Tealive Menu Malaysia: Drink Water & Food Promo Price

What Is Tealive Famous For?

A popular and famous tea brand in Malaysia is Tealive Drinks. The unique and delicious taste gave it the edge over its major competing drink brands, Chatime, Soylab, and Tiger Sugar.

Malaysia’s bubble tea market is worth over $50 million and is projected to grow further in five years. Many beverage brands compete in the market share, and Tealive is a shining star amongst chain restaurants offering bubble tea and other delicious treats.

Tealive’s specialty is their pearls or bubble expertise and various beverages such as Milk Tea, Black Diamond Milk Tea, and coffee. The variety of tea flavors and seasonings made this water-based bubble tea popular among teenagers.

Tealive started its breakthrough journey in 2017 as a teeming tea brand with a fulfilling mission is always bringing joyful experiences through tea. Already positioned on top of the tea market in Malaysia and backed by a leading private equity group, Creador is equipped with the deep market knowledge and operational expertise to build world-class entrepreneurs. This Southeastern lifestyle tea giant has over 800 outlets on three continents: Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Cambodia. 

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Tealive Menu Malaysia

Tealive offers an extensive menu of hot and cold drinks such as Oats with Organic Oat Milk, Fruit Tea, Coco, Coffee, Crafted Tea, snacks, and light meals. They are operating an online store where customers can order their favorite drinks and meals, which will be delivered to them at their doorstep.

Since you’re a lover of bubble tea, check out the menu and price list of all Tealive drinks below:

**Prices placed here are accurate when writing and may often be subject to change; please browse the official tealive website for the latest update.


Special Bundle Deals Menu Tealive Malaysia

Classic Partea – 3 cupsRM20.35
Signature Partea – 3 cupsRM21.89
Supreme Partea – 3 cupsRM24.43

Pricelist Table Menu Limited Offer Tealive Menu Malaysia 


Mangold Collagen Milkshake with Jelly & SagoRM14.89
Mangold Milkshake with Jelly & SagoRM12.88
Mangold Organic Oatmilk with Jelly & SagoRM13.78
Mangold Tea with Jelly & SagoRM10.81

Pricelist Table Menu Mangold Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Famous Amos

Famous Coco BerryRM11.90
Famous Coco LavaRM11.90
Famous Coco Smoothie LRM13.90
Famous Coco Toffee-HRM12.90
Famous Vanilla Smoothie LRM13.90

Pricelist Table Menu Famous Amos Tealive Menu Malaysia

Pandan Lava

Pandan Lava Milk Tea HotRM11.50
Pandan Lava Pearl Milk TeaRM11.50
Pandan Lava Pearl SmoothieRM13.50

Pricelist Table Menu – Smoothies Tealive Menu Malaysia

Strawberry Pudding SmoothiesRM9.30
Lynchee Sago Tea SmoothiesRM9.30
Mango Passion Fruit SmoothieRM9.30
Malty Smoothies (Horlicks)RM9.30

Pricelist Table Menu Pandan Lava Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Mix-Eats Bowl

Cheezy Crinkle Potato Wedges + Chicken RollRM14.31
Cheezy Crinkle Potato Wedges + Popcorn ChickenRM14.31
Crinkle Potato Wedges + Chicken MeatballsRM15.37
Korean Crinkle Potato Wedges + Chicken RollRM14.31
Korean Spicy Crinkle Potato Wedges + Popcorn ChickenRM14.31

Pricelist Table Menu Mix-Eats Bowl Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Mix-Eats Bowl Combo

Signature ComboRM22.00
Pop Pop ComboRM24.99

Pricelist Table Menu Mix-Eats Bowl Combo Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs with Swedish Brown Sauce (7 pcs)RM12.99
Chicken Meatballs (Combo)RM19.93

Pricelist Table Menu Chicken Meatballs Tealive Menu Malaysia

Tealive Oatsem Kaw With Organic Oat Milk

Bang Bang Oat Milk with Brown Sugar Warm PearlRM14.73
Oat Milk Coffee LatteRM15.79
Oat Milk Cocoa LatteRM12.61
Oat Milk Pearl Milk TeaRM12.61

Pricelist Table Menu Oatsem Kaw With Organic Oat Milk Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Signature Bang

Bang Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Warm PearlsRM9.12
Bang Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Warm PearlsRM9.12
Bang Chocolate with Brown Sugar Warm PearlsRM10.18
Bang Coffee with Brown Sugar Warm PearlsRM10.18

