5 Amazing Things Hoover Middle School is Known for

Hoover Middle School Uniform

What is Hoover Middle School known for? Hoover Middle School, located in Lakewood, California provides a unique environment where students are encouraged to be themselves and learn to think creatively and independently. If you’re considering enrolling your child in Hoover, here are 5 amazing things Hoover Middle School known for.

1) It’s has one of best math program in California

Hoover Middle School has a great track record of improving grades and test scores in math: students here consistently outperform their peers on statewide tests. Math isn’t just important because it’s foundational to everything else your child will do throughout his/her education; it’s also an incredibly useful tool that your child can use throughout his/her life–at home, at work, at play. The faculty at Hoover Middle School are top-notch when it comes to teaching math; more importantly, they believe deeply in instilling an intuitive understanding of number relations and functions as well as developing problem-solving skills in kids.

2) Amazing Teachers

Great teachers are one of, if not the most important factor in a child”s education. The teachers at Hoover are kind and caring—and ready to help their students succeed! The small class sizes ensure that each student gets all of his or her questions answered and receives plenty of individual attention. It’s pretty much impossible not to learn something when a child knows his teacher cares about him.

3) The Principal is great at responding to emails, calls, and texts

The leadership team at Hoover is highly accessible. They value clear communication. This transparency helps parents feel comfortable discussing any questions they have or concerns they may have about their child. It shows that they are dedicated to creating positive relationships with parents and guardians and creating an environment where families feel welcome.

4) It has an impressive extra-curricular program

From band to basketball, running club to drama club, there are literally dozens of extra-curricular activities kids can be involved in at Hoover. The school culture here is one of innovation and growth, and a great way to help your child develop new skills and gain confidence in their abilities. These are things that really matter when they’re looking towards high school and beyond; extracurriculars will become an even more important component of student life as teens get older. Research shows that students who participate in these programs tend to fare better academically than those who don’t.

5) Academics come first

With a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for success in high school and beyond, it’s no wonder why Hoover Middle School graduates are ready to compete with their peers. A smaller student body means individualized attention and top-notch teachers dedicated to making learning fun. Teachers at Hoover Middle School love their students, enjoy working together and embrace innovation.

Final Thoughts

Hoover Middle School has a long and rich history, but what matters to them most is excellence. They encourage students to get involved in their community, maintain healthy lifestyles, and strive toward excellence. If you’re searching for a middle school that will develop your child into an active member of society while fostering academic achievement and creative thought, then Hoover Middle School is the best choice..here for you! Learn more about Hoover Middle School by visiting the school’s official website: https://hoover.aps.edu/.

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