The 4 Best Middle Schools In Queens Parents Should Know About

What is the #1 Middle school in NYC?

Queens is a first-class county because it has the highest concentration of premium public schools in the entire state of New York. We would highly recommend Queens to anyone looking for a peaceful place in New York with less racial discrimination, incredible diversity, and a great location.

So, if you want your child to learn in a dynamic setting, you’ve made a wise choice. The top 4 best middle schools in Queens are listed in this article. These schools were chosen based on their pricing, reviews, educators, student-teacher ratio, social activities, and safety.

The 4 Best Middle Schools In Queens

  1. The New York City Department of Education

The majority of students in New York City apply to middle school during their fifth grade year. Although the middle school application is not always available, you can sign up for the school’s admissions email list to be notified when spots become available. If you want to apply, your child must be a current fifth-grade student in New York City, or a current sixth-grader if their elementary school ends in sixth grade. 98 percent of students are proficient in math, and 97 percent are proficient in English, according to state test results. The school is also known for having one of the safest campuses and enjoyable social activities.

Contact: (212) 677-5190
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  1. Woodmere Middle School is a public middle school in Woodmere, New

Woodmere Middle School is one of Queens’ best middle schools. It is regarded as one of New York’s best public middle schools. The teachers at this school will help your child in any way they can. There are even extra support classes for students who require additional assistance during the school day.

Many of the teachers at this school are consistent, effective, and courteous in their instruction, and it academically recognizes and challenges various students’ learning abilities in a positive way. The most important aspect of a middle school is a caring atmosphere, which you will find here.

Contact: (516) 792-4300
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  1. Great Neck South Middle School

Great Neck South Middle School is regarded as Queens’ top-rated school due to its outstanding teachers who are always willing to help. In fact, the teachers, particularly the gym coaches, are highly qualified and treat the students as if they were members of their own family.

The college prep programs offered by the school are its highlight. The school emphasizes extracurricular activities and has a well-equipped facility for dance, music, gym, and language classes.

Contact: (516) 441-4600
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  1. Anderson School

Anderson School was founded by a group of forward-thinking and determined parents who recognized the need for a school that could accommodate young students with high academic potential.

Anderson School is an excellent choice for you if you don’t mind a school that places a greater emphasis on academics and mathematics rather than sports and other extracurricular activities.

At Anderson School, students work on projects that challenge their logic and imagination both individually and in groups.

Contact: (212) 595-7193
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