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Costs and Requirements for Enrolling in Mississippi Accelerated Nursing Programs (2022)

Costs and Requirements for Enrolling in Mississippi Accelerated Nursing Programs

How Long Is Mississippi Nursing School?

Mississippi Accelerated Nursing Programs

There is no better time than now to pursue a career as a nurse. Job openings exist, and the nursing profession is in desperate need of qualified nurses. If you want to get into the workforce right away, consider enrolling in an accelerated nursing school.

Nurses are one of the most important professions today, and demand is increasing. Despite the fact that nurses make up about 60% of the global healthcare workforce, hospitals are scrambling to employ more nurses who can step in and aid. According to the World Health Organization, 5.7 million nurse jobs will be available or unfilled by 2030.

If you want to work as a nurse in Mississippi, now is the time to get started. Nurses have a wide range of work prospects, and the demand for nurses will never go away.

What is an Accelerated Nursing Program?

An accelerated nursing program is a nursing degree option that is designed to help students earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) faster than traditional, on-campus programs. Some of these programs allow working nurses to quickly expand their education and thus qualify for advanced roles. Most accelerated nursing programs, on the other hand, are designed for non-nurses who have a degree in another field but want to change careers to nursing quickly.

Accelerated nursing programs are typically accelerated BSN (ABSN) programs. Accelerated BSN programs are intended for people who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field and want to pursue a nursing degree. ABSN programs allow these students to earn their bachelor’s degree in nursing without having to return to school for another four years. This accelerated nursing program typically takes 12 to 24 months to complete.

ABSN programs are pre-licensure programs, meaning students do not yet have their license to practice as a registered nurse (RN). There are some flexible and accelerated nursing programs designed for licensed RNs, as well, to enhance their careers with a BSN or MSN degree. However, when most people say, “accelerated nursing programs,” they are referring to the ABSN degree route.

Mississippi Accelerated Nursing Programs

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the health sciences campus of the University of Mississippi. It is the only academic health sciences institution in Mississippi, and it is located in Jackson. It includes the School of Nursing, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, School of Health-Related Professions, and School of Graduate Studies.

The School of Nursing is the state’s oldest nursing school, having been founded in 1948. It is affiliated with more than 200 hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, giving students a wide range of clinical experience opportunities. The School of Nursing offers both a standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program (ABSN). This 15-month accelerated 2nd degree BSN program is designed for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than nursing and want to switch careers.

Students joining this program must have completed 63 hours of preparatory coursework, which includes general education courses generally taken while pursuing a bachelor’s degree. All other prerequisites scientific and math subjects can be completed at the student’s preferred institution, college, or community college.

Necessary Requirements For Admission

Students willing to enroll should have;

  • First completed at least 62 semester hours, earning a minimum GPA of 3.0, with a minimum grade of C in all prerequisite courses.
  • Have completed a minimum of 62 semester hours of academic credit from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Have a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A minimum grade of ‘C’ is required on each course accepted for transfer.
  • Must have a minimum ACT score of 21 to apply.
  • Completion of all courses by the time the program begins in the summer semester of May.
  • Must be CPR certified.


The estimated cost of this program is $38,689, which includes tuition, fees, books and supplies, housing and food, transportation, and medical insurance. Please click HERE for more information on this and other programs available.

Accelerated nursing programs allow students to obtain their bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing (BSN) or master’s degree in nursing (MSN) in less time than traditional nursing programs. These courses are meant to help you get closer to your goal of becoming a nurse in less time.

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