Rutgers University Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fee [2023/2024]

Rutgers University Acceptance Rate

If you’re looking for a college with a low acceptance rate, look no further than Rutgers University. This public research university is one of the oldest in the U.S. and most selective in specific departments. Rutgers has an acceptance rate of more than 65%. This means that if your academics are good enough, your chances of getting into Rutgers University are high, given Rutgers University’s high acceptance rate. 

About Rutgers University 

Rutgers University is a public research university in New Jersey. The university was founded in 1766, making it the eighth-oldest school in the United States. Rutgers has over 65,000 students from all 50 states in the US and 120 countries studying across over 250 undergraduate programs and 100 graduate programs. It also has seven professional schools for law and medicine and a highly competitive business school that offers one of the highest-ranked MBA programs among public universities in America.

The Rutgers Newark campus is located about 8 miles from New York City’s financial district at Washington Square Park (a great spot to grab lunch). You’ll find plenty of things to do around campus: its athletics program takes up much of its time cheering on teams like football or basketball while they’re not busy learning new skills through student organizations like Greek Life or Student Government Association (SGA).

The campus itself is pretty large and can be hard to navigate. The library is the most prominent campus building and has many study rooms for students who need a quiet place to work on papers or projects. Although it’s not as big as some other schools, the Rutgers-Newark campus makes up for it with its various clubs, organizations, events and activities. The school also hosts many performances by local artists so you can catch up on what’s happening in your area while staying connected with your peers.

Why You Should Study at Rutgers University

Rutgers University is a public research university in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was originally chartered as Queen’s College on November 10, 1766, and has been officially known as Rutgers University since 1825. Rutgers is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU); Rutgers is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the United States and has an acceptance rate of 68% .

Rutgers University is located in the vibrant city of New Brunswick, just minutes from both Manhattan and Philadelphia, with easy access to airports via train or car. Therefore, commuting will not be an issue for you as a student at Rutgers. Over 300 student organizations on campus cater to almost any interest you may have. You will be able to find something here after all.

2023/2024 Acceptance Rate for Rutgers University

The acceptance rate for Rutgers University 2023/2024 is 68%. The admissions rate for international students is 34%, and 62% for out-of-state students. The admission rate for international students is not explicitly stated by Rutgers but by estimates, the rate is around 34%. Meaning that 34% of international applicants were accepted to study at Rutgers. 

Based on historical data, an applicant who submits a Rutgers University application will have a 34% chance of being admitted. Students with similar GPA and SAT scores that applied to Rutgers University typically had an acceptance rate of 68%.

The school has a 26% acceptance rate for students who applied in the fall of 2018. The average GPA and SAT scores for students admitted to Rutgers University were 3.6 and 1390, respectively. For the class of 2023, out-of-state students were 34% of those admitted, while international students were 11%. The total number of applicants was 54,365 for the 2023 admissions cycle.

Rutgers University Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Rutgers Universityโ€™s undergraduate acceptance rate is 68%. In addition to Rutgers’ high undergraduate acceptance rate, Rutgers University has an international acceptance rate that is equally high, hence the large community of international students that study at the University. The school has a rolling admissions policy, which means students can apply throughout the year instead of waiting for a specific time period each year. 

Rutgers University Graduate Acceptance Rate

Rutgers University has a graduate acceptance rate of about 60%, making it popular among international and domestic graduate students. Rutgers has many graduate programs, hence the large number of graduate students that apply and get accepted into the University each year. Some of the graduate programs offered at Rutgers include business administration, communication & information sciences, technology/media studies etc., which are all highly ranked nationally by U.S News & World Report.

Rutgers University Acceptance Rate For International Students

Rutgers University accepts international students who apply and are qualified for any of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The acceptance rate for international students at Rutgers University is high at 60%, more than many other schools across the country.

The best way to improve your chances of getting accepted into Rutgers University as an international student is by preparing yourself well and having all the necessary requirements before sending your application to the school admission board. Make sure everything looks good before submitting them. If possible, have someone else look over everything, too, just in case anything is wrong with any part of what was submitted. 

