St. John’s College Acceptance Rate And Their Programs

St. Johns College Acceptance Rate

St. John’s College is a prominent liberal arts college that offers a unique learning experience for its students. With a competitive acceptance rate and a fair tuition fee, this college provides excellent education and fosters critical thinking skills in its students.

This blog post will delve into St. John’s College’s acceptance rate and tuition fee, shedding light on what makes it a great institution. Read on to learn more!

Is St. John’s College A Good Place To Study?

St. John’s College has a unique and highly respected program focuses on a “great books” curriculum. This curriculum, which includes studying classic texts from Western Civilization, has a reputation for providing an excellent education that prepares students for various careers. St. John’s College is also highly selective, with a low acceptance rate, and has a strong reputation for academic rigor. However, it is important to note that the program at St. John’s College may not be the right fit for everyone, as it is a highly intensive, reading and discussion-based program. Ultimately, whether St. John’s College is the right institution for you will depend on your interests, learning style, and career goals.

St. John’s College is a renowned institution in the United States with Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico campuses. It is a private liberal arts college offering a unique curriculum focusing on the “Great Books” of Western civilization. The College offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

As a St. John’s College student, life is characterized by a rigorous academic schedule and a close-knit community. The curriculum is designed to challenge students to think critically about classic texts, engage in debate, and hone their analytical and creative skills. The textbooks for each semester are composed of a set of primary sources, including the works of Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Freud, and many other great thinkers.

Many St. John’s College students describe their academic life as uniquely stimulating, with the discussion-based classes allowing for deep reflection and active participation. Students are expected to come prepared to each class and engage in lively debate with their peers.

St. John’s College has an intentional focus on cultivating a close-knit community. There are no fraternities or sororities, and students live in dorms on campus, making it easy to develop friendships and engage in extracurricular activities. Students from all over the world come to St. John’s College, creating a diverse student body that enriches the intellectual and personal growth of everyone.

In addition to academics, St. John’s College offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Students can explore their interests outside of the classroom, from student-led clubs to athletic teams. The College also hosts gatherings such as concerts, movie nights, and festivals, encouraging students to socialize and relax.

St. John’s College is a rigorous and challenging institution, but the reward is a well-rounded education that prepares graduates for various career paths. The unique curriculum, close-knit community, and extracurricular activities create a rich educational experience for students. If you are looking for a college where you can fully engage in your education and personal growth, St. John’s College may be the perfect fit.

St. John’s College Tuition Fees(Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate Programs)

St. John’s College is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, and it offers a variety of programs for students looking to pursue higher education. As a school advisor, I must provide incoming students all necessary information about tuition fees. Here is a breakdown of the tuition fees for St. John’s College:

1. Bachelor’s Programs

The annual tuition fee is $38,500 for domestic students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. This fee includes tuition, room and board, and other fees. For international students, the annual tuition fee is $53,500.

2. Master’s Programs

For domestic students pursuing a master’s degree, the annual tuition fee is $40,500, including tuition, room and board, and other fees. For international students, the annual tuition fee is $56,100.

3. Doctorate Programs

The annual tuition fee for domestic students pursuing a doctorate is $48,000. This fee includes tuition, room and board, and other fees. For international students, the annual tuition fee is $66,000.

4. Professional Programs

For domestic students pursuing a professional degree such as J.D. or M.B.A., the tuition fee ranges from $45,000 to $57,000. This fee includes tuition, room and board, and other fees. International students’ tuition fees range from $63,000 to $77,000.

St. John College Acceptance Rates

St. John’s College is a private liberal arts institution widely known for its Great Books curriculum. With campuses in Maryland and New Mexico, the college prides itself on offering a unique educational experience rooted in the classics. Like all selective institutions, St. John’s College has specific acceptance rates and admission requirements that all prospective students need to understand before applying.

St. John’s College has a unique approach to admissions – the college does not consider any extracurricular activities, standardized test scores, or grades in the application process. Rather, the institution solely evaluates students’ intellectual potential and passion for lifelong learning. As a result, the school has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country – hovering around 50% annually.

