20 Free Online IT Courses with Certificates (2023)

What Are The Best It Certifications For 2022?

In this article, we will show you how and where you can get free online IT courses with certificates of completion that will definitely enable you to achieve your desires, increase your earning potential, as well as improve your expertise.

Are you interested in starting a new career, or getting promoted to a new role in the IT space? If your answer is yes, then learning a new Information Technology (I.T) skill will be beneficial to you.

Did you know that earning certificates can benefit you financially? According to reports from a study by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with an active certificate participated at a higher rate in the labour force. Certificate holders also experienced a lower unemployment rate than individuals without certificates in the U.S.

Do you also know that the average salary for IT professionals with certifications is estimated to be higher than non certified IT professionals?

Given the rate at which new technologies are developed, keeping in touch with the recent pace of things might be overwhelming and expensive through traditional means. That’s where self paced online I.T courses that are free with certificates of completion comes in.

Most of these courses have varying requirements in terms of time and commitment. Nevertheless, they offer you an opportunity to learn at your own pace.

With a great number of paid and free courses online, the problem becomes which do you choose? Relax, we’ve done the hard work for you.

In this article, we have listed and also given an overview of 20 carefully selected free online I.T courses with certificates. You can also check our previous well written article on Free online Computer Courses with certificates of completion.

20 Free online IT courses with certificates in 2023

1. AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvements 

The AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvements IT Certificate course will take you four weeks to complete if you dedicated an hour to the course every week.

However, you are not mandated to follow the suggested time schedule as the course runs on a self paced basis. The course is offered through the Future learn e-learning platform by Taipei Medical University. You can Audit the course for free, but there is also an option to pay $59 for the certificate.

2. Information Systems Auditing, Controls and Assurance 

This free online IT course was created by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and offered through a couple of e-learning platforms including Coursera. The course contains about 8 hours worth of study materials and resources.

The course is speculated to take about 4 weeks to complete. It is a free online course, but you also have an option to Audit the course. You might be required to pay for the certificate, but it all depends on the basis of your study.

If you apply for financial aid, you’ll gain complete access to the course and certificate on meeting the specified terms and conditions.

You’ll learn: 

  • Introduction to Information Systems (IS) Auditing
  • Perform IS auditing
  • Business Application Development and the Roles of IS Auditors
  • IS Maintenance and Control.

3. Introduction to Linux

This I.T course is suitable for both beginners and professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge of Linux or learn new things.

You’ll be able to develop a practical knowledge of Linux which includes how to use the graphical interface and command line within all the major Linux distributions.

The Linux Foundation created this free online course and offers it via the edx online platform with an option to audit.

Although the course is self paced, If you dedicate about 5 to 7 hours every week, you’ll be able to successfully complete the course in about 14 weeks. A certificate is issued to you on completion, but to gain access to the certificate, you might be expected to pay about $169.

4. Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Healthcare

This I.T course relates the application of the fundamentals of Machine Learning, it’s concepts as well as principles to the field of medicine and healthcare. The course was designed by Stanford university as a means to integrate machine learning and medicine.

The Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Healthcare includes medical use cases, machine learning techniques, healthcare metrics and best practices in its approach.

You can gain access to the online version of the course through the Coursera platform. The course is loaded with 12 hours worth of materials that might take you about 7 to 8 weeks to complete.

5. Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design

Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, and a knowledge of the engineering and behind it is what this course seeks to teach. This I.T course teaches individuals like you about the design of Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and how they function in practice.

It also explores game theory, cryptography and network theory. The course was created by Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) and offered through their e–learning platform which is called the MIT open course ware. In this free and self-paced course, you have over 25hours worth of materials for your consumption.

6. Introduction to Networking

New York University designed this free online course but runs it through the edx online platform. The course is self paced and it also has an Audit option for individuals who just want to gain access to the course contents without the certificate.

However, if you wish to receive a certificate on completion, you will be expected to pay a fee of $149 for the processing.

They advise students to take the course on a 3-5 hours per week schedule, so they can fully complete the course in 7 weeks. If you are you new to Networking, you don’t have to worry, the course is designed to suit the needs of beginners.

7. Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Through this I.T course, you’ll be introduced to the field of computing security. If you commit about 10 to 12 hours per week to the course, you’ll be able to finish it in about 8 weeks.

The course was designed by the Rochester institute of technology and is offered through the edx platform. However, not every country has access to this course because of some licensing issues. Countries like Iran, Cuba and the Crimea region of Ukraine will not be able to register for the course.

8. CompTIA A+ Training Course Certification

This free online IT course with certificate on completion is offered on YouTube by Cybrary, through the class central website.

Approximately 2hours of course materials is what you get in this online I.T course. It is totally free and contains 10 lessons which you can start and complete at your own pace.

CompTIA A+ is a recognize certification for individuals who wish to fill up technical support and IT operational roles. Although this course might not grant you access to the main CompTIA A+ certification which cost about $239 USD , lt will offer you the necessary knowledge that can help you ace your CompTIA A+ certification exam.

9. Ecommerce Marketing Training Course 

This course was designed by HubSpot Academy and it’s offered through their website. The e-commerce marketing training course teaches how to create e-commerce strategy using their inbound marketing method.

It is the second course under their e-commerce courses. They offer an in-depth overview of building an e-commerce plan that can help you attract, delight and also engage customers to your e-commerce website.

10. Get a business online

This free course is designed by Google and hosted alongside other courses on its Google Digital garage platform. The course is made up of 7 modules which can be completed in an estimated time of 3hours.