Pricelist Table Menu Signature Bang Tealive Menu Malaysia 


Black Diamond Signature CoffeeRM12.19
Cocoa MochaRM10.18
Hazelnut LatteRM10.18
Coffee Smoothie Choco Shaka Laka with Oreo Cookies PiecesRM11.60
Signature CoffeeRM10.18

Pricelist Table Menu Coffee Tealive Menu Malaysia

Milk Tea

Black Diamond Roasted Milk TeaRM9.54
Classic Roasted Milk Tea RM7.42
Earl Grey Milk TeaRM8.48
Hazelnut Milk TeaRM8.48
Malty Milk Tea (Horlicks)RM8.48
Milk Tea (Original)RM7.42
Milk Tea (Signature)RM7.42
Original Pearl Milk TeaRM8.48
Red Bean Pearl Milk TeaRM9.54
Roasted Milk Tea with Grass JellyRM8.48
Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaRM8.48

Pricelist Table Menu Milk Tea Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Nishio Fine Matcha

Nishio Matcha with Signature Warm PearlsRM11.66
Nishio Matcha Milk Tea with Red BeanRM10.60
Nishio Matcha Milk Smoothie with Red BeanRM11.90
Nishio Matcha LatteRM10.60

Pricelist Table Menu Matcha Tealive Menu Malaysia


Coco LatteRM9.12
Hazelnut CocoRM8.48
Malty Coco (Horlicks)RM9.12
Milk Choc Shaka LavaRM10.60
Signature CocoRM8.48
Coco Smoothie with Oreo Cookies PiecesRM9.40
Milk Choco Shaka Laka with Oreo Cookies PiecesRM10.50
Mint Choco Smoothie Shaka Laka with Oreo Cookies PiecesRM11.50

Pricelist Table Menu Coco Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Sparkling Fruit Tea

Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe VeraRM9.54
Sparkling Iced Plum CoolerRM8.48
Sparkling Lemonade Tea with 3Q Jelly/Chia SeedRM9.12
Sparkling Lychee Tea with 3Q Jelly/Chia SeedRM9.12
Sparkling Mango Tea with 3Q Jelly/Chia SeedRM9.12
Sparkling Passion Fruit Tea with 3Q Jelly/Chia SeedRM9.12
Sparkling Plum Tea with 3Q Jelly/Chia SeedRM9.12

Pricelist Table Menu Sparkling Fruit Tea Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Crafted Tea

Earl Grey TeaRM8.90
Earl Grey Tea LatteRM9.12
Jasmine Green TeaRM8.06
Rose Puer TeaRM8.06
Rose Puer Tea LatteRM9.12
Radiant Roselle TeaRM8.48

Pricelist Table Menu Crafted Tea Tealive Menu Malaysia 

Tealive Eats – Banjir

Cheezy Chicken Roll BanjirRM12.99
Cheezy Chicken Roll Banjir ComboRM19.93
Cheezy Crinkle Potato WedgesRM8.37
Cheezy Popcorn Chicken BanjirRM12.99
Cheezy Popcorn Chicken Banjir ComboRM19.93
Crinkle Potato Wedges ComboRM15.79
Korean Spicy Chicken Roll BanjirRM12.99
Korean Spicy Crinkle Potato WedgesRM8.37
Korean Spicy Popcorn Chicken BanjirRM12.99
Original Chicken RollRM11.93
Original Chicken Roll ComboRM18.87
Original Popcorn ChickenRM11.93
Original Popcorn Chicken ComboRM19.93

Pricelist Table Menu Tealive Eats – Banjir Tealive Menu Malaysia

Special Bundle Tealive Eats – Snacks

Boba Gummy – 1packRM4.77
Nasi Lemak Crinkle Cut ChipsRM10.49

Top 5 Best-Rated Tealive Menu in Malaysia

Milk Tea – (RM7.42 – RM9.54)

The Milk Tea starts a delicious and savory ride in the Tealive menu. The Milk Tea menu lines up plenty of taste options you could enjoy with eleven flavors, including:

  • Black Diamond Roasted Milk Tea
  • Classic Roasted Milk Tea 
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea
  • Hazelnut Milk Tea
  • Malty Milk Tea (Horlicks)
  • Milk Tea (Original)
  • Milk Tea (Signature)
  • Original Pearl Milk Tea
  • Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea
  • Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly
  • Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

The Milk Tea is a simply delicious treat; it’s an excellent way to dive into the tasty delight of Tealive’s menu offerings. However, you may outgrow this very fast because of its simplicity.