However, it is important to note that the acceptance rate is not the same across all majors. For instance, the college has a lower acceptance rate for its science program than its liberal arts program. Nonetheless, the admission process for each program remains rigorous and competitive.

Admission Requirements for St. John’s College

St. John’s College has a set of admission requirements that all applicants must meet to be considered for enrollment.

1. Academic Requirements

The academic requirements for St. John’s College are stringent, and applicants are expected to have a strong academic background. The college requires applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent to be considered for admission. In addition, applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended.

St. John’s College does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. Instead, the college relies on application essays and letters of recommendation to assess applicants’ academic abilities. Essays and letters of recommendation are essential to the application, and applicants should take them seriously.

The college also offers an optional math and language proficiency exam for applicants who wish to demonstrate their proficiency in these subjects. These exams are not required but can help applicants demonstrate their academic abilities.

2. Application Essays

The application essays are essential to the St. John’s College application. Applicants must submit two essays, each with a word limit of 500 words. The essays should be reflective, thoughtful, and well-written. They should demonstrate the applicant’s intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and passion for learning.

3. Letters of Recommendation

The college requires applicants to submit two letters of recommendation. These letters should be from individuals who know the applicant well, such as teachers, counselors, or mentors. The letters should provide insights into the applicant’s academic abilities, personal qualities, and potential for success at St. John’s College.

4. Interview

St. John’s College may invite applicants for an interview as part of the application process. The interview is an opportunity for the applicant to discuss their academic interests and goals with a member of the admissions team. The interview is not required, but it can help applicants demonstrate their passion for learning and suitability for St. John’s College.

What We Like About St. John College

St. John’s College, with campuses in Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, is unlike any other. Founded in 1696, St. John’s is America’s third-oldest college and is widely recognized for its distinct liberal arts curriculum, devoted faculty, and world-class facilities. If you’re considering higher education, here are a few reasons to study at St. John’s College.

1. A Unique Curriculum

At St. John’s, every student follows the same program, regardless of major or chosen career path. The college’s curriculum is based on the Great Books, a list of classic texts that have influenced Western thought and culture throughout history.

From Greek philosophy and literature to modern science and math, students engage in rigorous, Socratic-style discussions and seminars to explore fundamental questions across diverse subject areas. As a result, St. John’s alumni become exceptional thinkers, leaders, and problem-solvers equipped to excel in any field.

2. Small Classes and Engaged Faculty:

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1, St. John’s offers personalized, interactive education. Every student gets to know their professors well, and all faculty members are deeply committed to helping students explore intellectual passions and develop critical thinking skills.

Many faculty members have published books, have served in government, and have earned distinguished fellowships, fostering a dynamic academic community. The low student-to-faculty ratio ensures that students receive attention and support, which is uncommon among larger universities.

3. Majors Without Specializations

St. John’s does not offer majors in the traditional sense. Instead, students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. This degree reflects an understanding of unity and diversity. By studying the classics, students are exposed to analyses that reveal the relationship between subjects and between the subjects and the student. This creates a liberal education that provides students with the critical thinking skills necessary for extensive reasoning and problem-solving.

4. Exemption from Standardized Tests

St. John’s College is one of the few colleges in America that do not require submitting SAT, ACT, or other standardized test scores. This means the admission process is entirely based on the student’s intellectual maturity, character, and potential. Instead of test scores, the admission committee reads your statement and evaluates your academic transcripts, taking a holistic view of your educational journey.


St. John’s College offers an exceptional education steeped in the classics and a commitment to personal growth and development. With a highly selective acceptance rate, students can be confident they are part of a dedicated and engaged community.

The tuition fees may be higher than in some institutions, but the return on investment is unparalleled, ensuring that graduates are prepared for success in any field they choose. For those seeking a unique and transformative educational experience, St. John’s College is an excellent choice.

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