University of Winnipeg Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fees

UWinnipeg University Acceptance Rate

When finding the perfect university, many students seek a school that offers exceptional academics and affordable tuition. The University of Winnipeg ranks high in both areas, with a competitive acceptance rate and reasonable tuition fees.

In this blog post, we will explore some key factors that make the University of Winnipeg an excellent choice for students looking to further their education. Whether you are a prospective student, parent, or educator, this post will provide valuable insights into what makes this progressive institution stand out.

Is the University of Winnipeg A Good Place To Study?

The university offers various undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. It has a strong reputation for its small classes, personalized attention from professors, and its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The university also offers several research opportunities and a strong community engagement program, making it an attractive option for those seeking higher education.

The University of Winnipeg is a prestigious educational institution in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Established in 1967, this university has become a hub for students pursuing their academic goals while enjoying university life. With a diverse student body, renowned faculty, and a supportive community, the University of Winnipeg has garnered an impeccable reputation for providing a world-class education.

Life as a student at the University of Winnipeg is both exhilarating and challenging. Students from all over the world come to this university for its academic excellence and reputation for fostering a sense of community among its students. The campus is located at the city’s heart, providing students with a unique blend of downtown living and academic excellence. The University of Winnipeg offers undergraduate and graduate programs, enabling students to pursue their academic interests and achieve their career aspirations.

One thing that makes the University of Winnipeg unique is its commitment to providing students with diverse educational experiences. The university provides ample opportunities for students to get involved in research work, internships, and co-op programs, which help students gain valuable real-world experience in their study area. This university is also a member of the University of the Arctic, which provides students with international exposure and research opportunities in the Arctic region. This program has enabled students to gain a unique and valuable experience, which has helped them to establish themselves as experts in their respective fields.

Apart from the academic aspect, life on the campus is active and engaging, with numerous student clubs and organizations. These clubs range from academic and career-oriented groups to groups focused on social issues, mental health, and sports. Joining a club or organization is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and gain valuable experiences. Students can also participate in events hosted by the university, which range from guest lectures to concerts and cultural events.

The University of Winnipeg’s focus on community engagement is another aspect that sets it apart. The university strongly focuses on sustainability and social justice, and students are encouraged to participate in community initiatives. The Students’ Association (UWSA) hosts several events yearly, giving students opportunities to give back to their community. These events include fundraising events and initiatives to help tackle social issues like homelessness and food insecurity.

University of Winnipeg Tuition Fees

As a prospective student, one of the important factors to consider before enrolling in any university is the tuition fees. At the University of Winnipeg, tuition fees vary according to programs and student status, whether domestic or international.

For undergraduate students, tuition fees start at $4,133.76 per year for domestic students and $15,493.80 for international students. This fee covers a range of programs such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Kinesiology.

For graduate programs, tuition fees start at $5,013.54 per year for domestic students and $14,395.70 for international students. The University of Winnipeg offers a range of graduate programs, including a Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Development Practice, Master of Education, Master of Marriage and Family Therapy/Doctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Master of Science in Applied Computer Science.

Apart from tuition fees, students are also required to pay additional fees such as student association fees, technology fees, and athletic fees, which are not included in the tuition fees. These fees differ according to programs and might be subject to change annually.

It is important to note that tuition fees are subject to change; hence, students should visit the university’s website for current and reliable information on tuition fees. Also, the university provides an opportunity for students to apply for scholarships and bursaries to help cover the cost of their tuition fees.

The University of Winnipeg offers affordable tuition fees for domestic and international students, considering the range of high-quality programs available. Students looking for a quality education should consider the University of Winnipeg for their undergraduate and graduate studies.

University of Winnipeg Acceptance Rates

The University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg) is a public research university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was established in 1967 and has provided quality education to students worldwide since then. UWinnipeg offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as arts, business, science, education, and environmental studies. Students can choose to attend the university on a full-time or part-time basis, and the university has a diverse student body that represents different cultural backgrounds.

The acceptance rate for graduate programs is also around 80%, with some programs having higher or lower acceptance rates depending on the number of applicants and the program’s popularity.

What Are The Programs Offered At The University of Winnipeg?

The University of Winnipeg is a well-known public institution in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs, making it a popular destination for students worldwide. The university is strongly committed to providing quality education and fostering an inclusive community that values diversity, equity, and social justice.

1. Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate ProgramsDuration
Aboriginal GovernanceN/A – See Indigenous Studies
Anthropology3 or 4 years
Applied Computer Science4 years
Bioanthropology4 years
Biochemistry4 years
Biology4 years
BiopsychologyN/A – See Neuroscience
Business & Administration4 years
Chemistry4 years
Classics (Greek and Roman Studies)3 or 4 years
Computer ScienceN/A – See Applied Computer Science
Conflict Resolution Studies4 years
Criminal Justice4 years
Dance Program4 years
Developmental Studies3 years
Disability Studies3 years
East Asian Languages & Cultures4 years
Economics4 years
Economics and Finance4 years
Education4 years
English4 years
Environmental Studies and Sciences4 years
French Studies4 years
Geography4 years
German-Canadian Studies4 years
German Studies4 years
History3 or 4 years
History of Art3 or 4 years
Human Rights4 years
Indigenous Languages4 years
Indigenous StudiesN/A – See Indigenous Governance
Interdisciplinary Linguistics4 years
International Development Studies4 years
Italian Studies4 years
Kinesiology & Applied Health4 years
LinguisticsN/A – See Interdisciplinary Linguistics
Mathematics & Statistics3 or 4 years
Neuroscience4 years
Mennonite Studies4 years
Modern Languages and Literatures4 years
Philosophy4 years
Physics4 years
Political Science4 years
Psychiatric NursingCollaborative program with Brandon University
Psychology4 years
Religion & CultureN/A – See Religious Studies
Rhetoric and Communications4 years
Sociology4 years
Spanish Studies4 years
StatisticsN/A – See Mathematics & Statistics
Theatre & Film4 years
Theatre & Film – Dance Program StreamN/A – See Dance Program
Urban and Inner-City Studies4 years
Women’s & Gender Studies4 years

