Kwantlen University College Acceptance Rate and What To Know

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Kwantlen University College is one of the most sought-after universities in British Columbia, Canada. As an aspiring student, you may wonder what the acceptance rate and tuition fee are for this prestigious institution. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog post will give you a brief overview of Kwantlen University College, its acceptance rate, and its tuition fee. Whether you’re a high school or an international student, this post will help you decide to study at Kwantlen University College.

Is Kwantlen University College A Good Place To Study?

It has been recognized for its commitment to applied research and is known for its focus on experiential learning. KPU has also been expanding its international partnerships and has a strong reputation for cultivating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. It is best to research the program you are interested in and determine if it aligns with your career goals and personal aspirations.

As a vibrant and dynamic institution, Kwantlen University College is setting the pace for academic excellence, innovation, and diversity in the higher education space. Founded in 1981, Kwantlen has grown from a college serving 1,200 students to a fully-fledged university college that enrolls over 19,000 students annually. Strategically located in British Columbia, Canada, Kwantlen is renowned for its strong academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and vibrant student life.

As a student at Kwantlen University College, life is filled with limitless opportunities to gain knowledge, develop skills, and explore new horizons. Academic programs at Kwantlen are among the region’s best, focusing on equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to compete in a rapidly changing world. The university is home to six faculties, including Arts, Business, Science and Horticulture, Trades and Technology, Design, and Health, with various programs available to students across these faculties.

One of the key features of Kwantlen University College is its state-of-the-art facilities that cater to the needs of all students. The university college has five campuses, each with unique facilities and resources. The Surrey Campus, for instance, is home to Canada’s largest undergraduate science program, while the Cloverdale Campus features a state-of-the-art trades and technology center. Similarly, the Richmond and Langley Campuses have art and design spaces, culinary arts labs, and sophisticated classrooms and research facilities.

Life outside the classroom at Kwantlen is equally as impressive, with the university college providing plenty of opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities. Students can participate in a wide range of clubs, societies, and student associations, where they can meet other students, develop new skills, and network with industry professionals. Furthermore, Kwantlen has an active Athletics & Recreation department that provides a comprehensive range of sporting activities and facilities, including fitness centers and sports fields.

As a student at Kwantlen, the institution’s innovative approach to education is one of the many reasons why it stands out. The university college emphasizes experiential learning and provides several opportunities for students to undertake internships, co-op programs and participates in research projects. With a focus on equipping students with real-world skills, Kwantlen collaborates with industry professionals and experts to ensure students gain a deep understanding of their chosen fields.

Tuition Fees for Kwantlen University College

Kwantlen University College is a prestigious school in British Columbia, Canada, that offers a wide variety of programs for students worldwide. As an international school advisor, it is essential to provide prospective students and their families with relevant and accurate information regarding tuition fees. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the tuition fees for Kwantlen University College’s different programs, levels, and students.

1. Tuition Fees for Bachelor’s Programs at Kwantlen University College

For domestic students, the cost of tuition fees for Kwantlen University College’s undergraduate programs is around $5,792 per year for full-time students. For international students, the cost varies depending on the program, but it ranges from $17,335 to $20,000 per year.

Some of the Bachelor’s programs offered by Kwantlen University College include Accounting, Agriculture, Arts, Business, Education, Environmental Protection, Fine Arts, Health Science, Human Services, Information Technology, Journalism, Science, etc.

2. Tuition Fees for Master’s Programs at Kwantlen University College

Kwantlen University College offers several Masters programs for students interested in continuing their studies. The cost of tuition fees for this program is around $10,930 for domestic students and $25,480 for international students.

Some of the Master’s programs offered by Kwantlen University College include Business Administration, Arts, Music, Technology Management, etc.

3. Tuition Fees for International Students

International students attending Kwantlen University College are required to pay higher tuition fees than domestic students. This is because international students are not eligible for government funding, and the university has to fund them through tuition fees.

For Undergraduate programs, international students enrolled in Kwantlen University College pay a tuition fee of $17,335 to $20,000 per year. For Graduate programs, the tuition fee for international students is around $25,480 per year.

4. Tuition Fees for Domestic Students

For domestic students, tuition fees vary depending on the program they are enrolled in. Generally, students pursuing undergraduate degrees pay a tuition fee of $5,792 per year, while students pursuing a master’s degree pay around $10,930 annually.

However, programs like Music or Design may require a higher tuition fee due to additional equipment or facilities required.

Kwanteln University College Acceptance Rates

Kwantlen University College is a public degree-granting institution located in British Columbia, Canada. With a reputation of providing quality education, this institution has been attracting students from across the world for decades.

One of students’ most common queries while seeking admission to Kwantlen University College is about the acceptance rate. The acceptance rate, also known as the admission rate, is the percentage of applicants who receive an offer of admission. In this article, we will discuss the acceptance rates and admission requirements for Kwantlen University College.

Kwantlen University College is considered as a moderately competitive college. The acceptance rate for Kwantlen University College is not readily available. However, it is estimated to be around 50%. This means that the college is selective in its admissions process, as it receives a high number of applications every year. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong application with a high GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and extracurricular activities to increase your chances of getting admitted.

What Are The Programs Offered at Kwantlen University College?