Get a business online is amongst Google’s e-commerce courses provided to individuals for no cost at all. On completion of all modules and test, you will be given a certificate as proof of the training.

11. UI/ UX design Lynda.com (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn learning usually give you a duration of time to take their courses and receive certificate for free. They often give users around 1 month free access to their courses and learning materials. Failure to complete the course within that duration might require you to pay a fee to continue to access their courses.

This free online course provides a list of UI and UX courses that also offer you certificate on completion. Some of these courses includes:

  • Figma for UX Design
  • UX Foundations: Interaction Design
  • Planning a Career in User Experience
  • UX Design: 1 Overview
  • Getting Started in User Experience
  • And lots more.

12. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Data Science is growing in relevance, and Coursera has a number of Data Science courses. However, we have specially chosen this one created by IBM.

From this professional certificate course, you will be able to learn what data science really is. You will also develop experience on the practical use of tools, libraries and other resources professional data scientist use.

13. EdX– Big Data courses

If you’re interested in learning about Big Data or improving your skills in that area, then this free online IT course with certificate on completion might strike a chord.

This is helpful online course on big Data that is designed by the University of Adelaide and transferred via the edx platform. This course is a self paced course with a suggested learning schedule of 8 to 10 hours per week.

If you follow the suggested schedule, then you’ll be able to complete it in about 10 weeks. The course is free, but also has an option to upgrade which is paid. You will be taught about big data and it’s application to organisations. You will also gain knowledge of essential analytical tools and resources. You will understand related techniques such as data mining and PageRank algorithms.

14. Diploma in Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Most courses offered through the Alison platform are free to enroll, study and complete. This is a free IT diploma course on information systems security which will aid your preparation for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam (CISSP).

You will learn the rudiments about security in today’s world and you will become equipped with the resources you will need to become an information systems editor. The Course is a 15 to 20 hour course designed by the Work Force Academy Partnership.

15. IBM Data Analyst 

This course teaches participants how to analyse data using Excel spreadsheet. It goes further to help you improve your proficiency in performing tasks like data wrangling and data mining.

You can enroll into the course for free and you have access to all course materials and certificate on completion. The course is beautiful because you will get to learn from the most basic things to the complex ones.

16. Google IT Support

This course was created by Google, but transferred via the Coursera platform. In this course, you will be able to gain knowledge about performing IT support task like Computer Assembly, Wireless Networking and also installation of programs.

You’ll be taught to use Linux, Binary Code, Domain name system and Binary Code. The course contains about 100 hours worth of resources, materials and practice based assessment which you can complete in 6 months.

This course is aimed at helping you simulate real world IT support scenarios that will help you gain experience and improve your expertise.

17. Embedded Systems Essentials with Arm: Getting Started

If you wish to gain practical knowledge about using industry standard APIs to build microcontroller projects then this course might just be the one. This is a 6 module course designed by Arm education and featured in the edx e-learning platform.

Within an estimated 6weeks of study, you’ll gain knowledge about embedded systems using Arm based technology. You’ll gain free access to an Mbed simulator which will enable you to apply your knowledge into building real world prototypes.

18. Diploma in Information Management Technology

The course was published by Global Text Project on Alison to introduce individuals to the basic concepts and best practices of information management technology.

With the knowledge, you will be able to organise, control and implement IT in any business or organisation.

The course can be taken by individuals or entrepreneurs who wish to understand the use and management of information technology in organisations and modern workplaces.

19. Coursera – Introduction to User Experience Design  

This course is designed by the University of Michigan with the aim to provide a foundation into the field of UX design and research.

You’ll be able to understand how to research UX ideas and designs. You’ll also learn about sketching and prototyping for the development of design concepts.

The knowledge you will acquire will help you to focus your designs on providing an outcome that is user centered. The course is designed with a flexible schedule and starts from the basic concepts to make it easier for beginners to learn.

20. Fundamentals of Computer Hacking

This course is created by infySEC Global but offered through the Udemy platform. Through this course, you’ll understand the basics about computer hacking and it’s guiding logic.

It definitely won’t teach you everything about computer hacking, but you’ll be introduced to the concepts that can help you take a step further.

Although you have free access to the course and it’s materials, you will not be given a certificate unless you pay for it. So, if your aim is to just acquire the knowledge, you can give it a try. If it fits into your needs, then you could pay the fee for the processing of your certificate.

Benefits of online IT Certifications

When you take any of these free online IT courses and complete it within any time frame, you will get a digital certificate which you can print out for yourself.

There are some benefits of having one and they include:

  • Gaining more experience and expertise
  • Be updated on the trends in your industry (IT)
  • Leverage the opportunity to Network with industry experts
  • Earn more money and exposure with the knowledge acquired
  • Be better at your job in the IT space.

Where to Find Free Online IT Courses with Certificates

LinkedIn learning
MIT open course ware
HubSpot Academy
Google Digital Garage
Class Central
Future Learn

Note: When you visit the websites listed above, click on their search button and type in “IT” or “Information Technology” in the space provided and click on “Search”. Then you will be able to access as many free online courses as these platforms can provide for you.

General Tips for taking Online Courses

The following are a few tips for you when taking an online course:

  • Create a schedule you can follow
  • Plan your learning strategy
  • Dedicate yourself to the course as though it was a real course.
  • Do your own research.
  • Understand how you learn and create a regular study space that fits in
  • Stay organized.
  • Practice what you learn
  • Eliminate distraction.
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