2. Matcha Smoothies (RM10.60 – RM11.66)

The Tealive’s Matcha Smoothies are the go-to for a sweet treat. This doesn’t mean that this menu can’t be served hot or warm, which is one of the many options available on the Tealives menu. You could select from any of the four Matcha Smoothie Tealive variants below:

  • Nishio Matcha with Signature Warm Pearls
  • Nishio Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean
  • Nishio Matcha Milk Smoothie with Red Bean
  • Nishio Matcha Latte

Warning: These are the best options when you want to chill. They taste so amazing and are guaranteed to satisfy and quench your taste.

3. Fruit Tea (RM8.48 to RM 9.54)

Tealive’s Fruit Tea is your ideal treat if you want a healthier option. Depending on your chosen flavor, it is the perfect blend of tangy, sweet, salty, and sour. Such flavors include:

  • Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera
  • Sparkling Iced Plum Cooler
  • Sparkling Lemonade Tea
  • Sparkling Lychee Tea
  • Sparkling Mango Tea
  • Sparkling Passion Fruit Tea
  • Sparkling Plum Tea

4. Coco (RM8.48 – RM10.60)

Yes, chocolate lovers have something to match and tame their Coco cravings. And what else? The Tealive Coco comes in five unique flavors with the likes:

• Coco Latte
• Coco Smoothies with Oreo Cookie Pieces
• Hazelnut Coco
• Malty Coco (Horlicks)
• Superior Coco

The thing is, once you try one, you’ll keep coming for more. Why? It has a unique, satisfying taste that fixes your chocolate cravings.

5. Coffee (RM10.18 to RM12.19)

Lol, you thought we were going to skip this, huh? This is my favorite on the Tealive menu. When you thought you’d had enough, Tealive improved coffee, making it one of the tastiest Malaysian desserts. 

This is the best drink to start your day, giving you a caffeine jolt and a sweet pallet sensation. It’s available in different flavors, including:                       

  • Americano
  • Black Diamond Signature Coffee
  • Cocoa Mocha
  • Hazelnut Latte
  • Latte
  • Coffee Smoothie Choco Shaka Laka with Oreo Cookies Pieces
  • Signature Coffee

Order Tealive Delivery in Malaysia

This is not a one-trial treat since it is satisfying and savory.

Tealive is a popular bubble tea chain in Malaysia known for its various drinks and flavors. If you’re a fan of bubble tea and live in Malaysia, you can now enjoy your favorite Tealive drinks without leaving home. Tealive offers delivery services through various platforms, such as food delivery apps like Foodpanda, GrabFood, and DeliverEat.

  • To order Tealive delivery, follow these steps:
  • Download a food delivery app of your choice and create an account if you don’t have one already.
  • Search for Tealive in the app and select the store closest to your location.
  • Browse the menu and select the drinks you want to order. You can also choose from add-ons like pearls, jellies, and toppings.
  • Enter your delivery address and choose a payment method.
  • Confirm your order and wait for your Tealive drinks to arrive. The delivery time may vary depending on your location and the current demand.

With Tealive delivery, you can enjoy your favorite bubble tea drinks in your home. So, next time you crave bubble tea, open your food delivery app and order Tealive!

FAQs on Tealive

Can I order online and then pick it up myself?

Yes, you can. You could order directly from Tealive’s official website, food panda (available online, Google Play, and App Store), or GrabFood (available online, Google Play, and App Store). However, you should use the delivery services to avoid stress. 

Can I cancel and stop my eGift purchases?

No, you can’t. All purchased eGifts cannot be returned, replaced, or refunded.

What is eGift?

Tealive’s eGift allows you to transfer gift cards to your family and friends. However, whoever receives the eGift can purchase Tealive menu items with a gift card.

Does an eGift expire?

Yes, it does. The expiry date is always displayed on the gift card.

Can I invest in Tealive or start an outlet?

Yes, you can. The Tealive Business Development team will guide you and give you all information.

How much can I use to open a Tealive franchise?

You will need about RM75,000 to open a Tealive franchise. For such a large capital required, the estimated returns and profits are projected to be hundreds of thousands to millions per annum due to the high demand for bubble drinks in the country. In addition, you’ll be provided with all the materials and equipment needed to make Tealive beverages and snacks.

How can I reach out to Tealive Malaysia?

For those who have questions or feedback, you can drop a message on their official Facebook page or email them at feedback@tealive.com.my


In conclusion, Tealive Menu Malaysia offers a wide variety of delicious and refreshing beverages that cater to the tastes and preferences of the local market. With its quality ingredients, innovative flavors, and competitive pricing, Tealive has quickly become a popular choice for many Malaysians.

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