across 37 different academic areas. Bachelor’s degrees in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and commerce may be earned in three or four years at The King’s University. 

Additionally, an after-degree Bachelor of Education program can be completed in only two years. The program in Environmental Studies and the combined major in Politics, History, and Economics (PHE) are notable examples of academic offerings. 

Over 900 students are now enrolled in several bachelor’s degree programs at the institution, including Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Education. King’s University welcomes religiously diverse students who are academically competent to enroll in its programs.

King’s University Rankings and Distinction 

The Globe and Mail, Canadian University Report, has ranked King’s University as having “top of the class” grades for Student-Faculty Interaction, Class Size, Quality of Teaching, and Most Satisfied Students for the past five years. During this time, King’s has maintained its position as a market leader.

Additionally, Maclean’s magazine bestowed upon it the title of the greatest small institution in Canada year after year, year after year. According to the results of The National Survey of Student Engagement results, King’s University College has the Most Supportive Campus Environment of any Canadian Institution, and it is ranked in the top ten percent of all colleges and universities in North America.

On each Canadian University Report published by the Globe and Mail in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, King was given an A+ grade for overall student satisfaction.

King’s University International studies / Off-campus Student Programs 

There are more than 25 off-campus study programs offered by King’s University, including the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies (located in India, United States of America), China Studies, Russia Studies, Middle East Studies, the Netherlandic Study Program, Film Studies (located in Los Angeles), and Uganda Studies. 

King’s is a partner with all of these programs. In addition, employment opportunities on campus are available to international students in various departments and fields, including those dealing with research at the University, the library, the facilities and grounds department, Tamil studies, and culinary services.

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