Whether you’re interested in business, health, technology, or the arts, KPU’s program can help you achieve your academic and professional aspirations.

Program NameDurationFaculty
Academic and Career Preparation (ACP)8 months – 2 yearsAcademic and Career Preparation
Accounting4 yearsBusiness and Management
Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG)VariesAcademic and Career Preparation
Advanced Communication in Intercultural and International…4 yearsArts
Advanced Specialty Certificate in Autism and Behavioural…1 yearHealth
Agribusiness4 yearsScience and Horticulture
Agricultural Science4 yearsScience and Horticulture
Anthropology4 yearsArts
Applied Communication4 yearsArts
Architectural and Building Technology2 yearsTrades and Technology
Arts4 yearsArts
Asian Studies4 yearsArts
Biology4 yearsScience and Horticulture
Brewing and Brewery Operations1 yearScience and Horticulture
Business Administration4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Accounting4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Financial Planning4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Human Resources Management4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Marketing Management4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Operations Management4 yearsBusiness and Management
Business Administration in Public Relations4 yearsBusiness and Management
Cannabis Professional SeriesVariesArts
Chemistry4 yearsScience and Horticulture
Civic Engagement and Responsibility4 yearsArts
Computer Aided Design and Drafting2 yearsTrades and Technology
Computer Information Systems4 yearsBusiness and Management
Computing Science4 yearsScience and Horticulture
Construction Electrician Foundation6 monthsTrades and Technology
Creative Writing4 yearsArts
Criminology4 yearsArts
Design Formation4 yearsArts
Digital and Print Publishing4 yearsArts
Early Childhood Education2 yearsArts
Electrical Foundations6 monthsTrades and Technology
Electrical Work4 yearsTrades and Technology
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology4 yearsTrades and Technology
Electronics Technician Common Core6 monthsTrades and Technology
Emergency Management1 yearArts
Engineering Certificate1 yearScience and Horticulture
Engineering Transfer2 yearsScience and Horticulture
English4 yearsArts
Entrepreneurial Leadership4 yearsBusiness and Management
Environmental Protection Technology2 yearsScience and Horticulture
Environmental Science4 yearsScience and Horticulture

Admission Requirements for Kwantlen University College

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To ensure that you meet the admission requirements, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the following criteria:

1. High School Requirements

To be eligible for admission to Kwantlen University College, you must have completed Grade 12 or its equivalent in a recognized educational institution. You will also have to submit your transcripts, which showcases your academic performance.

2. English Language Proficiency

Kwantlen University College requires international students to demonstrate their English language proficiency to succeed in university-level courses. The language requirements may vary based on the program and courses you plan to take.

3. Standardized Tests

If you’re applying as a freshman, you may have to take standardized tests such as the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)/American College Testing (ACT). These tests help evaluate an applicant’s academic aptitude, determining if they’re likely to succeed in their chosen program.

4. Supplemental Application Requirements

Many programs at Kwantlen University College require you to submit additional documents, such as your portfolio or writing sample, a personal statement, a resume or CV, or letters of recommendation, etc. These requirements, if mandatory, will be mentioned in the program requirements.

What We Like About Kwantlen University College

Kwantlen University College is a renowned higher education institution in British Columbia, Canada, which offers diverse courses, affordable tuition fees, and diverse student experiences. Here are some reasons why students should consider studying at Kwantlen.

1. Quality Education

Kwantlen offers students a high-quality education with experienced faculty, advanced learning resources, and modern academic programs. The university’s curriculum is regularly updated in line with current industry trends and research to ensure students receive relevant and applicable academic skills which foster their development and enhance their employability.

2. Affordable Tuition Fees

Studying at Kwantlen University is a smart financial choice as the university offers affordable tuition fees compared to other universities in British Columbia.

Tuition fees are considerably lower than some of the larger universities, which can significantly affect student finances.

3. Diverse Programs

At Kwantlen, students can choose from various undergraduate and graduate programs across diverse disciplines, including Business, Health Science, Design, and Information Technology.

With over 120 programs, Kwantlen has something for everyone, and students can pursue their passions and career goals through a wide range of courses.

4. Vibrant Student Life

Kwantlen has a committed student community that supports students from diverse backgrounds. The university offers a great range of extracurricular activities, clubs and societies and other events, which offer students an opportunity to foster lifetime connections, gain practical leadership skills and gain valuable experience that extends beyond the classroom.

5. Career Opportunities

Kwantlen has an active Career Services department that assists students in preparing for the job market, developing practical skills, obtaining relevant internships and co-op opportunities, and connecting students with the wider community to enhance their chances of securing employment after graduation.


Kwantlen University College is a reputable institution that offers many programs and opportunities for students to achieve their academic and career goals. While the acceptance rate varies by program and semester, it’s important to remember that the admissions process at Kwantlen is competitive. To improve your chances of acceptance, submit a complete and well-prepared application, meet the program’s admission requirements, and demonstrate a strong academic record and extracurricular achievements.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a diploma, certificate, or degree program, Kwantlen can provide a supportive learning environment, experienced faculty, and hands-on learning experiences to help you succeed. With careful planning and preparation, you can be on your way to becoming a proud Kwantlen student.

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