Rutgers University may be a good fit for you if:

  • You want to study at a large university.
  • You want to study in a diverse environment.
  • You want to study in a research-focused university.
  • You want to study in an urban environment.
  • You want to study in a university with strong alumni networks.
  • You want to study in a college town with lots of cultural attractions.

Rutgers University Tuition and Fees

The Rutgers University tuition and fees vary depending on various factors, including your residency and course of study.  The tuition fees range from Local tuition of 15,648 USD, Domestic tuition of 33,963 USD. The tuition and fees payable may change without notice as the school board deems necessary. Students receiving financial aid may be able to apply for additional funding. This includes grants, scholarships, loans and work-study opportunities.

How to Get Into Rutgers University: Rutgers University Admission Requirements

The Rutgers University admissions requirements vary from program to program. The university is well-known for its arts, business, law and medical schools.

Rutgers GPA requirements: Undergraduate applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or more to get admission. You need a GPA of 3.7 or more for graduate programs to get admitted to Rutgers University. Some programs have additional GPA requirements that are higher than the minimum required by the university.

Rutgers SAT requirements: Applicants who plan to major in engineering or science should submit either the Math (800) + Writing (700) or Evidence-Based Reading & Writing + Math sections of the SAT with their application. Students applying to other programs must submit either the Critical Reading or Evidence-Based Reading & Writing section of the SAT with their application. You can check individual program websites for specific scores required by them.

Applicants who are not native English speakers will need to provide proof of English language proficiency through one of these methods: TOEFL score of 100+, IELTS score of 6+.

Rutgers University Rankings & Admissions Statistics

Rutgers University is a public research university in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Rutgers is the largest state university in New Jersey and the eighth-largest public institution in the United States. The university has been ranked by several ranking institutions, including Times higher education, QS world universities ranking, US world news report, etc. Rankings received by Rutgers include #55 in National Universities, #27 in Best Colleges for Veterans and #194 in Best Value Schools by US News. Rutgers has a Student-Faculty Ratio of 15:1. Rutgers University has a total enrollment of 50,804. 

Rutgers University Ranking For International Students

Rutgers University is one of the top universities in the United States. It is ranked as one of the best universities for international students in the US, and it is also ranked as one of the best undergraduate schools in America.

International students interested in applying to Rutgers University should know they will have an excellent opportunity to succeed during their time at this university. Students accepted into this school can expect to receive a high-quality education from some of the most talented professors in their field.

What GPA do you need to get into Rutgers University?

Rutgers Universityโ€™s GPA requirement for freshman applicants is often 3.0 or more, but it depends on the program you want to apply for. If you apply as a transfer student, your GPA should be higher than 3.3 or 3.5 (depending on the major). If you are an international applicant or have a low GPA, your SAT score will be considered more important than your GPA.

What SAT do you need to get into Rutgers University?

To get into Rutgers University, you require an SAT score of 950 – 1250, Critical Reading 630-720, Math 670-780, Writing 700-790. 

Is Rutgers University expensive?

Rutgers Universityโ€“Newark (RUN), which offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, is not very expensive compared to many other schools in the US. On average, the cost of schooling at Rutgers is about $26,979 per year for tuition alone. However, RUN does have some other low-cost options. Full-time students who live within commuting distance of campus are eligible for reduced fees that bring down the total cost of attendance by about 50%.

Does Rutgers University accept international students?

Rutgers University accepts international students. The school draws in students from over 54 countries, enrolled as full-time or part-time study students at Rutgers University for various courses. The university has a large international student population and is ranked as one of the best universities in the world for international students. In addition to its welcoming environment, Rutgers University provides a rich cultural experience for all its students through events such as International Student Orientation Week. 

At the end of the day, you should know that a school’s acceptance rate isn’t everything. The most important thing is finding the right fit for you, which can be at any school with any acceptance rate.  Statistics are vital but shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a college. Many factors go into determining how competitive an institution is, and theyโ€™re not all captured by just one number.

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