How Much Time Is Wasted On Apex Legends?

How Do I See How Many Hours I've Played On Apex?

Apex legends are one of the most played battle royale games out there. It has elegant graphics, amazing visuals, impressive gameplay mechanics, one of the best character model concepts, and many different customizations for the player to toy with.

Players tend to spend quite a lot of time on the game because it is so much fun and can be very addictive, so if you want to find out how much time you’ve spent on Apex Legends, read on. 

It is a free-to-play battle royale-hero game created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts in February 2019. As with the most successful battle royal titles, their uniqueness sets them apart, and Apex stands out from the lot in the battle royale category. 

Its success has been attributed to offering something different and new, not being repetitive, and adding characters with unique abilities. The coolest and easiest way to track time spent on Apex Legend is by using PS Tracker’s Bot to track your gameplay.

You can also use this handy tool to check the playtime of friends, family, and other gamers. Here are other cool ways to check how much time is spent on Apex legend.

How to Track Time Spent on Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fantastic game to which users can dedicate many hours to improve. That said, it’s difficult for players to keep track of their overall game time as EA still didn’t add any in-game tracking feature.

Keeping track of your game time on the console is even more difficult as it is not recorded. However, this has been made possible using third-party sources.

How To View Hours Played in Apex Legends On Pc

One cool way to know how much time you spent on Apex Legends is through Exophase. Exophase is a third-party website allowing players to see their total playtime, trophies, and achievements; here is a step-by-step guide to doing the same.

  • Go to or copy and paste this link [] into your preferred browser:
  • Replace ‘PSN’ with ‘Xbox’ if you’re on an Xbox One or leave it if you’re on PlayStation
  • Replace ‘YourName’ with your Gamertag on PlayStation or Xbox
  • Hit enter and Exophase will provide your playtime on Apex Legends.

Using the same website, you can also keep track of the playtime of all other games you have been playing on the console, and on top of that, it also keeps track of all your trophies and achievements earned. To track this, you need to have an account on the website, which is super easy and free.

There are two other ways of checking the number of hours you’ve spent on Apex Legends on PC. You can use the Steam Launcher option, and the other is through EA Play.

How To View Total Playtime For Apex Legends Using Steam Launcher

Two options exist for those who want to check their playtime on the Steam app. The main issue is that total playtime on steam counts as time spent on the game, even if you aren’t in a match. 

It also tracks how much time you spend customizing your legendary, reading the tale chapter, and waiting for a match to occur. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for seeing hours played in Steam Launcher:

  • Launch Steam Launcher and go to the Library page.
  •  Locate Apex Legends among the other games and choose it.
  • The window displays game statistics, including an info bar in the center.

IV. The total playtime and the last time you played the game may be seen in the center bar.

How to View Total playtime using Steam Overlay While in-game on PC

Like on a mobile phone, the Steam Overlay can view your total playtime for each game on Steam. Here’s a guide on how to check the time spent on the game using Stream Overlay.

  • Start the game.
  • Once loaded, use Shift+Tab to access the overlay or Shift+1 to access the community hub (both are the same overlay).
  • The total playtime is shown in the top left corner, along with the total number of hours played and the current session time.

How To Check Time Spent On Apex Legends Using EA Play On Pc

While the Steam overlay is the go-to option for in-game chat and voice communication, it’s also useful for tracking your playtime. You can also use EA Play to find out how much time you’ve spent playing a game; here’s how you use this feature to check your playtime.

  • Open the EA Play app.
  • Find Apex Legends on the list of installed games.
  • Then head to the information tab to see the total time spent on the game.

How to View Playtime for Apex Legends on Xbox

Apex Legends is also available for Xbox One and Xbox S/X consoles. For players who have spent time playing it on the console, follow these steps to view your playtime.

  • To access the menu, press the Xbox button on your console controller.
  • Go to the Profile & System menu.
  • Select My Profile
  • Among the games played, locate the game under the Gaming tab and click Achievements.
  • You may also open the guide, go to the Game Activity page, pick All Achievements, and then Stats.

How to View Hours played in Apex Legends on PS4 and PS5

EA’s Apex Legends is also playable on the PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 console. The consoles also have a tracking feature to help players know how much time they have spent running around in games. 

This feature also shows the dedication level of the players and the achievements they have achieved.

  • Start your PlayStation 4 or 5 console.
  • Use the controller to go to the top right corner of your profile photo and push the X button.
  • Select the profile, and then hit X.
  • Select “Games” on your profile page and locate the game and the hours played.
  • This applies to the PlayStation 4 and the newest PlayStation 5. The cross-device metrics need a PSN account.

How to Check How Many Hours you played Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch

This article won’t be complete if we skip the Nintendo Switch console. To track the amount of time invested into playing Apex legend, here’s a quick guide to going about it easily.

  • Navigate to the main menu and pick profile.
  • To see the list of games, scroll to the right.
  • Search for the game on the list; the number of hours played is shown beneath the title.
  • Playtime in Apex Legends on Switch

Ways to view how many hours you have played Apex Legends mobile

Apex Legends is now accessible on mobile devices, so gamers are not left out. It is worth noting that the time spent playing and fighting may vary from the time spent playing and fighting. These are the steps to seeing this data.

  • Navigate to the Apps menu under Settings.
  • Find Apex Legends and interact with it.
  • Select the “App Time Spent” option.

You can check daily and hourly playing data and choose between screen time, time opened, and alerts received.

Can I see how many hours I’ve played Apex Legends on my PS4?

Yes. You can see how many hours you’ve played the game. The PS4 console also has a tracking feature to let players know how much time they have spent running around in games.

Can I see the time played for Apex Legends on my Xbox One?

Yes. You can see how long you’ve played Apex Legends on Xbox One. A guide has been provided in the article.

Can I see the time played for Apex Legends on Switch?

Nintendo Switch lets players view how much time they’ve spent playing Apex Legend on their console.

Apex Legends is an exciting and entertaining battle royale game in which a player can easily spend loads of time in-game. This article has provided the ultimate time-tracking guide featuring all consoles in which Apex Legends is available. 

If you enjoy the game and find out you have spent an insane amount of time, do not feel beaten that you’ve wasted your time, as the write-up title suggests. If you enjoyed it, then it’s not a waste of your time.

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