The United States ZIP Codes – List of All US Postal Codes by States

What Are The Zip Codes Of Usa?

ZIP Codes are the postal codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to facilitate mail delivery nationwide. Introduced in 1963, ZIP codes have become an essential part of the American postal system, helping to sort and distribute mail to nearly every corner of the country. There are more than 9,223 ZIP codes in the United States, each corresponding to a specific geographic area.

In this article, we will explore the ZIP codes of the United States, including their history, how they work, and how to use them to your advantage. We will also provide a complete list of all ZIP codes by state, making it easy to find the code you need for any location in the US.


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The United States ZIP Codes

StateState CapitalZIP Range
Alabama (AL)Montgomery35004 to 36925
Alaska (AK)Juneau99501 to 99950
Arizona (AZ)Phoenix85001 to 86556
Arkansas (AR)Little Rock71601 to 72959
California (CA)Sacramento90001 to 96162
Colorado (CO)Denver80001 to 81658
Connecticut (CT)Hartford06001 to 06928
Delaware (DE)Dover19701 to 19980
Florida (FL)Tallahassee32003 to 34997
Georgia (GA)Atlanta30002 to 39901
Hawaii (HI)Honolulu96701 to 96898
Idaho (ID)Boise83201 to 83877
Illinois (IL)Springfield60001 to 62999
Indiana (IN)Indianapolis46001 to 47997
Iowa (IA)Des Moines50001 to 52809
Kansas (KS)Topeka66002 to 67954
Kentucky (KY)Frankfort40003 to 42788
Louisiana (LA)Baton Rouge70001 to 71497
Maine (ME)Augusta03901 to 04992
Maryland (MD)Annapolis20588 to 21930
Massachusetts (MA)Boston01001 to 05544
Michigan (MI)Lansing48001 to 49971
Minnesota (MN)Saint Paul55001 to 56763
Mississippi (MS)Jackson38601 to 39776
Missouri (MO)Jefferson City63001 to 65899
Montana (MT)Helena59001 to 59937
Nebraska (NE)Lincoln68001 to 69367
Nevada (NV)Carson City88901 to 89883
New Hampshire (NH)Concord 03031 to 03897
New Jersey (NJ)Trenton 07001 to 08989
New Mexico (NM)Santa Fe87001 to 88439
New York (NY)Albany00501 to 14925
North Carolina (NC)Raleigh27006 to 28909
North Dakota (ND)Bismarck58001 to 58856
Ohio (OH)Columbus43001 to 45999
Oklahoma (OK)Oklahoma City73001 to 74966
Oregon (OR)Salem97001 to 97920
Pennsylvania (PA)Harrisburg15001 to 19640
Rhode Island (RI)Providence02801 to 02940
South Carolina (SC)Columbia29001 to 29945
South Dakota (SD)Pierre57001 to 57799
Tennessee (TN)Nashville37010 to 38589
Texas (TX)Austin73301 to 88595
Utah (UT)Salt Lake City84001 to 84791
Vermont (VT)Montpelier05001 to 05907
Virginia (VA)Richmond20101 to 24658
Washington (WA)Olympia98001 to 99403
West Virginia (WV)Charleston24701 to 26886
Wisconsin (WI)Madison53001 to 54990
Wyoming (WY)Cheyenne82001 to 83414

United States ZIP Codes – Other Territories

TerritoriesZIP Range
American Samoa96799
Northern Mariana Islands96950 to 96952
Puerto Rico00601 to 00988
Guam96910 to 96932
United States Virgin Islands00801 to 00851
District of Columbia (DC)20001 to 56972


In conclusion, The United States ZIP code system is an essential tool for mail delivery and a valuable resource for businesses and individuals. Its continued use and maintenance are crucial for ensuring efficient mail delivery and supporting the growth and development of the country’s economy.

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