Universite de Moncton Acceptance Rate and Programs

Universite de Moncton Acceptance Rate

The Université de Moncton is a renowned French-language university in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. With its rich academic heritage and commitment to excellence, the Université de Moncton has established itself as a leading institution for higher education in Eastern Canada.

As an aspiring student, you may be interested in knowing about the acceptance rate and programs offered at this esteemed university.

Is Universite de Moncton A Good Place To Study?

Ranked as one of the top universities in Canada, the Universite de Moncton is a great institution for study. The school offers various degree programs, including arts, business, and science.

One of the significant advantages of studying at the Universite de Moncton is the small class sizes that allow for personalized attention from professors. Students also have access to modern facilities, research opportunities, and internships, enhancing their education and preparing them for future careers.

Moreover, being a bilingual institution, Universite de Moncton provides excellent opportunities for students seeking to become fluent in French and English. The university is also in a friendly, safe, and welcoming community, providing a supportive environment that facilitates academic excellence.

Overall, the Universite de Moncton is a good institution for students to consider if they want quality education in a supportive and bilingual environment.
Université de Moncton is a French-language institution located in New Brunswick, Canada. Founded in 1963, the university has become one of the largest French-language universities in the world, serving approximately 5,000 students.

As a French-language institution, much of the focus at Université de Moncton is on fostering bilingualism and promoting the Franco-Canadian culture. This creates a unique and dynamic learning environment for students with diverse cultural experiences.

One of the most attractive aspects of studying at Université de Moncton is the range of academic programs available. There are many options, whether you are interested in arts, business, education, engineering, law, or science. The university also offers several unique programs, such as Acadian studies and communal studies, which provide a deeper understanding of the local culture and history.

As well as academic programs, Université de Moncton provides a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for students. There are many student organizations to get involved in, from sports teams and social clubs to academic groups and volunteer organizations. These groups offer opportunities for students to get involved in the community, build connections, and develop leadership skills.

Life as a student at Université de Moncton is both exciting and challenging. Students can expect a rigorous academic program with dedicated professors and small class sizes, ensuring a personalized learning experience. However, with an active campus culture, there are plenty of opportunities to balance your studies with extracurricular activities and social events.

For those interested in learning French or improving their language skills, Université de Moncton is an excellent choice. The bilingual environment provides a unique opportunity to practice French in a real-world setting, making it an ideal location for students who want to immerse themselves in the language and culture.

Overall, Université de Moncton provides an excellent academic and social experience for students looking to expand their horizons and explore new opportunities. With a strong focus on language, culture, and community, it is an excellent choice for students who want to learn and grow in a supportive and exciting environment. 

Universite de Moncton Tuition Fees: Everything You Need to Know

As a premier educational institution in Canada, Universite de Moncton offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs catering to international and domestic students alike. When it comes to studying at this esteemed institution, one of the most significant and often critical points of consideration for students is the cost of tuition. In this article, we will look closer at the tuition fees for Universite de Moncton for its various programs and students from different backgrounds.

1. Undergraduate Programs

As of the academic year 2021-2022, Universite de Moncton has set the tuition fee for undergraduate studies at CAD 6,839 per year for domestic students. This includes undergraduate programs across faculties such as Arts, Education, Sciences, Engineering, Music, Health Sciences, Nursing, and Business Administration.

International students’ tuition fee for undergraduate studies at Universite de Moncton is CAD 15,820 per year. After adding additional fees like health insurance, registration, and deposit, the total cost comes up to an estimated CAD 18,012.

2. Graduate Programs

For those interested in pursuing a master’s degree at Universite de Moncton, the tuition fees vary depending on the program. Below is a list of some popular graduate programs offered at the university and their respective tuition fees for domestic students:

– Master in Business Administration (MBA): CAD 11,931 per year
– Master in Education: CAD 7,440 per year
– Master in Computer Science: CAD 8,049 per year
– Master in Health Sciences: CAD 11,070 per year

For international students, the tuition fee for graduate programs at Universite de Moncton typically falls within the CAD 15,000 to CAD 20,000 range, depending on the specific program.

Universite de Moncton Acceptance Rates

The Universite de Moncton is a French-language university in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Established in 1963, it is one of the largest French-language universities in North America. Every year, students worldwide apply to study at the Universite de Moncton. In this article, we will discuss the acceptance rates and admission requirements of the Universite de Moncton.

The acceptance rate at the Universite de Moncton varies depending on the program and the number of applicants. Generally, the acceptance rate ranges from 60% to 70%. However, some programs may be more competitive and have a lower acceptance rate. For instance, the Faculty of Law has an acceptance rate of around 25%.

Admission Requirements For Universite de Moncton

Whether you are a Canadian or international student, it’s important to understand the admission requirements to ensure you meet the criteria for acceptance into your desired program.

1. Academic Requirements

Applicants must have completed a high school diploma or equivalent with a minimum overall average of 70%. They must also have completed specific prerequisite courses, depending on the program they wish to apply to.

For example, students applying to the science program must have completed biology, chemistry, and mathematics courses.

2. Language Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in either French or English, depending on the language of instruction of the program they wish to apply to. If the language of instruction is French, applicants must provide proof of proficiency in French, such as a test score from the Test de français International (TFI) or the Test de Connaissance du français (TCF). If the language of instruction is English, applicants must provide proof of proficiency in English, such as a test score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

3. Other Requirements

Applicants may be required to submit additional documents, such as transcripts from previous post-secondary studies, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.

What We Like About Universite de Moncton

Universite de Moncton, located in New Brunswick, Canada, is a French-language university providing instruction and research opportunities in French and English. It was founded in 1963 and has become one of Canada’s leading universities.

Here are some reasons why you should consider studying at Universite de Moncton:

1. Diverse Program Offerings

One thing that makes Universite de Moncton an attractive choice for potential students is its diverse range of programs. The university offers over 165 programs in various fields, including sciences, arts, business, education, and engineering. Students can choose a program that aligns with their interests and career goals.

2. Bilingual Learning Environment

Another reason students choose Universite de Moncton is because of its bilingual learning environment. The university offers instruction in both French and English, allowing students to develop language skills in both languages. This is a great advantage, especially for students seeking to work in bilingual environments or who want to improve their language skills.

3. Excellent Research Opportunities

Universite de Moncton has a strong research focus and provides students with excellent research opportunities. The university has several research centers and institutes providing students access to cutting-edge research and technologies. Students can also work with faculty members on research projects or pursue their research interests.

4. Affordable Tuition Fees

Universite de Moncton offers affordable tuition fees compared to other universities in Canada. As a student, you can save considerable money on tuition and still get a high-quality education.

5. Excellent Student Services

Universite de Moncton provides students with excellent support services, including career counseling, academic advising, health services, and academic support. The university is committed to helping students succeed, reflected in the range of services available.


Universite de Moncton offers students a great learning environment, diverse program offerings, research opportunities, affordable tuition fees, and excellent student services. Whether you’re a local or international student, Universite de Moncton is an excellent choice for your academic pursuits.

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