2. Graduate Programs

Graduate ProgramDuration
Master’s in Development Practice: Indigenous Development2 years
Master in Management1 year
Master of Marriage and Family Therapy2 years
Master of Public Administration2 years
Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE)2 years
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice2 years
Master of Arts in Cultural Studies2 years
Master of Arts in History2 years
Master of Arts in Indigenous GovernanceN/A
Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies2 years
Master of Arts in Religion2 years
Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and Society2 years
Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology, and Public Policy2 years
Master of Arts in Environmental and Social Change2 years
Master of Science in Environmental and Social Change2 years
Master of Environment in Environmental and Social Change2 years

Admission Requirements for the University of Winnipeg

As one of the top universities in Canada, it’s no surprise that their admission requirements are rigorous. Understanding what is required of you before applying can help you prepare your application and increase your chances of acceptance.

1. Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the University of Winnipeg’s undergraduate programs, you must have completed high school with a minimum overall average of 65% in five senior-level courses, including English Language Arts. You must also meet the specific program requirements for your intended study area. For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology, you must have completed Grade 12 Biology with a minimum grade of 65%.

In addition to these academic requirements, you may be required to provide evidence of English proficiency if English is not your first language. Acceptable forms of evidence include a minimum score of 86 on the TOEFL iBT or a minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS.

2. Graduate Admission Requirements

Admission to graduate programs at the University of Winnipeg is highly competitive, and applicants must meet strict academic requirements to be considered for admission. To be eligible for admission to a graduate program, you must have completed an undergraduate degree with a minimum overall average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. You must also meet the specific program requirements for your intended study area.

Most graduate programs also require you to submit letters of reference from academic or professional referees and a personal statement outlining your research interests and career goals. Some programs may require you to submit a writing sample or take a standardized test, such as the GRE or GMAT.

3. International Student Admission Requirements

As an international student, you must meet the same academic requirements as Canadian applicants, except for English language proficiency requirements. International students whose first language is not English must provide evidence of English proficiency through a recognized language test such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

The minimum score required for admission varies by program and can range from 86 to 100 on the TOEFL iBT or 6.5 to 7.5 on the IELTS.

What We Like About the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg, located in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a vibrant and diverse institution providing high-quality education for over 50 years. With a focus on community engagement and social justice, the University of Winnipeg is a popular choice for students seeking a university experience beyond the classroom.

1. Academic Programs

One of the things that we appreciate about UWinnipeg is its diverse range of academic programs. The university offers undergraduate and graduate arts, science, education, business, and theology programs. With over 80 programs, students have various options based on their interests and career goals. The university also offers joint degree programs with other institutions, giving students more opportunities to expand their academic horizons.

Winnipeg is known for its strong liberal arts and sciences programs, which provide students with a broad-based education that prepares them for various careers. The university’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning also allows students to explore multiple areas of study and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

2. Campus

Another thing we like about UWinnipeg is its beautiful campus. The university is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg and is easily accessible by public transportation. The campus features a mix of modern and historic buildings, including the iconic Wesley Hall, which dates back to 1896.

The university’s campus is also home to several green spaces, including the Duckworth Centre Field and the University of Winnipeg Community Garden. These spaces provide students with a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and offer opportunities to connect with nature.

3. Student Support Services

UWinnipeg is dedicated to supporting its students and providing them with the resources they need to succeed academically and personally. The university offers various student support services, including academic advising, career, health and wellness, and financial aid.

The university’s academic advising program provides students with guidance and support throughout their academic journey, helping them select courses, plan their schedules, and make the most of their university experience. The career services centre offers career counselling, job search assistance, and networking opportunities to help students launch their careers after graduation.

4. Community Engagement

Finally, we appreciate UWinnipeg’s commitment to community engagement. The university is deeply rooted in the community and committed to positively impacting locally and globally. The university’s community engagement programs include sustainability, social justice, and Indigenous education initiatives.

UWinnipeg is also home to several research centres and institutes focusing on peace and conflict resolution, urban studies, and human rights issues. These centres allow students to engage in cutting-edge research and make a difference in their communities.


The University of Winnipeg offers a world-class education with a competitive acceptance rate and affordable tuition fees. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and innovation, the university provides a supportive environment for students to develop their skills and achieve their academic goals.

If you’re looking for a university that values excellence and diversity, the University of Winnipeg is the right choice.

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